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He is gorgeous and a talented singer and actor. His songs make me speechless. Like if you agree and comment below your fav song
one of my first biases. he has a great voice and he is very handsome. I loved imadeo the song he did before he left to the army.
I currently waiting to meet MY grandson! hee hee! HE IS AO GORGEOUS!
he is still a bias of mine. i do believe that he can change. i dont like the fact that he did hit her. but he did admit to it. and is kinda serving his time. and hopefully the child will grow up and not be hated nor hate them. but yes great actor and singer. i do miss the old him. hopefully he comes back to be the old him.
@RedeuBelbet Agreed with you 500%. I am now ship the new SS301.No doubt he is a good actor and singer but me and my group of friends whom really follow and promote him before just lost interest in him. But we do ship the new SS301 . The splinter who work hard enough to continue the legacy of SS501.
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