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I kinda like the long hair more than the short. Anyone know around what month we should be expecting the next season of Fairy Tail?
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Lmao yea you're missing out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@Alletaire
@tylor619cruz yeah because I watch them on crunchyroll I'm always an episode behind, but this time around I've been busy the past day and a half so I couldn't watch it yet
Oh that sucks, I use kissanime.to it has all the latest episodes to shows @Alletaire
@tylor619cruz I know it does but my friends watch it on crunchyroll because for whatever reason they don't like using those other sites so because they do that I do the same just so we can watch and talk about it together
It's so stupid. They are totally ruining the manga by stopping where they did. 😑