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So I've started watching K-Dramas and every time I watch one my emotions go all over the place! The first K-Drama I watched was Moorim School and I was hooked on it within the first minute of the show! And let me tell y'all something.... I want a relationship like Yoon Shi Woo and Shim Soon Deok! 😭😭😭
The way they care for each other, protect each other, the way Yoon Shi Woo looks at Shim Soon Deok! 😭 I wish I could have something like that....
Especially how Yoon Shi Woo makes sure Shim Soon Deok has a nice meal every now and then. That's what I want in a relationship.
Now I'm watching Descendants of the Sun and on episode 3. My emotions are through the roof!!! If there are any other K-Dramas that I should watch, please request them in the comments! 😊
If you like Yoon Shin Woos character, you should watch him in "To the Beautiful You", he is so cute in that drama and plays the 2nd male lead. I fell for him and I don't usually fall easily for the 2nd male lead, he was the 1st to give me 2nd lead syndrome.
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oh yeah I also recommend my Top 2 favorite dramas 1. "Pinocchio" 2. "Healer" both of them have a lot of romance which I'm a huge fan of. Enjoy!
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@biancadanica98 Thank you so much!
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@CLAKPOP No Problem!
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