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You guys seriously need to watch this. This is unbelievable. They claim to "know" Kpop artists "sell their soul to Satan" Lord Help us all.
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I can't believe people believe this
@danyeljules41 and @resavalencia I totally agree. However, I think the radical Christian (or any other religion) represents all of Christians (or other religions) because they are showed in the news so much, everyone assumes we are all bad due to media
okay I'm Christian and I can see this is such a stretch. Did this person even watch the videos all the way through?did they read the lyrics? this person is obviously a radical Christian/ extreme one. At the end when it says we should stop listening to K-pop is just nonsense kpop is probably one of the less vulgar genres of music to choose from that and veggie tales. come on now please take a couple seats. I'm actually tired of people that claim to be Christians hating on everything and trying to find faults. I'm actually really sorry about this because this is what you guys see representing christians when we're really not that bad. Kpop is bomb
im Catholic. .....i listen to kpop.... nope i know they dont sell their soul to Satan..... the only things they best be sell is their albums merch and stuff like that. i know they would never do that. My Lord is gonna keep them away and safe from the Satan. This was probably just someone who believes in those things and say omg they are doing the sign and stuff like that!They sold their soul!! they didnt..... ok... They might not know what it is or what it meant....or it probably means something in the 6 or the kind looks like an ok sign...... it could have diffrrent meanings... dont just assume... oh my gosh they did the sign or a sign.... they sold their soul!!..... ya no...they didnt...
lol you should see JREKML'S kpop skit video about a door to door evangelist spreading the word of Lord Lucifer.. it's hilarious. @drummergirl691
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