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Liar Liar-Chapter 10
Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 10 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡ http://www.vingle.net/posts/1487392?shsrc=v


Link----›http://www.vingle.net/collections/4450237?cshsrc=v ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter:  Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin Length: 7536 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 10/? “For me to do that, you’re gonna have to put the gun down babe.” This made me grip it even tighter. I bit my lip, nervous all of a sudden. Shit. Y/n. How the hell do you get out this one?

Y/n’s POV

I slowly slid the phone in my pocket, eyes trained on Jungkook the whole time.  “Y/n”, he said softly. “I asked you to put the gun down.” “I heard you”, I whispered. I was starting to have this habit of losing my damn voice whenever I was scared. It was getting annoying. “I’m just not listening.” He tilted his head to the side. “You’re scared of me? But, you love me y/n.” There it was again. Never “I love you, y/n”, but always “You love me.” Does he think he owns me? I’m his possession? Just like what Yoongi thought of his girlfriend. “The Jungkook I fell for was an office worker, who wouldn’t harm a soul. Who didn’t have two bloody girlfriends at once”, I spoke, slowly finding my voice. It was tinged with pain and anger. “The Jungkook I fell for wasn’t a murderer.” He took in a deep breath at that. “ We’ve been through this before, I’m not a godamn murderer”, he snapped. I flinched slightly at his harsh tone. I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to go back to my normal, perfect student life with Jungkook. But I had never met anyone as unique and (weirdly) caring as Yoongi. And Jimin… well I didn’t even know what was happening there. “Since this morning”, I began, “You have killed Yoongi’s girlfriend. You left me in the hands of Taehyung while you went off on an ‘assignment’, killing God knows how many people, you killed Minah. You killed Namjoon and all the men that were with him. And that’s just today, Jungkook. And you say you’re not a murderer?” His eyes were dark and hooded as he took in my words. “Whatever I’ve done was necessary.” I scoffed, aware that he was getting angry, but not really caring. “And no matter what I’ve done, I still look like a saint compared to that mint-haired bastard and that womaniser.” I swallowed. “Jagi”, he used the term condescendingly. The tone of his voice made me step back a little. “Do you know how many innocent families, women and children he has slaughtered, just because their husbands and fathers owed them money?” My eyes must have widened because he chuckled at my face. “Or how many women that orange-haired rat has drugged and raped, before putting a bullet in their heads?”                                                                                                                       “N-no. You’re a liar”, I whispered, shaking my head. He wants me to hate them. Y/n don’t fall for it. He’s trying to manipulate you.                                                                                                                                                         His face hardened at the word “Liar.” Then he smirked. “Ask them yourself, if I don’t kill them first.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           Alarm bells started ringing in my head at his words. He can’t kill them.               I also noticed that Taehyung was nowhere to be seen. Where is he?                   Jungkook grew extremely angry at my stunned silence. “I’ve done so much for you y/n , why the fuck can’t you see that?” He shouted, making me jump. “I came here for you! I killed that bitch for you!” His voice was echoing in the long corridor.Maybe the guys will hear him. “I’m risking my fucking life for YOU!”         I knew all this. But he had also lied to me, used me. I couldn’t just let that slide. I made a mental note of the door on my left. If things got too heated, I would make a dash for it, lock it and update Yoongi on the situation.                              Jungkook said with an eerie calmness now, which creeped me the hell out. “So I am going to tell you one last time babe. Put. The. Gun. Down.”                          What the fuck do I do?! For once, I was struggling to come up with a solution. Distract him you fool! “Where’s Taehyung?”, I suddenly asked, throwing him off guard.  “What?” His brows knitted together in confusion. “Taehyung. Where is he?”, I repeated, more slowly. “It’s only fair I give him his gun back, right?” Jungkook gave a small smile. He thinks I’m giving in. “Leave that to me babe. Now hand it over.” “Ok. Ok..”, I held my hands up slowly, to show him I wasn’t a threat. Be realistic y/n, he doesn’t see you as a threat. I crouched down, still staring at his face, and placed the gun down. I stood back up, reluctantly. Fuck’s sake. Maybe you can still grab it and run.  Jungkook frowned. “Kick it over, y/n.” Bollocks. “I was just about to lift a foot to kick it towards him, when I pretended to look behind him, like I’d seen something there. I gasped “Yoongi!”, and Jungkook turned at lightening fast speed. He was quick to register my lie and turn back, but it was just enough time for me to grab the gun and run to the door as planned.  I just needed a way to contact Yoongi without him knowing. I didn’t care about my own well-beiing. I wanted him and Jimin to be safe. I could only do that by keeping them away from Jungkook. I whirled around shut it, and locked it, and shoved a door under the handle for good measure. This shit only happens in movies, I swear. I heard him shout in frustration, while I took the phone out and texted Yoongi. To Yoongi: Stay away from west wing. He’s here. Be careful-no sign of Taehyung. Let Jimin know. He replied extremely quickly. From Yoongi: How the hell are you texting me? I rolled my eyes. Suspicious as always. To Yoongi: Locked myself in a room. I’m gonna open the door now. Plan to go along with him. Convince him to leave you guys alone. From Yoongi: No the fuck you’re not To Yoongi: Oops. Too late. This was no time for Yoongi’s mood swings. I pocketed the phone. Jungkook’s voice growled through the door. “Y/n, you have till the count of three before I shoot the godamn door down.” I took a deep breath. At ‘one’, I removed the chair. At ‘two’, I started unlocking the door. He had just started “Thr-” when I swung it open, only to be met with the barrel of his gun, centimeteres away. He didn’t lower it. “What the fuck was that?”, he asked in an icy tone.  I swallowed at the sight of the gun. “I’m sorry kookie, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was scared, OK?” His eyes slightly softened at the nickname. Only then did he lower his gun. I reached out, gun in hand. He needs to trust me. “Here. Take it”, I sniffed. “Not like I would have ever used it anyway.” He reached out and took it from me, and slowly put it in his back pocket. He’s still holding onto his own, I noticed. There were silent tears rolling down my expressionless face, the only sign telling him I was upset. I hated crying in front of people, but I also happened to know that seeing me cry was Jungkook’s weakness. He reached over and gently wiped my tears with the pad of his thumb. I swear I could hear footsteps so I backed up into the room I had just locked myself in, knowing full well that Jungkook would follow suit. I wasn’t going to risk a confrontation between him and Yoongi. Which meant I had to distract Jungkook. Which ultimately meant one thing. I reached up behind him, wary of the gun in his hand, and gently pushed the door shut. He instantly caught on and locked it. I blinked at him, fresh tears replacing the old ones. “Do you know how much I’ve missed you, Jungkook?” I whispered. I had to keep my voice down, in case my hunch was right and Yoongi was indeed patrolling the corridor outside. He shook his head mutely. It was strange how quickly his anger dissipated, replaced by worry and concern, showing me the Jungkook I knew and loved. I reached out and caressed his cheek. My hands were pretty clammy from being clenched in fear, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t care.  He shut his eyes, almost revelling in my touch. “A lot”, I confirmed, now reaching upwards and stroking his hair. I stopped stroking, and he opened his eyes. Weird how he’s the one with the gun, and I’m the one with the power. “But it’s a shame”, I continued, walking around him, circling him. My eyes automatically fell to Taehyung’s gun in his back pocket. “What is?”,his voice was a mix of lust and apprehension. “It’s a shame that I missed you so much, and you don’t even love me.” There we go. I’d finally said it. By now I’d finished one full circle. Suddenly he backed me up to a nearby table, his hands either side of me so I couldn’t escape. I gasped in surprise, but quickly returned to my calm demeanour. I listened for any noise outside, while staring into Jungkook’s eyes. Those footsteps definitely sounded nearer. Shit. I think he’s checking every room on the way down, I mentally face palmed. I had given him a ticket out, and he’d done the complete opposite. I now knew how he felt when he had told me to run and I hadn’t. “Say that again”, Jungkook whispered threateningly in my ear. “Say it again y/n, I dare you.” Of course what that meant was “Don’t you dare say it again, I want an apology”, but remember what I said about us all having our stupid moments? He didn’t move his mouth away from my ear, so I spoke into his neck. “I said You. Don’t. Love. Me. I can spell it out for you if you want.” What happened next, I wasn’t expecting. At all. Jungkook pulled away from me and before I could react, he slapped me with all his might. I fell to the floor with a loud cry, bashing my already injured head onto the table behind me. My cheek was stinging pretty bad. That’s gonna bruise. I didn’t want to look at Jungkook. He had never EVER lifted a finger at me, let alone hit me with such force.  “Is this how you treated Minah?”, I spat bitterly, rubbing my cheek in the hope the pain would go away. I was met by silence. I felt dizzy and faint, but slowly lifted myself up off the ground. The hunger and pain were starting to take their toll. And I never did have a  high pain threshold. Jungkook was staring at me. “I don’t love you, huh?” You crazy son of a bitch, you just hit me. How can you love me? “You kissed Yoongi on the phone, I let it slide. I know you texted him in here to warn him, I let it slide. I know you FUCKED him and I let it fucking slide!” He roared. I froze at that last statement. I must have left that stupid dress in his office. “And you don’t think I love you?” He was sick, Twisted. He had sex with Minah like every other day whilst in a ‘relationship’ with me.  Granted he had picked her over me, but I was going to end up the same way as her now- I had angered him. I looked over to Jungkook, who had stopped talking. He was crying. One hand on the gun and one covering his face. Would it be weird to admit that I felt terrible seeing him like that? But I stayed where I was. Jungkook was more unpredictable than Yoongi- and that was dangerous. “I-I’m sorry y/n, babe. I’m so sorry.” My head hurt. And this time it wasn’t just the injury (which had now reopened and was dripping blood down my face- I looked like I’d just fought in a damn war), I had an actual headache. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, he kept saying. I couldn’t help myself. I walked up to him. “Jungkook stop.” Of course I wasn’t going to forgive him just yet for that. But I did want him to stop crying. I had never seen him cry before. It was heart-breaking. He uncovered his streaked face, eyes bright with tears. “Y/n. I love you so much. When you said that I just..I just lost it. I can’t believe I…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. His hand reached out to touch my cheek (it took all my power not to flinch) and he gently stroked it, easing some of the pain. I closed my eyes, taking in his touch. It reminded me of how we were before all this drama. “Baby”, he whispered. “We need to-” But I never heard what we needed to do as some one rattled the door handle from the outside. “Fuck”, a voice muttered. It was Yoongi. I heard him cock his gun, and Jungkook moved in front of me. “Get behind me, y/n.” “Erm. No.” He glanced at me, but didn’t argue. We both knew Yoongi wouldn’t shoot if I was stood in front. After gunshots, the door flew open. But I wasn’t expecting what was on the other side. Yoongi was there. But his hands were pinned behind his back by another man.  As soon as Yoongi saw me he started struggling. It was so strange,seeing someone in a position of power, so helpless. “What the fuck did he do to you?”, Yoongi hissed. I realised I probably looked a mess. I just shook my head, as a wordless attempt to say ‘I’m fine’. Taehyung was there too,and he had a hold on an angry Jimin. My stomach dropped.  What the fuck. Did Jungkook plan this? A handsome man stood in front of those four people , gun in hand. He’s probably the one who opened the door. I didn’t know what to make of this. I recognise Taehyung but I didn’t know who the other two were. Jungkook stepped in front of me. “Jin”, he breathed at the man holding that gun. I stared in disbelief- I recognised the name instantly. He was in my apartment this morning with Jungkook and Taehyung. “How did you get here so fast?” I was slowly understanding. THAT’S where Taehyung was… he had gone to get the other gang members. “Questions later, we need to go. NOW.” I don’t think so. I started backing away, until I saw the condemned weapon hanging out of Jungkook’s back pocket. It was practically calling for me to take it.  Jungkook turned to face me and my head snapped up to meet his, so he wouldn’t realise I had been eyeing the gun. “Y/n. Let’s go.” I nodded, taking small steps forward. I got close enough to Jungkook to lunge forward and grab the gun. Before he could do anything, I ran towards the door, towards Jin, and kicked him full force, where it hurts. When he doubled up, I pushed him away so he stumbled into Taehyung, who in turn loosened his grip on Jimin. I threw the gun to Jimin, to get Yoongi out of the other man’s death grip, and then I started running, aware that Jungkook would go after me. Faster than ever before.  I heard a shot and a man screaming. Please god, let them be safe. “Hoseok!” I heard Taehyung shout. That man’s name must be Hoseok. “Y/N!”, Jungkook roared and without stopping I screamed back “I’m not gonna be your prisoner Jungkook!” I got to the centre, before I realised no one had chased me before I finally slowed down. That’s weird. I can’t have been too fast for them, so they must have not bothered running after me. There was a vibration in my pocket, and I knew instantly, it was one of two people. I pulled out the phone, prepared to decline the call if it was Jungkook, but it wasn’t. It was Yoongi. I answered in a flash, a small smile on my face, knowing that Yoongi had at least got out of there. “Y/n? Babe, why don’t you come back?” , a venomous tone spoke to me. I froze. Shit, that’s Jungkook’s voice.  My heart dropped. All that for nothing. I sighed in defeat. “Let them go and I’ll come back.” I must have been on speaker phone, because I heard Yoongi shout “NO!” At least I knew he was still alive. Another voice chuckled “No chance. Now I really want to blow their brains out, but Jungkook tells me not to. He says they’re your little playmates. Now, if you want to see your playmates again, I suggest you get your pretty little self down here, pronto.” The owner of this threat? Jin. “You bastard”, Yoongi spat in the background, followed by an ‘oof!’ I winced. Someone must have hit him. “Ok please, stop”, I whispered “I-i’m coming. I’m sorry guys”, I directed that at Jimin and Yoongi.  I walked back to the west wing, my stomach filling with dread. What the hell had happened? I was sure this plan was going to work. Now, I had lost all the fight in me and I was truly ready to give up.  When I got there, it was sure a sight for sore eyes. That Hoseok man was cradling his hand- it looked like that’s what Jimin had shot, to make him let go of Yoongi. Jimin himself was lying on the floor next to Hoseok’s feet. My eyes widened at this. Please. No. He’s not. He’s not dead. Taehyung was holding his gun again. He had probably been waiting all day to get it back. He also had Yoongi at gunpoint, who had clearly been punched in the face. Jungkook was staring at me in anger. And so was Jin. I stopped a few metres away, unable to take my eyes off Jimin, lying there. Jin followed my gaze and chuckled. The sound made my blood freeze. “He’s fine. Just had to teach him a lesson ,y/n.” And sure enough, on closer inspection, he was still breathing. I closed my eyes in relief.  When Jin started talking I opened them again. The three men- Jungkook, Hoseok and Jin started moving forwards, towards me. Taehyung stayed where he was to hold Yoongi at gunpoint, who was now gritting his teeth. I’ve never felt more intimidated in my life. I felt like a child, honestly, the height difference between me and these people was ridiculous. Jungkook had always called it “cute”, but it sure as hell didn’t feel cute now.  “He was a naughty boy”, Jin spoke, like I was a five year old. I narrowed my eyes- I hated condescending people. “And you’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you, y/n? So we should teach you a lesson too. Right?” The three men had me surrounded. I looked up to the other two, completely ignoring Jungkook. I could see in my peripheral vision that he had stiffened. If he really loved me, he’d get me out this mess. But then again, I have just tried to run from him -again. “C’mon then”, I declared, taking all three by surprise. “Let’s get it over with. Who wants to go first?” I looked at Hoseok. “You?” Jin started laughing, then Taehyung was giggling. Before I knew it, all four men were laughing at me, including Jungkook. Yoongi was getting frustrated, “I like you”, Jin practically beamed. Well, I kinda hate you.  “Boss”, Jungkook interjected, all laughter forgotten. Jin turned to him, still smiling. “I know the perfect punishment for her. Torture him.” He pointed to Yoongi, to my horror. “She likes him. Watching him suffer will hurt her.” Jungkook sounded bitter. I gasped. “No.. no. It’s my punishment. Hurt me.” I looked at Jin. I grabbed his arm- the one holding the gun- and pointed it towards my forehead. Jin just tilted his head, eyes twinkling with amusement, like I was telling a joke or something.  “Hurt me”, I repeated. “Y/n stop. Are you crazy?”, Yoongi snapped.  “Good idea Jungkook”, Jin nodded in agreement. I let go of his arm and he slowly put it back down. Crap. I just turned to Yoongi, and uttered the words “I’m sorry Yoongi. I fucked up.”  He just shook his head. “No y/n. I’m sorry I kept you alive for this long.”  I stared in disbelief at his words, as Hoseok grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. I didn’t struggle. I was too numb.  “We’ll take all three back to HQ. Throw them in the back of the van”, Jin ordered. Jungkook went to grab Jimin’s unconscious body, whilst Taehyung grabbed Yoongi. I felt so hollow at Yoongi’s words. He doesn’t mean it. He can’t mean it, I kept telling myself. Jeon Jungkook. I hate you.
Jin’s POV Jin didn’t have to wait long for Hoseok to call him back. “Boss? I’m at Suho’s place, cleaning up Jungkook’s mess. Two bodyguards as well, can you believe? Made such a mess.”  Jin just nodded. Jungkook was known to kill more than the job required. But in a way it made life easier- it meant to witnesses. “What’s with the text?” Hoseok queried. Jin explained what had gone on that day, and Jungkook’s text. He was just in the process of saying how he thought something wasn’t right, when Taehyung burst into his office. Jin’s eyes narrowed. He had one damn rule.Knock. And Taehyung couldn’t even do that. “This better be good”, he warned, putting Hoseok on hold. Taehyung was gasping for breath, but he still managed to get out some rubbish about some abandoned warehouse. And how Jimin and Yoongi were probably going to kill Jungkook if they didn’t help. And how Namjoon was dead. “Wait wait, hold on.” There was a lot to take in. His long time enemy had been killed. Namjoon had sworn vengeance the day Jin had shot both their brother’s. And now he was dead too. He went back to his call. “Hoseok, you still there? Yeah, come to this location as soon as possible. Make sure you’re armed.” He relayed the coordinated Taehyung told him.Then Jin ended the call and  got up. He grabbed his gun and said to Taehyung “Let’s go”. Taehyung just nodded in response. “Oh, and Taehyung?” “Yes boss?” “Next time, knock godamnit.” “Sorry boss.” When they got there, Hoseok was already waiting.Suho’s place must be close by, Jin thought. “Hi”, Hoseok greeted informally. Jin let this slide- guy was probably exhausted, last thing he needs is a lecture. “What’s the plan? Kill everyone except Jungkookie?” “And y/n”, Taehyung piped up. Hoseok’s eyes narrowed as he tried to remember. “Y/n…y/n. Name rings a bell.” Jin sighed at his memory. He had just explained the whole situation on the phone, and in his rush, Hoseok had already forgotten. “Y/n is Jungkook’s girl. Pretty official now that Taehyung here shot Minah.” Taehyung looked uncomfortable. “It was in self-defence. Plus, Jungkook ordered me.” Jin rolled his eyes.  “Let’s go and get this over with, it’s been a long day”, he grumbled, looking at the sunset. Both men agreed with this- it had indeed been tough on all of them for different reasons. “Taehyung, you go to the office where all the shit took off and see if anyone’s lurking around there. Me and Hoseok will check centre and west.” Yoongi’s unmistakeable mint hair was the first thing Jin saw as he searched the middle section of the giant building. He was on his phone, so Jin caught him off guard. “Don’t move.” Yoongi froze at the sound. “Hoseok grab him.” Everything seemed to be in their favour, as soon after, Taehyung emerged, holding onto a thrashing Jimin.  They moved onto the west side of the building once they were sure everywhere else was in the clear. It seemed to be. They had one long corridor left, before Jin would assume Jungkook had taken y/n and left. Every single door was tried by Jin, seeing as Hoseok and Taehyung had their hands full. Then, they got to the last door. Jin tried the handle, to find it locked. Why is this one locked and not the others, he wondered. Yoongi must have realised they were in there, as he exclaimed “Fuck” at the locked door. Hoseok violently shook him to be quiet. Jin took this as a cue to take his gun out, and shoot at the lock. Just before he did though, he heard Jungkook’s commanding voice “Get behind me, y/n.” Well, they’re definitely in there then. “Erm. No.” He heard a girl reply. Hmm, not one to listen then. Jin already disapproved of this girl, and he had only ever seen a photo of her, before he sent Jungkook to the damn mission to get her brother and uncle. After a couple of precise shots, Jin kicked the door open. The sight in front of him was…a shock. That wasn’t the girl he remembered from the photo. But then again, she wasn’t bleeding and bruised in the photo either. On closer examination, Jin saw the dark purple bruise on her cheek. Jungkook hasn’t hit her…has he? The slime ball Hoseok had a hold of started struggling when he saw the girl, y/n. “What the fuck did he do to you?”, he hissed. So, Jungkook has hit her. She must have really pissed him off. He had never even laid a hand on Minah, Jin was sure. And he was certain this girl wouldn’t be more of a pain in the ass than Minah. Jungkook stepped forward. He hadn’t slept or eaten, Jin could tell. Idiot pulled an all nighter to kill that bitch and he stayed awake? “Jin. How did you get here so fast?” The girl suddenly looked like she knew who Jin was, which was concerning. She should have no idea who I am, why is she looking at me like that? “Questions later, we need to go. NOW.” The place was littered with dead bodies and Jungkook wanted to make small talk?  As soon as Jin said those words, he saw the girl start to move backwards. He frowned. Why wasn’t she listening? Her boyfriend and his friends had her kidnappers…and she still looked terrified. Jin assumed she was still reeling from the fact that Jungkook had hit her. Young love…who the hell needs it? Jungkook looked down at her like she was his child.  “Y/n. Let’s go.” She nodded yes, and started reluctantly moving forwards. Finally. Suddenly, before Jin could react, y/n jumped forward, grabbed a gun that Jin recognised as Taehyung’s and ran towards him. He was just about to pull the gun up and threaten her but she had kicked him hard between his legs and pushed him onto Taehyung. The force of his weight was big enough to make Teahyung loosen his grip on Jimin, and before Jin knew it, Jimin was holding a gun at Hoseok, to make him let go of Yoongi.  Jin looked up and saw y/n dissaper around the corner of the corridor. Bitch runs fast for such a a little thing. Jin knew Hoseok wouldn’t do anything that weren’t his orders, so it was no surprse he held onto Yoongi until Jimin shot his hand. The others stayed still as Hoseok screamed, scared that they would be next, and that it wouldn’t just be their hands. Hoseok was known for his high pain thresholds- Jin knew he’d be ok. Hoseok, surprisingly, still had it in him to grab the gun, taking Jimin by surprise. He then kicked Jimin down, shouting in rage. He kept kicking and kicking until Jimin was no longer moving. Taehyung took that oppurtunity   “Hoseok, stop. We’ll make him pay. Now’s not the time” Jin dictated. The man stepped back, breathing heavily, cradling his hand, which was dripping blood. The bullet was on the floor, so it must have grazed him, but it was still in pretty bad shape. Jin turned to Jungkook, who was clenching his jaw. “Why the fuck did she do that?”, he growled. Yoongi spat, wary of Taehyung “She’s clearly scared of the bastard, can’t you fucking see what he did to her?” Jungkook lunged forward and punched him square in the jaw, making Yoongi spit blood. Jin just shouted “Enough!” He turned to face Yoongi. “I saw you on your phone earlier. You were texting her weren’t you?” Jin didn’t wait for an answer. “She won’t reply to Jungkook, so give me your phone.” Yoongi didn’t move. If she gets away, we could be done for. Jin tried again. “Give me your fucking phone now, or I will personally shoot her in the head in front of you.” The threat worked. He fished around in his pocket and took the phone out. He then proceeded to throw it towards Jin, who caught it and tossed it to Jungkook. Y/n was in trouble, if Jungkook’s laboured breaths were anything to go by. That girl is not going to live to see tomorrow, Jin mused. “Call her. Get her back here.” She answered straight away, Jin noticed, his eyes narrowed. Why would she do that?  “Y/n? Babe, why don’t you come back?” , Jungkook started the conversation in a dangerous tone- it was atone that JIn knew well. Y/n’s answer shocked Jin. “Let them go and I’ll come back.” Yoongi shouted “NO!”, and Jin eyed the rival gang leader. Is there something going on between him and y/n?  Jin spoke up, now knowing that these two were at least friends, if not something more. He would use that to his advantage. . “No chance. Now I really want to blow their brains out, but Jungkook tells me not to. He says they’re your little playmates. Now, if you want to see your playmates again, I suggest you get your pretty little self down here, pronto.”  “You bastard”, Yoongi spat, and Jungkook lunged forwrad again, phone in hand, punching him in the stomach this time.  ‘oof!’  Jin shot him a warning look. Jungkook ignored orders when he was angry, and Jin didn’t appreciate it. In this line of work, you can’t be controlled by emotions.   “Ok please, stop”, y/n whispered, barely audible “I-i’m coming. I’m sorry guys”, Jin turned to look at Yoongi, who was getting slightly red in the face, then Jimin, who was still on the floor. Hoseok must have kicked hard, seeing as he hadn’t moved an inch.  When the call ended, Jungkook tossed the phone back to Jin in disgust. Jin pondered, then threw it back at Yoongi. He had no reason to keep it. Especially as it was a dead man’s phone. It was silent, until everyone turned at the sound of light footsteps- y/n. She eyes everyone, ignoring Jungkook, Jin noted. She stopped dead in her tracks, eyes like saucers when she spotted the man on the floor. Jin couldn’t help but chuckle. Most hostages would love to see their kidnappers in that position. But not her. Y/n turned to look at him. She’s pretty ballsy, I’ll give her that.  “He’s fine. Just had to teach him a lesson ,y/n.” And sure enough, on closer inspection, he was still breathing. I closed my eyes in relief. All Jin had to do was nod his head slightly. Jungkook and Hoseok took that as a cue to start moving in on her. To Jin’s surprise, she held her ground, even when the three men were looming before her. “He was a naughty boy, and you’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you, y/n? So we should teach you a lesson too. Right?” She looked at him in scorn. Jin knew she was smart, so treating her like she was academically challenged would surely get a reaction out of her? But not the reaction Jin expected. “C’mon then. Let’s get it over with. Who wants to go first?”She looked at Hoseok. “You?” Jin found that hilarious. Soon, all 4 of them- Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok and even Jungkook were laughing at her. “I like you”, Jin chuckled. “Boss, I know the perfect punishment for her. Torture him.”He pointed to Yoongi, who just stared at y/n. “She likes him. Watching him suffer will hurt her.” Jungkook sounded jealous…but he was also right. Y/n didn’t like that idea, at all.“No.. no. It’s my punishment. Hurt me.” She grabbed Jin’s arm, and made him point his gun at her head. Jin glanced at Jungkook who tensed. What the hell is she doing? “Hurt me”,she ordered. All fear gone, probably at the thought of them torturing Yoongi. “Y/n stop. Are you crazy?”, Yoongi snapped. Jungkook was right. This would be a good punishment. She had after all, caused them a lot of trouble. “Good idea Jungkook”. Y/n slumped her shoulders, letting go of Jin in defeat. “I’m sorry Yoongi. I fucked up.” Jin motioned at Hoseok to grab herthere was no way she would over power him, even if he couldn’t use one hand. “We’ll take all three back to HQ. Throw them in the back of the van”, Jin ordered. Jungkook went to grab Jimin’s unconscious body, whilst Taehyung grabbed Yoongi.  Finally, we have them. Today’s a good day.
Jungkook’s POV Y/n just stared at Jungkook, like he hadn’t even spoken. He hated how scared she looked of him. “Y/n”, he said softly. “I asked you to put the gun down.” “I heard you, I’m just not listening.” What? Why won’t she just do as I bloody say? He tilted his head to the side. “You’re scared of me? But, you love me y/n.” She narrowed her eyes at his statement. He wanted to close the distance between them, but he was scared she might do something stupid- like shoot him. “The Jungkook I fell for was an office worker, who wouldn’t harm a soul. Who didn’t have two bloody girlfriends at once. The Jungkook I fell for wasn’t a murderer.” Something always stirred inside him when y/n called him that. Murderer. “ We’ve been through this before, I’m not a godamn murderer”, he snapped.  Y/n didn’t hesitate with her response.“Since this morning, you have killed Yoongi’s girlfriend. That was necessary. She was a spy. “You left me in the hands of Taehyung while you went off on an ‘assignment’, killing God knows how many people” What did you want me to do? Kill you? “You killed Minah.” She fucking deserved it.  “You killed Namjoon and all the men that were with him” That was self-defence.  “And that’s just today, Jungkook. And you say you’re not a murderer?”  “Whatever I’ve done was necessary.”she scoffed,making him angrier. Let me wipe that smile off your face babe.  “And no matter what I’ve done, I still look like a saint compared to that mint-haired bastard and that womaniser.” It did indeed wipe the smile off her face. “Jagi”,he said, icily, making her step back slightly. “Do you know how many innocent families, women and children he has slaughtered, just because their husbands and fathers owed them money? Or how many women that orange-haired rat has drugged and raped, before putting a bullet in their heads?”     He eyed her. She doesn’t like THAT does she?                                                                                                                                                            “N-no. You’re a liar”, she whispered. Why the hell does she see the good in people, but hate me for doing the same damn thing?                                                                                                                                                      “Ask them yourself, if I don’t kill them first.” Her face clearly said she didn’t want him to do that. Only y/n would be nice enough to want to save those scumbags.                               Jungkook grew extremely angry at her stunned silence. “I’ve done so much for you y/n , why the fuck can’t you see that? I came here for you! I killed that bitch for you!” I’m risking my fucking life for YOU!” The lack of sleep was making him snappy.     Calm down Jungkook. There’s no point in shouting. “So I am going to tell you one last time babe. Put. The. Gun. Down.”                          “Where’s Taehyung?” The question was unexpected, to say the least.  “What?” His brows knitted together in confusion.Why the hell does she care about Tae? “Taehyung. Where is he? It’s only fair I give him his gun back, right?” Oh.  Jungkook visibly relaxed.“Leave that to me babe. Now hand it over.” Everything was finally going ok, until y/n pulled that little stunt, locking herself in the room.  Jungkook knew as soon as she did it, why she had done it. She was on her phone before he crept up to her, he assumed she was talking to Yoongi. Know he was certain. She was telling Yoongi one of two things. Either to come rescue her, or to stay away. Knowing y/n, it’d be the latter  “Y/n, you have till the count of three before I shoot the godamn door down.” I took a deep breath. She swung it open just before he could say ‘three’.  “What the fuck was that?” “I’m sorry kookie, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was scared, OK?” Liar. You’re a liar. She handed Jungkook the gun. “Here. Take it”, she sniffed. “Not like I would have ever used it anyway.” You’ve done what you wanted to do. You’re trying to get me to trust you. Y/n started crying. Jungkook slowly shook his head at that. He couldn’t stand her crying. The last time she had cried, he almost broke down himself. I love you y/n, why can’t you see that? He heard footsteps, and he gathered that she must have heard them too, judging by the way she started backing into the room. He locked the door.  Again, Jungkook promised himself he would stay calm, and not lose his cool, until y/n said “It’s a shame that I missed you so much, and you don’t even love me.”  What did she just say to me? Suddenly he pushed her towards a table, his hands either side of her. “Say that again”, Jungkook whispered threateningly .“Say it again y/n, I dare you.”  She better apologise. “I said You. Don’t. Love. Me. I can spell it out for you if you want.” Jungkook snapped. His violence took over and before he knew it y/n was on the floor. Instant regret. Shit. What did I do? No no NO, she’s bleeding! oh my god. After all his anger drained away he finally apologised. “I-I’m sorry y/n, babe. I’m so sorry .Y/n. I love you so much. When you said that I just..I just lost it. I can’t believe I…” He couldn’t think straight. It’s strange. I didn’t think twice about shooting Minah. And here I am crying over slapping y/n. But he couldn’t help it. He had set out to protect y/n and ended up doing the exact opposite. “Baby”, he whispered. “We need to-” He was just about to say, we need to get out of here, but someone was trying to get in. But it was only Jin. Hoseok was restricting Yoongi’s movement, who spat “What the fuck did he do to you?” Jungkook internally growled. He’s trying to get her to turn on me. To hate me. Just when Jungkook thought that y/n would give up and give in to him, she played dirty, again. He always saw her as this studious little girl who hated trouble, so whenever she did something remotely violent it took him by surprise. They got her back though.  All Jungkook could do was stare vehemently as she glanced at Jimin in worry. As she made longer than necessary eye contact with Yoongi. As she stared at his men with hate. As she completely ignored his presence. All those things made his blood boil. It’s what made him speak up.. “I know the perfect punishment for her. Torture him. She likes him. Watching him suffer will hurt her.” Jungkook didn’t care if he sounded jealous. He had been through too much for y/n and she kept throwing it back in his face. For him. Jin must have realised that she liked him too, because he agreed with Jungkook’s idea. Maybe y/n will finally come around when she sees that bastard for what he is.
Yoongi’s POV Yoongi was almost done his searching, when his phone buzzed. It was y/n. From Y/n: Stay away from west wing. He’s here. Be careful-no sign of Taehyung. Let Jimin know. How can she be texting me if she’s with Jungkook? He wouldn’t let her do that. To Y/n: How the hell are you texting me? He didn’t have to wait long for a reply. From Y/n: Locked myself in a room. I’m gonna open the door now. Plan to go along with him. Convince him to leave you guys alone. I hope that was a poor attempt at a joke. To Y/n: No the fuck you’re not From y/n: Oops. Too late. Yoongi growled in frustration. Why couldn’t y/n ever listen to him? Jin’s approach was unexpected. Yoongi was just about to update Jimin of the situation when Jin appeared. He got his strongest man, Hoseok, to grab Yoongi.  To his disdain, they decided to drag him everywhere they searched. Taehyung had Jimin, who was struggling a lot more than Yoongi was. Finally they got to a locked door in the west wing. The last door. Yoongi muttered “Fuck”, as he realised that they had to be in there. Y/n might have had a chance to escape if it was just Jungkook with her. But with the rest of his gang, it was impossible.  When Jin opened the door, Yoongi’s heart dropped at the sight of y/n. Her wound had reopened, and there was a massive bruise on her cheek. That bastard! He had HIT her?! How fucking dare he? “What the fuck did he do to you?”, Yoongi hissed. He couldn’t take it. Jungkook claimed to love you. Bastard didn’t know what love meant? Yoongi heard Jimin take a sharp intake of breath and look away in disgust.  Y/n shook her head at him, trying to tell him she was fine. Who is she trying to kid? There was no pulling the wool over Yoongi’s eyes- even a blind man would doubt y/n’s state right now, While Jin and Jungkook were talking, Yoongi was observing y/n. She had that face on. She was planning something. And sure enough, she was true to form. Full marks for trying. But it all went to shit, when Hoseok’s anger got the better of him, and he started beating Jimin. Yoongi just closed his eyes. What could he do?Please god, no. I’ve already lost Namjoon. Not Jimin too. He exhaled in relief when Jin told Hoseok to stop.  I hope y/n runs. But it was y/n. Of course she came back. For FUCK’S sake y/n. Are you dumb? Yoong didn’t care that Taehyung was holding him at gunpoint. He didn’t care that Jungkook had already punched him twice. He even put y/n’s safety over Jimin’s. And certainly over his own.  But sadly, y/n shared his mindset too. She was too selfless. But he was selfish. Yes, he wanted y/n to get out alive- but he wouldn’t care about her unless he had feelings. Otherwise, who gives a shit, right? If she was some random whore Jungkook had been living with, Yoongi would’ve shot her hours ago. But she was y/n.  Yoongi clenched his fists, when the three men started approaching y/n. When they stopped, he could hardly see her, she was so small compared to them. It made him feel like punching through them and hugging her. But moving would mean getting shot. He saw the nod Jin gave Taehyung. He occasionally would give the same nod to Jimin or Namjoon. It meant ‘if he moves, shoot.’ When y/n told Jin to shoot her, Yoongi felt a pang of pain in his chest. She’s trying to take a damn bullet for me. No one had ever cared for him enough to do that for him. No one. Not even his own men would do that. When Jungkook said the words “torture him. Shelikes him. Watching him suffer will hurt her.” Yoongi didn’t think it was possible to hate someone as he hated Jungkook in that moment.  His heart dropped when Jin agreed. They’re going to make her watch while they torture me and Jimin? Sadistic sons of bitches. I have to make this easy for her. Yoongi had decided. I have to make her hate me. If she hates me, it’ll be easier to watch me suffer.  Y/n whispered hoarsly, “I’m sorry Yoongi. I fucked up.” Don’t be sorry babe. You tried. He just shook his head. He swallowed and braced himself before saying. “No y/n. I’m sorry I kept you alive for this long.” He hated Jungkook. He hated himself for allowing himself to get attached. And now, he had to act like he hated the one person who had shown compassion for him.  She stared at him, not wanting to believe he had just said that to her.  Yoongi just looked away. He couldn’t bare to look at her face. It broke him.  I’m sorry y/n. But he’ll make sure we can’t be together, Yoongi thought, as they were both dragged away.
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I can't get over the fact that in one day she is in "Love" with Suga.... She just needs to get as far away from this crap as possible because she can't even tell what love is anymore. Like you seriously met him not so long ago and now I think she think she has a thing for him? what happen to loving Jungkook, yes I get he betrayed your trust and broke your heart but you don't just get over that in a matter of hours. I dont even know who to root for anymore, my feels have been attacked.
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@SusiBosshammer I'm the same. Idk who to root for anymore
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