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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 11 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter:  Yoongi, Jungkook Length: 6413 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 11/? “We’ll take all three back to HQ. Throw them in the back of the van”, Jin ordered. Jungkook went to grab Jimin’s unconscious body, whilst Taehyung grabbed Yoongi. I felt so hollow at Yoongi’s words. He doesn’t mean it. He can’t mean it, I kept telling myself. Jeon Jungkook. I hate you.

Y/n’s POV

When we got outside, I was surprised to see the sun setting. I had been in that warehouse pretty much all day. When we got to the van, Jin halted his men. He opened the back doors and grabbed various lengths of rope. “Tie up their hands.” For god’s sake. Not this again. “What about him?”, Jungkook asked, referring to Jimin. Jin thought a while before saying, “Hoseok hit him hard enough for him to be out cold until we get there. Just sit him upright and put his seatbelt on. He wakes up and tries anything, shoot him.” Jungkook nodded, and walked towards the van. As Hoseok one-handedly tried to tie my hands, I just stared at the ground, unable to move. I wonder if they have any food at their HQ.  I am starving, jesus christ. I winced, as I heard a bang from the back of the van. Jungkook must have literally thrown Jimin’s body down with brutal force, for it to be that loud. Hoseok tugged at the rope, making sure it was secure. Jungkook got out of the van, to stand there and stare at me. I avoided his eye contact, as I watched Taehyung lead Yoongi in, to join Jimin. “Hope?” Hoseok looked up from me to Jungkook. “Tie her feet up too.” I was looking back at the ground now, but my eyes narrowed at his request. What? Why does he want my feet tied up? They didn’t tie Yoongi’s.  Hoseok didn’t question him though. He just nodded, and pushed me over, so I fell onto my side. Rude. I sighed and rolled over until I was in a sitting position, and I watched as he tied up my feet. I hated how much it restricted movement. Hoseok picked me up over his shoulder, and carried me to the van. He stepped in, and placed me opposite to where Yoongi was sat. I looked to my left and sure enough Jimin was still slumped in his seat- I could see his bruises more clearly now. He was so close to me, I could hear his laboured breaths. Great. Orange is lifeless and Yoongi has decided to be a dick. And I’m tied up. My thought were interrupted as the four men stood at the double doors, staring in. Jin and Jungkook were staring at me, whilst the other two men were looking between Jimin and Yoongi. I’m gonna fall over as soon as the van moves, I thought. I couldn’t move my feet or hands to steady myself, so the first corner or speed bump would probably result with me on the floor. Jin broke the silence. “Now then”, he started, addressing the 3 men he was stood with. “There are only 3 seats up front. Which means one of you is going to have to sit with them”. My heart dropped. I was hoping to get Jimin to come round and get Yoongi to talk to me with no damn interruptions. I knew exactly who was going to volunteer,and sure enough… “I’ll sit with them”, Jungkook offered with a dark smirk. Jin just shrugged and said “OK. See you when we get to HQ.” This was so frustrating. Jungkook would make sure I didn’t say anything. But it’s not like I was going to listen. Taehyung and Hoseok walked off, whilst Jin waited for Jungkook to get in, so he could shut the doors. I heard the click of a lock and bit my lip from crying out in frustration.  Jungkook sat on Yoongi’s side of the van, seeing as me and Jimin were already pretty much taking up the whole of the other side. Well, Jimin was.  This whole time I had been avoiding Yoongi, knowing full well he hadn’t taken his eyes off me. This was the worst situation I could be in right now. The testosterone levels in those two would be raging. Well not in Yoongi. He just straight up admitted he wants me dead.  The van rumbled to life and started moving. True to form I practically fell on Jimin’s slumped form the minute the driver accelerated. I didn’t know who was behind the wheel, but they sure as hell didn’t know the meaning of the words ‘speed limit’. Probably wasn’t Hoseok though, with his injury and all.  Jungkook saw me fall onto Jimin and jumped up, surprisingly keeping his balance in the moving vehicle. He moved to me and gently sat me up straight,a and did my seatbelt. I looked up at him. I was his hostage now. He gently moved my hair from my face and I closed my eyes at the soft touch. Jungkook, as if he suddenly remembered the situation we were in, pulled away and walked back to his seat. I opened my eyes to be met by Yoongi trying to hide a scowl, his jaw clenched. Part of me felt like Jungkook really cared, but another part of me was screaming he’s doing it to make Yoongi jealous. Jungkook realised we were going to stay silent, so he took his phone out and started typing away. I took this as an opportunity to start nudging Jimin with my elbow. Hard. Please Orange, wake up, godamnit! I looked around, briefly locking eyes with Yoongi. He had caught on to what I was doing. His eyes were asking “Why”, but truth be told, I didn’t know.  I suppose he made me feel safe. That’s what the two men before me claimed to do, but one had hit me, and one regrets keeping me alive. So I wanted Jimin awake. Plus, they hadn’t actually tied him up…so if he could come up with a plan, that’d be great too. I carried on nudging him until Jungkook suddenly glanced up, making me freeze. He looked back down to scroll through whatever the hell he was reading and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I spotted the water bottle next to him. Was that always there?  Water…that normally wakes up an unconscious person. Yes! I looked at Yoongi, who could tell that I was on to something. I nodded my head at the water bottle, then to Jimin. He understood instantly, then mouthed “How?” I mouthed back “Wait.” “Jungkook?” I spoke meekly, acting like I was about to pass out from thirst. I mean, I needed water, but not THAT badly. I was more concerned about the lack of food. He looked up from his phone. Both men were looking at me now- Jungkook in wonder and Yoongi in apprehension. “Can I er, have some of your water? I haven’t drank or eaten anything all day.” Jungkook wasn’t suspicious. In fact, he showed nothing but concern as he nodded and came forward with the bottle. When he crouched forward, Yoongi frowned and mimed kicking him in the head. I subtly tried to shake my head, and when Jungkook stared I tried to pass it off as a stiff neck.  Yoongi just rolled his eyes. I don’t want any more violence. Even though I knew once we got to their HQ, violence is all there would be. Jungkook put the water bottle to my lips. After a couple of sips, of the cool, refreshing water, I said “One more,” He nodded in response. This time, I drank as much as I could physically keep in my mouth. But didn’t drink it. I looked down so Jungkook couldn’t see my cheeks, which were fit to burst. “You good babe?” I just nodded slightly. He stayed there for a few seconds trying to look at my face. Please, go away. Sure enough, he got up and sat down in his place, only to go straight back to his phone. I silently thanked the social media/ game he was so focused on,and turned my attention to Jimin. I gave Yoongi the side-eye, only to find he had a small smile on his face. I bet I looked ridiculous. I tried to shift myself slowly to face Jimin, aware that Jungkook could look up whenever. But I couldn’t move. The combination of the belt and rope was too strong. Well that failed. So instead of moving myself, I moved my whole head to face him. I needed to aim for his face. With eyes on Jungkook, but facing Jimin, I spat a bit of the water on his face. Nothing. I tried again. And again. After the 5th or 6th time, when I was running out of water, Jimin suddenly furrowed his brows together, eyes still closed. YES! I hoped he wouldn’t make a sound and give himself away. I swallowed the rest of the water, and turned my head back, facing Yoongi. I wasn’t expecting the broad smile on his face. I felt my lips automatically twitch upwards, until Jungkook cleared his throat pointedly. Yoongi just rolled his eyes again. I glanced at Jimin’s hands. His fingers were twitching. C’mon Jimin, WAKE UP. His eyes flew open, and he moaned softly. I was surprised Jungkook didn’t notice. But the sound of the engine was louder than Jimin, I suppose. Jimin didn’t move but I saw as he took in his surroundings. He looked at me, and I managed a weak smile. Jungkook looked up, and Jimin shut his eyes. “Something wrong, y/n?”Is he being serious. “Not at all”, I smiled sweetly. “I really love how I’m tied up right now, that’s all. It’s a good look for me, don’t you think? Brings out my eyes.” Yoongi snorted, and Jungkook looked annoyed. “Well if you weren’t so damn difficult, you wouldn’t be tied up.” Difficult?! Oh, now THAT was rich. I didn’t want to draw to much attention to myself, seeing as Jimin was right next to me and his face was now soaking wet, and Jungkook was likely to see that, but I couldn’t help it. “Oh so you can just kill people in self-defence, but when I run to protect myself, I’m being difficult. Well, fuck you”, I seethed. Yoongi still looked amused. And what the hell is so funny? “YOU HAD NOTHING TO RUN AWAY FROM GODAMNIT!”, Jungkook yelled, his voice amplified like ten times in the enclosed space. I felt Jimin tense beside me. I was glad Yoongi knew to be quiet, otherwise Jungkook could have done something extremely stupid. Ah. My head hurts so bad. I didn’t answer him.I just leant back as far as my hands would allow (seeing as they were tied behind my back) and closed my eyes. “Y/n?” I could tell from his voice he regretted shouting, but I ignored him. “Y/n, listen.” I don’t have to listen to you, Jeon Jungkook. “Don’t fucking ignore me!” Or what? Suddenly I heard the unmistakeable clicking sound of a gun. My eyes snapped open. When I saw who Jungkook was pointing the gun at, I started struggling against the bindings. No! No no, don’t shoot Jimin! “Ok ok, stop Jungkook. I’m listening.” He just sneered. “THIS is what it takes for you to listen to me?” I just looked on, the feeling of dread taking over. “Jungkook”, I practically begged. “Please, put the gun down. I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry I ignored you.” I had never seen such a relentless and unforgiving side of him. Yoongi was trying so hard not to lash out. I felt so helpless. I glanced down at Jimin, who had somehow managed to wipe his face whilst no one was looking. Then I glanced at his seatbelt buckle. If I pressed it, he’d have no restraints. But Jungkook would shoot him. I was sobbing now. Like full on sobbing. In any other situation I would be embarrassing myself, but Jimin’s life was in danger here. “Why are you so upset at the thought of me ending this filthy womaniser? I’d just be ridding the world of filth”, Jungkook spat. “B-because he’s my f-friend Jungkook”, I spluttered. Jungkook slightly lowered his gun at that. Then I added “If you shoot him, you might as well shoot me, because I will never want to see your face again.” Jungkook sat down, a look of disbelief tainting his handsome features. I was focusing on steadying my breathing.  For the first time since he got in the van, Yoongi spoke. “Y/n?”, he murmured, voice laced with concern. “Are you alright?” “Don’t talk to her”, Jungkook snapped at him. I was trying to focus on breathing. I have to admit, I felt slightly light-headed. “Yeah yoongi, I-i’m fine.” Jungkook looked so pissed- probably because I had ignored him, but answered Yoongi straight away. I shook my head violently , trying to shake away the dizziness. “Y/n don’t faint”, Jungkook interjected. I frowned at him rolling my eyes. “Thanks. Like that’s gonna help.” He just pursed his lips, but didn’t respond. I thought we had arrived, as the van slowed down to a halt. But then we started moving again. Must have been a red light.  I reckon we were getting close. But I wanted to make sure we never arrived. I started looking around the space the four of us were sat in. I eyed the doors. They can be unlocked from the inside too? That’s good. Means Jin must have given Jungkook a key… He won’t have just locked Jungkook in here with us like he was a prisoner too. But then again, why would Jungkook have a key if Jin wasn’t planning on stopping before they arrived at HQ…Surely he would have no use for it. Thinking logically and analysing was second nature to me. But right now it was making my head hurt.  Plus there wasn’t much I could do when my hands and feet were bound. A shrill sound made me jump. Jungkook’s phone was ringing. “Boss?” It was Jin. Probably calling to check if we were behaving.  Y/n, do something now! I stopped focusing on Jungkook’s words and I shifted my body weight slowly towards Jimin. With a slight struggle, I managed to get both my hands near his seat belt buckle. Jungkook had turned away, in an attempt to mask what he was saying. I pressed down on the button. Jimin opened one eye and winked at me. I grinned back wordlessly. Jungkook was still holding his gun, but he wasn’t paying attention.  I leaned in a bit more. I kept it short knowing full well we could get caught at any time. “You strong enough?”, I murmured. His eyes were trained on Jungkook. “Hmm. Let’s find out.” I’ve never seen him move so fast. He stood up to his full height, and before Jungkook could even react, he kicked him in the head full force. It dazed him enough for Jimin to grab his his head and bash it into the wall of the van. Jungkook fell like a dead weight, making me wince. Jesus Christ, that kick alone would have killed me. Jimin turned to me. “Guess I was strong enough”, he giggled, making me laugh. “Didn’t doubt you for a second Orange.” Yoongi kicked Jungkook’s body lightly, to check if he was really out cold. “Jimin, end the call, it’s still ongoing”, he ordered in a low voice. Jimin nodded and complied. “What if Jin comes round to check why he ended the call?” I asked. “We’ll be ready”, Yoongi replied. He looked at Jimin. “They didn’t do a full body search- they thought I only had my gun on me. Go into my inside pocket, there’s a knife.”  Jimin pulled it out and I recognised it instantly. It was the same knife Yoongi used to cut my bindings before. Jimin cut Yoongi’s hands free, and Yoongi took the knife off him. “I’ll cut y/n free.” Jimin just threw him a look which I couldn’t decipher, but nodded anyway. “Jimin? Can you check his pockets?There’s locks inside the door, so he might have a key on him”, I asked, while Yoongi sawed away at the rope on my hands. I was trying hard to ignore his breaths on the back of my neck. “You wanna jump out of a moving vehicle?”He asked, voice full of amusement.  “Well the plan was push you out, see how well that goes”, I joked, earning a laugh from both men. Yoongi had set my hands free, and I gasped slightly at the sight. The bruises were deeper than ever. I clenched my hands and opened them back out. Ow. I was still semi-ignoring Yoongi after what he said to me, so I just focused on Jimin searching Jungkook, while Yoongi cut the ropes around my legs. “Getting a sense of deja vu?” He looked up to me. I just nodded in response. “Anything?”, I asked Jimin who was trying to get into his back pockets. “No ,not yet.” When I was free, I muttered a “thanks” to Yoongi before turning to Jimin. “Here, give me his phone.” Jimin’s brow furrowed. “Hurry up”, I pressed him “He was talking to Jin, so I’ll text Jin to say everything’s fine. And that he cut the call short cus Yoongi started pissing him off, or something.” Or Jin might stop the van and come round. Jimin nodded and tossed me the phone. I caught it, but walked up to him and crouched down to his level. He was still searching Jungkook- god knows how many pockets that boy has. I did feel bad seeing him on the floor like this. In fact, I felt terrible. But he was a danger to all of us. I watched as Yoongi had his eyes trained on us. He swooped down and grabbed Jungkook’s gun. I whispered to Jimin, whilst scrolling through Jungkook’s contacts to find Jin’s name…He wasn’t there. Ah wait, look for ‘boss’. Sure enough, there he was. “Listen Jimin…”,I whispered. “I’m sorry about what happened.” Jimin stopped his searching and glanced at me in confusion. “Sorry for what babe, you literally just saved our asses.” I scoffed. “Are you kidding? That was all you, not me. And no, I mean I’m sorry about what Hoseok did to you. That was my fault.” Now it was Jimin’s turn to scoff. “Don’t, y/n. That wasn’t anything to do with you. I shot him. He reacted. End of. OK?” I just swallowed and nodded, still feeling guilty. He wouldn’t have shot Hoseok if I hadn’t handed him the gun. I sent Jin the text and pocketed Jungkook’s phone. It might come in handy.   “I should shoot this fucker right now”, I hear Yoongi mutter. I slowly stood up and looked at him, almost falling on top of Jimin and Jungkook in the process when the van turned wildly. But Jimin steadied me. “Sorry”, I apologised to Jimin and turned to Yoongi. “Do that and you’re no better than him.” Yoongi laughed like I just told a joke. “I’m a gang leader darling. Of course I’m no better than him.”  I just shook my head. “Yoongi, please. Don’t.” I edged closer to him. “Listen. I know you hate me and all, but I did just help get you out of a tricky situation. The least you can do is let this slide, right?” He lowered the gun. “Y/n, I don’t ha-” “Found it!” Jimin exclaimed, interrupting Yoongi. “Fucker has like 10 inside pockets, but I got there!” When I turned around, Jimin was holding up a small key triumphantly. I grinned. “You do know I could’ve just shot the door down?”, Yoongi asked, wiping the smile off Jimin’s face a little. I just laughed. “On a busy road? Nice one.” Jimin’s smile was back. “OK , now what? I haven’t actually thought this far ahead”, I admitted. “If we all jump out, the doors will be left open, and Jungkook might fall out.” The very thought of Jungkook falling out onto a busy road made me shudder. I suppose I did still care for him, but I didn’t want him to hurt Yoongi or Jimin.  He could hurt me all he wanted. Just not them.  The van swerved again and I stumbled, but Yoongi caught me from behind. Why is my stamina so bad? Jimin looked over me to Yoongi, who didn’t let go. I looked down at his hands around me, both of them enveloping the gun. “Boss? Do we take him with us or…” Before Yoongi could speak, I spoke up. “No. I’ve just had an idea. Use the rope we just cut through and tie his hands to the seat. Tight. Then he can’t fall out.” Jimin practically beamed at my suggestion. “Yes y/n”, he whooped, making me giggle. Yoongi let go of me and said “Great. We need to be quick, we’re probably close.” I didn’t have the physical strength to move Jungkook, so the two men got to work- I just handed them the rope. There was a buzzing coming from the pocket containing Jungkook’s phone. I pulled it out and frowned. It was Jin. Well, he took the piss to reply, didn’t he? From Jin: Don’t worry. Just make sure the freak is dead before we get there, like I asked. Text me when it’s done and I can dump the body on the way. As for the girl and Yoongi, we’ll teach them a lesson later. I visibly paled at the message. “Jesus”, I whispered. Yoongi and Jimin, who had now finished tying Jungkook, turned to me. “What? What’s happened?”, Yoongi asked. “Y/n…?”, Jimin said my name with concern. I just showed them the message. “He was telling Jungkook to kill you, Jimin”, I croaked, barely audible over the engine. “Oh my god”, I whispered before hiding my face in my hands. Jimin had been so close to death. “Hey y/n.” Jimin stood up. “Hey, look at me. Your orange is still here”, he said in a sing song voice, making me smile. “Boss”, he said a lot more solemnly to Yoongi. “Let’s go. We need to get out.” He then proceeded to mutter “Can’t believe he called me a freak”, making me laugh. “He wasn’t wrong”, I commented, and he nudged me playfully.  Yoongi gave him a nod of the head, and Jimin rushed to the door, hastily unlocking it.  I was actually holding my breath, thinking that the key wouldn’t fit, and I almost passed out from relief when it did.  Jimin slowly cracked one of the doors open, and that’s when I realised how fast we were actually going. We were on some country road doing some ungodly speed. At least the road was empty. He started opening the door wider. “Wait!” I shouted over the noise of wind and rattling. “Shouldn’t we fire the gun once? So at least they’ll hear a gunshot, and they won’t question us when we tell them that ‘the freak is dead’? Yoongi nodded. “True. You think of everything y/n.”  Not everything. I haven’t thought about what to do about you, Yoongi. “OK!” Jimin braced himself. “We can’t leave it too late! Everyone, on the count of three, jump!” Yoongi put an arm around my waist, and I reached over to link arms with Jimin. “We all have to jump at the same time- the van’s going too fast not to.” Both men nodded.  Yoongi looked over me to Jimin. “I’ll shoot on three, yeah?” and Jimin nodded. I took one final look at Jungkook, lying there. There’ll be hell to pay when he wakes up. “One…”, My grip tightened on Jimin’s arm. “Two…” I shut my eyes. The ‘three’ was consumed by the sound of a gun, and before I could react, those two had jumped ,taking me with them.  Suddenly I was screaming. The only sensation I could feel was the wind rushing past me.  I was falling. And it was liberating. And I felt free.

Jungkook’s POV

Jungkook struggled slightly with Jimin’s weight. Normally carrying somone this size would be a piece of cake, but he was sleep deprived and weak from hunger. Should have eaten some of Taehyung’s snacks. He reached the van and threw Jimin down- he really didn’t give a crap if he broke something, or hurt him further- and clicked on his belt. Jungkook eyed Jimin in disgust before stepping back outside. He stood there, arms folded, observing y/n whilst Hoseok tied her up. She hasn’t eaten or slept either…and she’s a hell of a lot weaker than me. As angry as Jungkook was at her stupidity, he was still concerned for her wellbeing. As weak as she was though, Jungkook knew y/n would be constantly plotting and thinking of ways to get out and escape. And he didn’t doubt that she had it in her. “Hope? Tie her feet up too.”  Jungkook winced slightly as Hoseok nodded and pushed her over quite aggressively- yet she didn’t make a sound. He saw Yoongi turn away in disgust at the sight. Jungkook clenched his jaw to stop himself from saying anything. What the hell’s his problem? He just told her he wished she was dead. Jungkook winced once more as he heard Hoseok throw her down into the van. He knew there weren’t enough seats up front and so he asked Hoseok beforehand for the keys to the van doors. Just in case. Plus, it’s not like he was going to leave y/n with the two men who had practically brainwashed her into liking them and hating him. When Jin asked the question Jungkook was expecting, he offered straight away. “I’ll sit with them.” He watched y/n’s reaction- pokerface.She’s getting real good at hiding what she’s feeling. Jungkook grimaced as he eyed the only available seat. He’d have to sit next to him.  When the van started moving, Yoongi used his legs to steady himself, seeing as he had no seatbelt on. Maybe we should have tied his legs too…too late now, I suppose. Hoseok had forgotten to do y/n’s seatbelt as she toppled over onto Jimin. Jungkook frowned. He never did like close contact between y/n and another guy. Especially a guy like Jimin. He got up straight away to help her up. There you go babe. He clicked her seatbelt in. There was hair all over her face which she couldn’t move seeing as her hands were tied, so Jungkook moved them for her. He saw the bruise he’d made and instantly felt guilty. She had her eyes closed at his touch. Just like the old days, huh? He couldn’t look at her bruised and bloody face anymore so he got up and sat back in his place. I don’t think they’re gonna talk while I’m here, Jungkook realised. He took his phone out and started typing the promised updated to Jin, that everything was under control. He eould occasionally glance up to check if y/n was ok, and if she was doing anything other than just sitting there. Don’t be stupid, what the hell is she gonna do while tied up? He didn’t look up again after that until y/n spoke. “Jungkook? Can I er, have some of your water? I haven’t drank or eaten anything all day.” Jungkook was up in a heartbeat. That was the only time she started the converstaion. The next time anyone spoke was Jungkook. “Something wrong, y/n?”  “Not at all, I really love how I’m tied up right now, that’s all. It’s a good look for me, don’t you think? Brings out my eyes.” Stop being such a fucking smartass. Yoongi snorted, which riled Jungkook further. “Well if you weren’t so damn difficult, you wouldn’t be tied up.” Her face fell at that. The truth hurts. “Oh so you can just kill people in self-defence, but when I run to protect myself, I’m being difficult. Well, fuck you.”  “YOU HAD NOTHING TO RUN AWAY FROM GODAMNIT!”, Jungkook suddely shouted, his anger getting the better of him. Why can’t she see I’m not the bad guy? She leant back and shut her eyes, probably blocking him out. He wanted to ask her why she was scared of him, when everything he had done was for her. He didn’t care that Yoongi was watching. He needed to know what he was doing wrong. “Y/n?” No response.  “Y/n, listen.” Still nothing. Again, Jungkook grew angry. Why the hell is she such a kid? Honestly. “Don’t fucking ignore me!” When she didn’t respond Jungkook pulled his gun out and cocked it. He pointed it at the unconscious man next to y/n. That got a response.  “Ok ok, stop Jungkook. I’m listening.” Well, now I’m not talking.  “THIS is what it takes for you to listen to me?” He looked at her. She looked exhausted, terrified. “Jungkook.Please, put the gun down. I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry I ignored you.” He wasn’t going to give in. He was too angry. But of course she had to start crying. “Why are you so upset at the thought of me ending this filthy womaniser? I’d just be ridding the world of filth”, Jungkook spat. “B-because he’s my f-friend Jungkook.” His heart, as hard as it was when it came to these two men, melted at y/n’s response. Such an innocent answer. “If you shoot him, you might as well shoot me, because I will never want to see your face again.” That’s when Jungkook sat back down in defeat. Y/n really knew how to get her own way. Apart from Yoongi trying to talk to her, the van was silent once more. Jungkook’s phone rang. It was Jin. “Boss?” What followed on was a list of instructions- Jin telling Jungkook there was a slight change of plan. He was to kill Jimin before getting to HQ as it’s be less hassle having two hostages instead of three. Jungkook bit his lip. He didn’t think of y/n as ahostage. He was just trying to ensure her safety. Jungkook turned away from y/n and Yoongi slightly. He didn’t want them, y/n especially to hear Jin and realise what he was about to do. The last thing Jungkook remembers is Jin telling him how to dispose of the body when he felt a sharp pain in the side of his head. Then, silence.

Yoongi’s POV

If it wasn’t for that idiot Taehyung holding a gun, Yoongi would have strangled the kid with his bare hands, he was so angry. He gritted his teeth when Jin gave the order, “Tie up their hands.” For fuck’s sake. He could tell from y/n’s reaction that she didn’t like it either. Taehyung tied his hands and let him into the van. He was surprised when y/n came in, because they had tied her feet up as well. Yoongi internally winced when Hoseok roughly threw her down next to Jimin. Yoongi was glad Jimin wasn’t tied up. Maybe if he woke, he could set them free. If it was just him and y/n, he was sure it wouldn’t take long to yell him out of his bloody coma. But then life happened. Of COURSE, there only had to be three fucking seats in the front. Fucking hell,Yoongi internally cussed his luck.  And obviously Jeon fucking Jungkook had to volunteer out the kindness of his heart to sit with them. Yoongi scoffed. Like that bastard has a heart. Yoongi hated this. He wanted to talk to y/n, set things straight. But he knew Jungkook would hurt him, or worse, hurt her, if they tried to converse.  It took all of Yoongi’s willpower not to kick the man sat next to him. Yoongi shifted his attention from Jungkook to y/n. She was blatantly avoiding eye contact and after what he had said to her he could hardly blame her. He also remembered his earlier promise- “We’ll finish this later, princess” ‘and felt a pang of guilt. She must think I’ve been stringing her along. In fact, the first time she properly looked at Yoongi was when she started nudging Jimin. He looked her questioningly. What use is Jimin, awake? She pointedly looked at a water bottle, then at Jimin. She’s gonna use the water to get him to come round… with no hands? But of course, y/n had a plan. Yoongi watched in secret amazement at how she thought. When Jimin started moving, Yoongi proudly thought,well done babe. She actually almost smiled back at him. Maybe she WILL forgive me. “Something wrong, y/n?“ Jungkook’s voice made startled Yoongi. “Not at all, “I really love how I’m tied up right now, that’s all. It’s a good look for me, don’t you think? Brings out my eyes.” Yoongi tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.Well damn, y/n. Then they started arguing. Yoongi wanted to tell Jungkook so bad to shut the fuck up, but the guy had a gun. And Yoongi wasn’t stupid. “YOU HAD NOTHING TO RUN AWAY FROM GODAMNIT!”, Jungkook suddenly yelled, making Yoongi tense.He felt overprotective of y/n as it was, and Jungkook shouting at her lke that angered him beyond belief.  You crazy bastard, stop shouting at her. When he pulled a gun out and pointed it to Jimin, Yoongi rolled his eyes. Jungkook had anger management problems, he was sure. Yoongi silently praised Jimin for staying still like that, even at gunpoint. He hoped Jimin had a plan. Y/n looked pale and sick after all that crying and shouting. Yoongi couldn’t help it.  “Y/n?”, he murmured, voice laced with concern. “Are you alright?” “Don’t talk to her”, Jungkook snapped at him.Shut up.  “Yeah yoongi, I-i’m fine.” She stuttered in response. She really wasn’t fine. Yoongi felt useless. All he could do was sit there and boil in rage as Jungkook treated y/n like shit. Before Yoongi knew it, Jungkook was on the phone with fuck knows who. He didn’t care. He just wanted out. Y/n was clearly thinking the same thing. Yoongi watched as she slowly leaned into Jimin, reaching for his seatbelt. That girl never gives up.He smiled to himself. Jimin cautiously opened an eye and winked at her. Her responding smile made him smile. It felt like ages since Yoongi had seen a genuine smile on y/n’s face. Once Jimin dealt with Jungkook, his cocky self was back. “Guess I was strong enough”, he giggled, making y/n laugh. “Didn’t doubt you for a second Orange.” There it was. That stupid nickname.  “Jimin, end the call, it’s still ongoing”, Yoongi ordered, slightly struggling with the restraints. “They didn’t do a full body search- they thought I only had my gun on me. Go into my inside pocket, there’s a knife.”  It was a relief to be cut free. Yoongi had never been a hostage before. Now he knew how they felt. Not that he gave a shit. Yoongi hated how y/n was giving Jimin all her attention in an effort to ignore Yoongi. He zoned back into the conversation. “You wanna jump out of a moving vehicle?”Jimin asked, trying not to laugh. “Well the plan was push you out, see how well that goes” making both Yoongi and Jimin laugh. The only thing she said to him when he cut her free was a small “thanks”. Yoongi sighed. He really was an idiot. Yoongi grabbed Jungkook’s discarded gun and contemplated shooting Jungkook. The only reason he held back was y/n would throw a fit. “I should shoot this fucker right now”, Yoongi muttered. Y/n stood up to face him.“Do that and you’re no better than him.” Yoongi laughed.“I’m a gang leader darling. Of course I’m no better than him.” Honestly, sometimes it’s like she’s still a school kid, the things she comes out with.  “Yoongi, please. Don’t. Listen. I know you hate me and all, but I did just help get you out of a tricky situation. The least you can do is let this slide, right?” She thinks I hate her? He lowered the gun. “Y/n, I don’t ha-” “Found it!” Jimin exclaimed, interrupting Yoongi. “Fucker has like 10 inside pockets, but I got there!” Great timing, Jimin. The van swerved again and y/n stumbled, but Yoongi caught her, wrapping his arms around her small frame. I got you babe. “Boss? Do we take him with us or…” Is he crazy, we can’t carry a damn body around with us. Y/n piped up, “No. I’ve just had an idea. Use the rope we just cut through and tie his hands to the seat. Then he can’t fall out.” Brilliant. Yoongi’s anger escalated once more, when he read the text from the bastard gang leader. From Jin: Don’t worry. Just make sure the freak is dead before we get there, like I asked. Text me when it’s done and I can dump the body on the way. As for the girl and Yoongi, we’ll teach them a lesson later. Yoongi watched as Jimin did the job he couldn’t bring himself to do- make her feel better. It hurt him seeing her like this. But it hurt even more knowing she didn’t trust him, didn’t like him anymore. When Jimin unlocked and opened the doors, y/n shouted “Wait!” Yoongi struggled to hear her over the noise- she sounded muffled, her voice being drowned out by the wind. “Shouldn’t we fire the gun once? So at least they’ll hear a gunshot, and they won’t question us when we tell them that ‘the freak is dead’? When Yoongi caught on to what she said and nodded.  “OK!” Jimin braced himself. “We can’t leave it too late! Everyone, on the count of three, jump!” Yoongi put an arm around y/n’s waist, and she reached over to link arms with Jimin. Yoongi narrowed his eyes at this, before he realised that having the two men either side of her would be safer. “We all have to jump at the same time- the van’s going too fast not to.” she spoke. She’s shaking. Yoongi looked at Jimin. “I’ll shoot on three, yeah?” and Jimin nodded. When y/n looked back at Jungkook, Yoongi tightened his hold around her. She had been through so much, and he doubted this was the end. Jungkook would sure as hell come for them.  “One…”, Yoongi tensed. “Two…” He got the gun ready. Before Jimin got out a ‘three’, Yoongi fired, and jumped, holding tight onto y/n. He heard the echo of the shot, and y/n scream. All he could do was think shit as they braced themselves for landing. To Be Continued...
And this was the last update she made ^-^ I will still be posting her story here for those who dont have one ^-^

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