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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 9 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader/Jungkook(?) Others Characters in Chapter:  Jimin, Jin, Yoongi Length: 5178 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 9/? “Sorry babe. Who should I shoot first?” Taehyung moved forward with him, clearly worried at Jungkook’s response.They must have decided they were coming here for me,then changed their mind, I thought bitterly. Minah’s smirk made my blood boil, as she uncrossed her arms to point at me. “Her.”
Y/n’s POV “Move out of the fucking way”, Minah snapped to Yoongi, who was still stood in front of me. He didn’t. “Yoongi”, I whispered, “Don’t do this. He’ll shoot you too.” Yoongi glanced over his shoulder to me. “Bastard’s gonna shoot me anyway”, he muttered.  Jungkook hadn’t taken his eyes off me. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, so I glanced at Taehyung instead. I saw the bruise at the side of his head and remembered the events from earlier, and how I’d escaped my apartment. I felt my cheeks grow hot at the thought, and looked away from him too. I’ve made out with 3 out of 4 of the men in this room. Does that make me a slut? Maybe. Jungkook interrupted my thoughts. “Tell your pet over there to put his gun down”, he snapped to Yoongi. He was of course referring to Jimin, who was still gripping his gun like his life depended on it. Which it probably did. Yoongi and Jimin exchanged looks, and I saw Yoongi nod at him. Jimin slowly, reluctantly placed the gun down and walked warily to stand on the other side of me. I saw both Minah and Jungkook narrow their eyes at the way these two men were protecting me,  when in fact they were the same men responsible for my kidnapping. Those two really are perfect for each other. “Jungkook. Hurry UP. I don’t like to be kept waiting babe.” I swallowed, closed my eyes and tried to step forward, so I was stood in front of Yoongi and Jimin. Goodbye cruel world. When the two men either side of me held me back, I opened them again.  “Y/n, what the fuck are you doing?”, Jimin hissed. “Buying time”, I murmured, aware that Jungkook could probably hear me.  I figured if I step up, and speak to him, try and reason with him, it’s give Orange and Yoongi enough time to think up an escape plan. “I’ve had enough of this bullshit”, Minah growled, stepping forward and grabbing Jungkook’s gun, taking him by surprise.Shit. As she cocked the gun, Jungkook suddenly bellowed “TAEHYUNG” and I simultaneously screamed “RUN” giving Yoongi a hefty shove towards the door and grabbing Jimin’s arm to drag him along with me. Jimin swooped down to grab his gun on the way out. He narrowly missed Jungkook’s attempt to grab him. We ran. Yoongi grabbing my hand, and me holding onto Jimin for dear life.  I heard the sound of a scream. Then a gun. Then silence. Shit. What’s just happened? We didn’t stop running until we reached an empty room, in another wing of the large warehouse.  I could barely speak, I was so breathless. The adrenaline was coursing through me, and my heart was pounding in my ears. “What..the fuck..happened?” Yoongi and Jimin were breathless too, but nowhere near as I was. “I..dunno babe”, Jimin gasped. “I think that witch got shot.”  But Jungkook loves her…he can’t have shot her.  “Namjoon and those men are still on the roof”, I wondered out loud. “Won’t they have heard the gun and gone down to investigate?” The blood drained from Jimin’s face. “Shit. He won’t know what’s happening.” “He’s one of the best fighters we have”, Yoongi interjected. He must have been trying to console Jimin, but it was hardly consoling when his face relayed no emotion. “He’ll be fi-” Yoongi was cut off by a shrill ringing coming from his pocket. My phone. “Turn it down”, me and Jimin hissed at the same time. If whoever was alive had ran after us, they would be close enough to hear the phone.  Yoongi fumbled around until he found the phone. “It’s Jungkook.” Jungkook’s still alive? They must have shot Minah then. “Do I answer?”, I looked at Yoongi, my face an image of pure terror. I didn’t know why I was so scared. I had just become friends (and I use that term loosely) with his enemies, so I guess I thought he’d be out for my blood. Yoongi nodded “yes” and Jimin shook his head “no”. Yoongi pushed the phone towards me and uttered the words “speaker phone.” The phone stopped ringing. We had left it too late. I breathed out slowly, dizzy from holding my breath in. It then started ringing again.  “OK”, I said, trying not to shake. “I don’t think he’s going to give up, I’ll answer.” I took the phone and before I could change my mind, I answered. Yoongi signalled to Jimin to be quiet because when you are on speaker phone, the other person can hear everything too. Jungkook sounded breathless. “Y/n?” His very voice set me on edge. “Y/n I know you’re there. Answer me”, he commanded. Speak, Yoongi and Jimin mouthed, trying to show encouragement. “Y-yes Jungkook?” “I’m coming for you y/n.” What the hell. Was that a threat. I couldn’t tell. Yoongi’s eyes darkened at his words. “And to the other two bastards listening in to the conversation- don’t think you’re going to escape me again. I’ve already dealt with the pink haired rat and his cronies. And you’re next.” My mouth hung open in disbelief at Jungkook’s threat. I could tell it was taking all of Jimin’s power not to speak out. He clenched his fists in anger.  “Y-you killed Namjoon?” I whispered hoarsely. I mean the only time I’d met the guy, he’s bashed my head in. I didn’t really know him, but he was still their friend.  “Y/n”, Jungkook sounded like he was going to warn me. “These people are the enemy. The enemy gets dealt with.” So am I the enemy too?  I could feel a headache coming on. “No Jungkook. They’re YOUR enemy.” There was silence. “Y/n, what are y-.” I didn’t hear the rest of his sentence as I ended the call. I didn’t even ask for Yoongi’s permission as I turned the volume down and pocketed the phone, and he didn’t object. Jimin grabbed a nearby chair and threw it in rage. “That BASTARD!” he roared. Yoongi was angry too, I could see the tell tale signs- his veins were prominent in his neck and temple, and he was going red. That’s what he looked like when he had shouted at me. “Shh Jimin”, I begged, knowing how angry he was at the loss of his friend. I placed a hand on his shoulder. He’s gonna hear us.“Please, I’m sorry.” Jimin shrugged my hand off and looked away. I desperately turned to Yoongi. The phone was now vibrating in my pocket, but I was ignoring it. He spoke, anger evident in his voice. “We all need to be armed. If you see those two punks, you shoot.” I can’t shoot anyone, I thought. But I nodded and pulled out Taehyung’s gun from inside of my jacket. Yoongi stared questioningly. “You..left it in your office”, I explained sheepishly, and I watched as he bit back a smile. The vibrating in my pocket had finally stopped. Jimin took a deep breath, almost willing himself to calm down. “Right. We’ll need to split. The three of us together is pointless if we get cornered.” What? If I get cornered I’m fucking dead! I can’t kill anyone! I was internally panicking. I guess I could rely on my brain to talk my way out of getting shot, if it was Jungkook. I wasn’t sure about Taehyung though. I’m pretty sure if he saw me holding his beloved gun, it’d piss him off. Suddenly Yoongi was at my side, whispering in my ear. “No hesitation babe. Shoot the fucker before he shoots you.” I looked him in the eyes. “I’ll…try.” Jimin growled. “No y/n. You won’t fuckingtry. You’ll do.” I just nodded mutely. I wasn’t used to angry Jimin- I thought he was the calmest of the lot. Y/n, what the hell, his friends just died. Let him be. “Ok. Here’s what we do”, Yoongi stepped in.Good. He is the boss, after all. “Jimin, go back the way we came. I’ll patrol centre. Y/n, you stay in this wing.” Wow, Jimin got off easy. They were more likely to be in the centre wing or the east wing, so I was nervous about my role.  Jimin nodded, then turned to me. He gave my shoulder a comforting squeeze. “I’m sorry for shouting babe. Be safe, yeah?” I gave him a wry smile as I put my hand on his arm. “You too Orange. I’ll only forgive you if you come back alive.” He chuckled, nodded at the two of us, then snuck off. I felt a dull pain in my chest as he walked away. Be safe Jimin. I turned to Yoongi. “You go next, seeing as I need to stay in this wing”, I told him. He stepped up to me. “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want you to do this.”  “But you have no choice”, I reminded him gently. “I’ll be fine Yoongi. I’ve got this far, right?” He nodded then leaned in until our noses touched. “Yoongi”, I whispered.  “I’m sorry baby”, he breathed in reply.  “It’s not your fault”, I murmured. And then I was kissing him. I pulled him in, wanting to drown into him. Wanting to forget about everything. I placed my hand on his cheek and stroked it, while our tongues interlaced.More. I want more. But he gently pulled away, the two of us flushed and breathless. “We’ll finish this later princess.” I nodded, flushing even more at the name. I kinda liked it when he called me that. With a nod of the head, and a “stay safe”, Yoongi was gone too. Never have I felt more alone. I jolted into action too. I would have to check if the wing was in the clear. Then I would be sure I don’t have to shoot either Taehyung or Jungkook.  I peeked out, turning left and right. It’s clear. I was slowly making my way down a hallway, gun held in both hands, too scared to even breath out loud. I wish there was a way to keep in touch with Yoongi and Jimin. I had no idea what was going on with those two. Just like my prayer had been answered, I received a text.  From Yoongi: Babe, Everything OK?   I smiled. He must have saved his number when he had my phone. My thoughts were interrupted by a vibration in my hand. The phone was ringing again. I didn’t need three lucky guesses to know who it was. Answer it y/n. You might be able to find out where he is, and go warn the others. When I answered, Jungkook spoke immediately. “Why are you running from me y/n?”, he queried. His voice was soft,dangerous almost. “I don’t want you to run.” I just breathed into the phone, scared to give away where I was, and hastily continued to move forward. Him and Taehyung could be anywhere. “Y/n, babe, I want to protect you.” He sounded so loving, like the Jungkook I knew and loved. My Jungkook. But a part of me didn’t believe him. He’s acting y/n. He’s dangerous. But so was Yoongi, right? No, Yoongi’s different. “But”, Jungkook carried on. He sounds really close to me. I froze. Slowly I turned around, taking the phone off my ear, to find Jungkook standing a few metres away, talking into his phone. How the hell did I not realise? He turned his phone off and pocketed it. I noticed the gun in his other hand. His eyes were ready to burn lasers into me. “For me to do that, you’re gonna have to put the gun down babe.” This made me grip it even tighter. I bit my lip, nervous all of a sudden. Shit. Y/n. How the hell do you get out this one?
Jimin’s POV “Move out of the fucking way”, Minah snapped. She was talking to boss, who was stood in front of y/n. Don’t move boss.  “Yoongi”, y/n whispered, “Don’t do this. He’ll shoot you too.” She really is too innocent. Doesn’t she know we’re next anyway? Yoongi worded Jimin’s thoughts. “Bastard’s gonna shoot me anyway”, he muttered. Jungkook, that rat who had caused this mess by fucking up an undercover job, spoke up. “Tell your pet over there to put his gun down”, he snapped to Yoongi.  Jimin’s lips curled in disgust and his he gripped his gun even tighter.  But Yoongi gave him the signal to listen to Jungkook’s request. He supposed Yoongi didn’t want to trigger him into doing something stupid. Should have got Namjoon to shoot him on site.  Jimin slowly put the gun down, and walked over to stand on y/n’s other side. She looked so helpless. Jimin couldn’t even imagine what was going through her head right now. She thought this douche was her boyfriend for like 4 months. “Jungkook. Hurry UP. I don’t like to be kept waiting babe.” Medusa’s harsh voice made Jimin internally cringe. Suddenly he felt y/n try to brush past him and stand forward. Oh no you fucking don’t.  Jimin grabbed one arm, and Yoongi grabbed the other, just as quickly. “Y/n, what the fuck are you doing?”, Jimin hissed. I swear she’s crazy. “Buying time”, she replied. No.I won’t let you. “I’ve had enough of this bullshit”, Minah growled. She grabbed Jungkook’s gun which he wasn’t expecting, judging by his expression. The next thing Jimin knew, was that he was running as fast as he could, with y/n’s small hands tugging at his arm. Jimin was still the vision of calmness (he had mastered this from his boss) until Jungkook announced on the phone that Namjoon was dead. That set him off. Sure, Namjoon got annoying at times, but they were partners. Jungkook’s words were ringing in his ears.“I’ve already dealt with the pink haired rat and his cronies.” Jimin was seeing red. That bastard was going to hell. And Jimin would make sure he watched his partner suffer. See how he likes it. In a flash of anger, Jimin grabbed a chair and threw it, making y/n jump in the process. “That BASTARD!”  “Shh Jimin”, y/n tried to coax him.“Please, I’m sorry.” Jimin shrugged her hand off him.She likes Yoongi, I’m pretty sure. And he likes her, even though he’ll never admit it. He didn’t want to get on Yoongi’s bad side right now.  I don’t need her sympathy.  They hatched a plan. Jimin took a deep breath and gave his two cents to the conversation at hand. “Right. We’ll need to split. The three of us together is pointless if we get cornered.” Yoongi moved close to y/n, and Jimin tried hard not to dwell on how comfortable she looked with that.. “No hesitation babe. Shoot the fucker before he shoots you.” Y/n stammered back.“I’ll…try.” Jimin growled, unable to control his anger. “No y/n. You won’t fucking try. You’ll do.” She nodded, eyes wide. She’s not scared of me, is she? “Ok. Here’s what we do”, Yoongi stepped in.“Jimin, go back the way we came. I’ll patrol centre. Y/n, you stay in this wing.” WHAT? NO. Jimin didn’t want to go there. That’s where Namjoon’s body would be. But this wasn’t the time to argue. Jimin nodded, then turned to face y/n. He gently squeezed her shoulder, feeling guilty. He constantly had to remind himself that it wasn’t her fault she was here. She was just a pawn in Jungkook’s game. “I’m sorry for shouting babe. Be safe, yeah?” The smile she gave him made his heart melt. She touched his arm. He liked the feeling. “You too Orange. I’ll only forgive you if you come back alive.” He couldn’t help but chuckle. She was good at making him feel better. He nodded at the two of them, then quietly left the room. All laughter was forgotten once he entered the east wing. There he was, laying peacefully in the hallway outside the office. Namjoon.  He was laying amidst all the men that had been on the roof with them, but Jimin only cared about Namjoon. He didn’t cry often, but as a single tear rolled down his cheek, he whispered “I’m sorry Joon. I should’ve been there.” He checked Yoongi’s office, to make sure no one was hiding in there. It was empty, except that bitch who had tried to shoot him earlier, lying in a pool of blood. Jimin stood there staring at her, feeling no remorse. He was just about to leave, when he saw something orange in the corner of the room. He walked up to it, already knowing what it was. He hadn’t spotted it earlier, but then again he had been a little preoccupied. He picked it up, frowning. Y/n’s dress. Did she change in here? Or did she…? Can this damn day get any worse? Jimin asked himself as he left the office to check the rest of the wing.
Jin’s POV Something was up. It had been hours since he had asked Taehyung and Minah to follow Jungkook. Jin didn’t know what to do. One or the either was lying to him. His phone buzzed. He grabbed it and opened the text. From Jungkook: Minah was lying to you. She got y/n kidnapped. She’s been dealt with. Getting y/n back. Jin didn’t know what to make of this. Minah annoyed him, so he can’t say he was upset that she was no longer around. But her father could never find out that it was his gang’s doing. And even if y/n didn’t know the truth about Jungkook yet, surely she would ask a shitload of questions once he rescued her? Jin sighed and poured himself a third glass of whatever shitty alcohol they had stored. He didn’t even bother checking. He texted Hoseok, the only one who hadn’t been dragged into this mess, to meet him as soon as he can. That was Jin’s way of saying now.  Y/n would find out about them sooner or later. Jungkook had a soft spot for her, and with Minah out of the equation…well, anything could happen. Why can’t shit ever be simple?
Yoongi’s POV “Move out of the fucking way”, Minah snapped to Yoongi. This bitch. Yoongi just acted like she hadn’t even spoke.  “Yoongi, don’t do this. He’ll shoot you too.” Y/n was smart, but sometimes she was a bit…slow. “Bastard’s gonna shoot me anyway”, Yoongi muttered. Then Jungkook spoke. “Tell your pet over there to put his gun down”, he snapped to Yoongi. By no means did Yoongi like being told what to do, but this was a dangerous, unpredictable situation to be in. His shoulders sunk slightly as he watched Jimin put the gun down. There goes our only protection. “Jungkook. Hurry UP. I don’t like to be kept waiting babe.” Yoongi’s features were full of scorn. Should’ve shot her when I had the chance. Y/n tried to step past him, but Jimin (who had now moved next to her too), and Yoongi both grabbed her. Has she just given up? What the hell is she doing? She was trying to buy time. Yoongi admired her courage, but it was also stupidity. “I’ve had enough of this bullshit”, Minah growled. I’ve had enough of YOU. Yoongi was the definition of statue until y/n shouted  “RUN”, pushing him towards the door. Yoongi instinctively grabbed her hand and ran- listening to her for once. They didn’t stop until they reached the opposite end of the warehouse. He was consoling Jimin about Namjoon being OK, when Jungkook rang. He would want to talk to y/n- hearing Yoongi’s voice would piss him off further. But it was clear y/n didn’t want to talk to him either. “Y/n?” Yoongi hated hearing him say her name. It angered him. This man had used her and used her and would have carried on if she hadn’t found out about him. He had no fucking shame. “Y/n I know you’re there. Answer me.” He has the nerve to still boss her around. But Yoongi knew he would wait until he heard her voice. And he wanted this phone call over as soon as possible. Speak, Yoongi and Jimin mouthed, trying to show encouragement to a shaking y/n. “Y-yes Jungkook?”Yoongi couldn’t deal with this. Her voice sounded so small and helpless. And he didn’t care that he had known her for less than a day. This wasn’t y/n- she was stronger than this. “I’m coming for you y/n.” No the fuck you’re not. “And to the other two bastards listening in to the conversation- don’t think you’re going to escape me again. I’ve already dealt with the pink haired rat and his cronies. And you’re next.”  Yoongi’s blood boiled in anger. He killed my men. He killed Namjoon. He fucking killed…Yoongi’s mind was whirling. Namjoon was his right hand man. WAS.  Jungkook was going to pay. Dearly. His threats meant nothing to Yoongi. “Y-you killed Namjoon?” y/n whispered, struggling to get the words out. She looked like she was going to be sick. Yes Jungkook, show her your true colours. “Y/n.These people are the enemy. The enemy gets dealt with.” Shut the fuck up, I’ve been there for her more in a day than you were in 4 months. “No Jungkook. They’re YOUR enemy.” Yoongi was glad y/n had made that distinction. She cut him off, ending the call and put the phone in her pocket. Yoongi let her, seeing as he had her number now, and he could text her if they had to separate. Jimin grabbed a nearby chair and threw it in rage. “That BASTARD!” he roared. Yoongi let him. Jimin had been holding in a lot of emotions. Frustration an Yoongi and y/n (as much as he tried to hide it), anger at Minah riling him up, anger at Jungkook for what he did to Namjoon, the fact that he would never see Namjoon again. It was too much for one person to take. Yet Jimin took it. “Shh Jimin. Please, I’m sorry.” Y/n tried to console him. Why are you apologising, you’ve done nothing wrong. He knows that. Yoongi had a feeling y/n felt guilty- like Namjoon was her fault, but he wasn’t. She shouldn’t even be here. She should be studying, partying, whatever. Just not here. Yoongi spoke, trying to control his anger, and failing. He was normally so good at keeping his emotions in check. “We all need to be armed. If you see those two punks, you shoot.” Y/n pulled out a gun which Yoongi instantly recognised. I’d forgotten about that. The last time he’d seen it was when the two of them…lost control in his office. Yoongi stared questioningly. “You..left it in your office”,she explained sheepishly. He was trying not to smile at how bashful she looked. He was past being angry at her. Jimin  spoke up as if nothing was happening.  “Right. We’ll need to split. The three of us together is pointless if we get cornered.” Y/n doesn’t like that idea, Yoongi noted. But neither did he.. The thought of leaving her to fend for herself… Yoongi stepped up next to her and whispered “No hesitation babe. Shoot the fucker before he shoots you.” She looked him in the eyes, clearly terrified. “I’ll…try.” Not good enough babe. Jimin growled. “No y/n. You won’t fuckingtry. You’ll do.” He nodded his head in agreement. “Ok. Here’s what we do”, Yoongi stepped in.“Jimin, go back the way we came. I’ll patrol centre. Y/n, you stay in this wing.” I’m hoping they haven’t reached this wing yet. If it’s still empty at least she’s safe. Jimin turned to y/n.“I’m sorry for shouting babe. Be safe, yeah?” As ridiculous as it sounded right now, Jimin calling y/n that still didn’t sit well with Yoongi.  “You too Orange. I’ll only forgive you if you come back alive.” Yoongi hoped he would stay alive too. He had already lost one good man today. he didn’t want to make it another. Y/n turned to Yoongi. “You go next, seeing as I need to stay in this wing”. Yoongi felt bad. Really bad.  “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want you to do this.” “But you have no choice.I’ll be fine Yoongi. I’ve got this far, right?” She was right, but obviously he was still concerned about her. He nodded then leaned in until their noses touched. “Yoongi”, y/n  whispered. She made him a different person. Someone who cared. “I’m sorry baby”, he breathed in reply. I am really sorry. We might never see each other again. “It’s not your fault.” It was his fault that Jungkook was alive and in the building. He was after all the one who had given Namjoon the order not to shoot. They kissed. It was intoxicating. It was Yoongi’s high- her lips on his, drinking him in. He was aware that time was ticking so he pulled away gently. “We’ll finish this later princess.” If we’re both still here. “Stay safe”, Yoongi told her. That’s an order. Then he left. He made his way to the centre of the warehouse, cautious, but never bumping into anyone. Just before he strated looking around his designated wing, he texted y/n to make sure she was ok. He had saved his number on her phone, so she’d know who it was. After 5 minutes of no reply he started to get worried, but brushed it off. She probably thinks it’s Jungkook and not even checked her phone. He continued his search.
Jungkook’s POV “Move out of the fucking way”, Minah snapped to Yoongi. Of course he wasn’t going to. Bastard’s trying to protect her from her own boyfriend.  “Yoongi”,y/n whispered.  Jungkook hated when she said his name- like she knew him. “Don’t do this. He’ll shoot you too.” Is that what you think of me? Well Jungkook had to admit, if y/n hadn’t been standing there, he would have blown Yoongi’s brains out in a heartbeat. He hadn’t forgotten that phone call where Yoongi had teased him using y/n to get under his skin. Yoongi glanced over his shoulder to me. “Bastard’s gonna shoot me anyway”, he muttered. Jungkook’s finger twitched on the trigger. Yoongi was really testing him. He was wary of Jimin holding a gun to Minah. “Tell your pet over there to put his gun down”, he snapped to Yoongi. I don’t want him shooting me or Taehyung- or to try and pull any shady shit. To Jungkook’s surprise, both Jimin and Yoongi complied. “Jungkook. Hurry UP. I don’t like to be kept waiting babe.” Jungkook gritted his teeth at the sound of Minah’s voice. He had trusted her and she had made her away over just to kill y/n. Y/n suddenly stepped forward, and Jungkook tensed at the way the two man manhandled her.Don’t fucking touch her! “Y/n, what the fuck are you doing?”, Jimin hissed.  “Buying time”. Her reply shocked Jungkook. She doesn’t actually think I’m gonna shoot her ,does she? “I’ve had enough of this bullshit”, Minah growled, stepping forward and grabbing Jungkook’s gun. He automatically tried to grab it back, but she pulled away, pushing him to the side. It was when she cocked the gun, Jungkook yelled “TAEHYUNG”, which was Taehyung’s cue to shoot as planned. Except of course, it wasn’t y/n they had planned to shoot. As soon as Jungkook laid eyes on Minah, he knew she was a dead woman. He realised that he really didn’t give a shit about her. It was y/n he wanted. The same y/n who made him feel better when he got home after a tough assignment. The same y/n who made him feel like a normal, everyday human just by the way she smiled at him. The same y/n who was his and only his.  He knew she had never been with anyone before Jungkook- he had marked her as his. No on else could have his y/n. As Taehyung fumbled to get his gun ready y/n yelled “RUN” oulling the two men with her, Jungkook couldn’t watch them jsut leave, so he tried to grab Jimin, the last one out, and just narrowly missed him. “Fuck”, he muttered. He’d find them later.  Minah screamed “WHAT THE FU-” and then she turned to face Taehyung and started screaming for real. Jungkook nodded at him before saying “Do it.” Taehyung pulled the trigger and the screaming stopped.  Jungkook let out a ragged breath and ran a hand through his hair. He prised his gun from Minah’s hands, feeling no emotion at her current state. “Taehyung, take the car and go.” Taehyung blanked. “What? They’ll kill you, you idiot!” They both left the office bickering, when they were confronted by a pink- haired man and four others in the hallway.. Without even thinking, Jungkook shot every single one-using just 5 shots. His aim had always been good. “I can handle myself Taehyung. I’ll take Minah’s car. GO!” Taehyung nodded. “Just get my fucking gun back”, he growled before running off.  He texted Jin his thought out lie, then rang y/n. She didn’t answer. He frowned and rang again. The call was cut short when y/n hung up on him. He was just about to say to her “y/n, are you saying? They’re your enemy too.”  He sneaked through the centre of the building, not bumping into anyone. They were probably hiding. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw y/n facing away from him, walking down a hallway with a dead end. She paused as she pulled something out of her pocket. Her phone. She looked like she was checking a text, but it was too hard to see considering how far back he was. Jungkook then had the idea of calling her again. So, phone in one hand, gun in the other (just in case those two slime balls jumped out at him), he started walking behind her.  She stopped completely to answer her phone, so Jungkook silently closed the gap between them.She looks good holding a gun.   “Why are you running from me y/n? I don’t want you to run.” You’re mine. He watched her shoulders move up and down, and he could hear her laboured breathing from here. One thing was pretty evident to him. I scare her. It’s all that bastards fault. God knows what he’s told her. She started moving forward at a quicker rate.Where’s she going? It’s a dead end. I suppose she could hide in one of these rooms. “Y/n, babe, I want to protect you.” And he did. But she had to see things his way. “But”. At that she slowly turned, finally realising he was there. She looked horrified, and Jungkook hated that. He saw her glance at his gun. “For me to do that, you’re gonna have to put the gun down babe.” Please babe. It’s me, your Kookie.
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