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thanks to @princessunicorn I'm actually going to post a small excerpt for my fanfic. please comment if I should continue and if you want to be tagged!! enjoyyy!!!!
I never knew the world could be this cruel. I never knew there were so many people out for me or the universe hated me that it would create a weakness that could kill me. But I don't care. Its all worth it. HE'S worth it. The world created my perfect love. It created a high for me. My own addiction. I want him. I want his kisses and him claiming me to be his. But the lust... the desperate need to feed is too strong. Even if I am one of the first of my kind... the want for blood is too powerful. My own personal brand of heroin. I'm dangerous, I can't get close to him or the others or else they'll die by my hands. But I want him. I don't care what I am. I need his love, my fix.
Alright the first excerpt is up!!! let's see how well I did!! comment if you want me to continue and what your thought are so far!! @princessunicorn