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Ch. 16
SMUT Warning not much but it's there
Key breaks away from you only to grab you bridal style and carry you into the bedroom. You notice the smile on his face.
"What are you smiling about?" you ask Key. Key just shakes his head and motions for you to look at the computer. You hear a song playing in the background, you listen for a moment and when you realize what song it was you smile and put your hands to your face. It's your song, the song that's special to the both of you. When you listened more closely you noticed it's not the whole group singing, it was just Key himself. And you remembered about your black cat he gave you before he left.
"Kibum!" Key smiles and kisses you passionately you slowly move your hands up his shirt and pulling it off and move down to his pants and boxers. As you place your hand on his crotch you feel how hard his member is, you love how just the slightest of touches and kisses can make him hard for you. Key's body reacted the same as yours did when he touched you, you couldn't deny that fact.
Key grabs your face kissing you again as he kisses you your hands start to remove his pants and boxers. Key steps out of his clothes and embraces you, it's not that your both naked holding each other it's something more you feel complete like your energies are merging together and this force is overwhelming with passion. You thought back to Tae's kiss, it didn't have the same affect on you, you didn't feel any passion between yourself and Tae. You knew what you had to do, you had to make sure that you let Tae down easily you don't want to hurt him.
As Key lays you on the bed and climbs on top of you kissing your lips moving down to your neck kissing along to your ear. You're thoughts of Tae completely vanish, and your more focused on feeling Key's sensual touch. Key moves down your neck and kissing and licking his way down to your breasts. He takes his right hand and squeezes one breast while sucking and nibbling on your left. You moan and arch your back pushing your hips into Key's. Key can feel your impatient but he wants to take his time, he wants to make sure if Tae did anything to you while you were with him that you completely forgot him and only thought of Key.
Key kisses and licks his way down to your thighs and blows gently across your clit making your body shiver with anticipation. Before you could say anything Key starts licking your clit and sliding a finger inside of you. Your back arches and you bite your lip you grab Key's head and press him into you moaning. Key slides another finger into you moving in and out slowly you didn't want him to stop you were almost ready to climax and that's when he pulls away. Key comes back to your mouth and kisses you sharing your juices with you. You were totally turned on you didn't care your body was craving for his cock to be inside you. You grab his hips pushing your hips towards him. Key understands your needs and feels your hand reaching down and grabbing his hard member placing it in the right spot. You feel the pressure slowly being swallowed up and you wrap your legs around Key pushing him deeper. Your moaning and arching your back your body is hot as Key moves slowly in and out of you.
Kissing each other passionately you wrap your arms around Key and roll over on top of him. You're riding him grabbing his hands and placing them on your breasts Key squeezes them. You bend down kissing him and Key grabs your hips as he thrusts into you. Both of you are moaning in pleasure you come to your climax and Key smiles. Key always thinks of you first and holds back his pleasure. You get off of him kissing from his lips down his chest and stomach, making your way to his hard erection. When you get to your destination you wrap your hand at the base of his member and wrap your lips around the tip.
You move your mouth down on his cock while moving up and down stroking it with your hand, hearing the sexy moans Key is making only makes you go faster and suck harder until he climaxes in your mouth. Key pulls you up and kisses you holding you tight.
"So was that a feeling guilty for being with Tae all day make up session?" Key asks. You look at him shocked you'd already forgotten about Tae why did he bring him up? You thought to yourself.
"No." you reply. You remembered that Tae kissed you and you made out with him. You didn't want to bring it up but you knew you couldn't keep it from Key it would eat at you. You took a deep breathe knowing you were going to regret saying this after making love to the one person you don't want to hurt but you kept no secrets from Key.
"Tae kissed me." You blurt out. Key's eyes get wide and he looks at you shocked.
"Did you kiss him back?" Key asks. You didn't want to admit it, but you nodded your head. Key moves away from you sitting up. He's surprised at the thought of you kissing someone else. After all you've been in love with him forever so he's been told and he believed it. Key gets up and puts his clothes back on not speaking another word he walks out of the room. Your sitting up in the bed about to cry because you know he's hurt that you kissed someone else.
You get out of bed put your clothes on and before you know it you hear the door slam shut. You run out of the room to find Key isn't anywhere and assumed he left. You grab your phone and start calling Key. You hear his ringtone, he forgot his phone, you could only guess where he was going. So you called Tae.
"Please pick up." You say into the phone waiting and only getting the voicemail.
"Tae, please pick up your phone I told Key you kissed me and I think he's on his way to kick your ass." You explain and then the phone cut off.
Jin heard a knocking at the door and goes to open it. He's shocked to see Key standing there. "Where's Tae?" Key asks Jin.
"Tae, you have a visitor." Jin yells. Tae comes bouncing to the door all hyper and settles down once he see's Key. Tae notices Key has a different look about him. Jin gets shoved out of the way as Key makes his way towards Tae and punches Tae in the face. The force from the punch makes Tae hit the wall after he regains his balance Tae then he takes his fist and punches Key in the face. It didn't take long for the rest of BTS to grab Tae and pull him off Key.
"What the fuck man, what's going on?" Namjoon asks. Key licks his bleeding lip and Tae wipes his bloody lip with his shirt.
"Why you here Key. I'm guessing Y/N told you I kissed her and she kissed me back." Tae says with a smile.
"WHAT!" Tae's members all yell in shock.
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Ohh boy! Key is pissed! This is getting good hehe!