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I know this is long overdue but this story literally had me stumped for the longest lol. But its finally back and I will be updating it every Monday and Friday from here on out.

Chapter 8: Secrets

Coreena frowned at me as I checked Jin's shin. "AH!!!" Jin flinched in pain as I touched his now swollen ankle. He looked at Coreena with a pained expression. "What's your deal?" Coreena didn't answer him and gazing at him curiously she talked to me. "Kiara how did you..." She stopped as if she just realized something. She then turned to me. "Let's go get" I nodded in agreement, still confused on what was happening, and told Jin we would be back in a sec. His eyes darted suspiciously between me and Coreena. "Wait do you two actually know each other?" I nodded. "This is my friend Coreena. We go way back. But the weird thing about it is-" Coreena's hand is over my mouth in a second as she smiles at Jin and wheels me away as fast as she can. He opened his mouth about to protest before closing it and forced a smile on his lips as he yells to me to be careful. Neither of us noticed the dark gaze on Jin's face that follows us. We were silent as we made our way to the nearby gas station. The usually busy sidewalk was now only accompanied by us with the occasional man or woman. The streets may have been silent but in my head questions bounced back and forth seeking answers. How could this happen? Coreena died years ago.... Am I going crazy? And why did she stop me from telling Jin about her death. This was too much to be taking in right now and I didn't know how to feel. I decided to just leave my thoughts alone as I drifted back to reality. "I don't know how you got here Kiara. I can only expect the worse." Coreena's voice sounds worried. I look up at Coreena scared by her tone. What did she mean by 'here'? And shouldn't I be the one saying that. I am silent as I wait for her to say more. But she is silent which frightens me more. _______________________________________________________ "Your friend seemed really weird. How did you know her again?" Jin asks as he lifts me from my chair and places me onto the hospital bed. I think back to the previous night and what Coreena had told me as we were nearing where Jin was sitting. ~FLASHBACK~ "Don't tell him a thing about me. It's already too dangerous for you." She whispers looking straight ahead. "Wait. What do you mean by dangerous?" I ask worried about her words. She grabs my shoulder squeezing it reassuringly. "Watch yourself and your surroundings Kiara." With that she's gone leaving me with Jin in the park. Her words repeat through my head as Jin runs to me his ankle no longer swollen. ~FLASHBACK END~ "Kiara?" Jin's voice makes me jump in the bed as he holds my hand. "Is everything okay?" He smiles at me and for a while I forget about Coreena and all of my stressful thoughts. "Yeah....everything's....okay." I suddenly feel drowsy and the soft pillows seem to be calling my name. "Good. I don't think you should see that Coreena girl either. She doesn't sit well with me. You won't see her again right?" His voice is like a lullaby and my vision seems to get fuzzy around the edges as I nod along with him slowly losing consciousness. "Yes....I won't......see her again..." The last thing I see is Jin's face curling up into a smile as I drift off. ****** Kiara..... Is someone calling me? Kiara! I opened my eyes and saw a light in the distance. The voice seemed to be coming from that. But what was it? The voice grew louder and more urgent and I took a step towards it. What was going on right now? As I steadily closed the distance between the light suddenly I felt something cold wrap around my ankle. I looked down and see a black, shadowy hand gripped on my ankle. My heart stopped as it started dragging me away from the light. I immediately lashed out trying to wriggle my foot free from the iron grip. But it was impossible as the light grew dimmer and I was pulled deeper into the shadows. It felt like I was suffocating as the darkness overwhelmed me. **** I woke up with a jolt with my heart beating out my chest. The room is dark with the only source of light coming from the window as the moonlight I look around only seeing an outline of a person in the corner of my room. I squint my eyes trying to identify the person. "Jin.... Is that you?" "Jin...." the voice mutters and suddenly the person steps out from the shadows into the thin stream of light. My body inches further back into the bed. "Hmmm yes. Let's talk about Kim Seokjin." Coreena says as she crosses her arms.
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