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So as I was watching an episode of Weekly idol, I was searching for the episodes without Jung hyeongdon and I came across an episode with Kim Heechul as the sub mc for doni, and then I discovered BTS. This is only the second time watching this episode for me but I had to look them up. Rap Monster is my favorite out of the group so far because he's the oldest and he had pink hair for that episode (He also wore a pink shirt the last time BTS was on Weekly Idol). So far, my favorite songs are "Run", "I need u", and "Manly". I will do more research on this group and support them as best as I can. BTS Fighting!
Welcome to the fandom. I hope you've planned your funeral because these beautiful dorks will be the death of you. I mean that in the nicest of ways.
@Helixx lol I think I might become an army girl, I don't know if that will actually happen but I will be careful to learn about them.
@lashonda0917 thank you for that very useful information. It was quite helpful.
love this episode not enough suga and jin though
jin is actually the oldest.and suga is under that then rapmon.he's the 3rd oldest(same age as j-hope) but he is the leader.and welcome to the fandom ! :3