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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Part One Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Reapers: Death by Disease: TaeHyung
You were so tired of running. It was as if your bones, your muscles and even your soul were tired. Everything in you was simply drained. Life didn't seem worth living, not that you had ever really lived. There you stood as a result. The water below looked so welcoming, promising you an end. Promising to wash away this miserable existence. The waves invited you with every pull and push, promising to crush you to the rocks that they caressed. "I can't take you even if you jump." You jumped back from the edge, the new voice scaring you. "Why not? Why can't you just take me away?" Watching him totter at the cliff's edge, you held your breath. "It's not my place." He puffed out a ball of smoke before taking another drag of his cigarette. "You were supposed to die a long time ago, your soul's marked with a death tag and my name ain't on it." "What if I jump anyway?" You shivered in the cold morning breeze "I want to die, I want this miserable life to just end already." "You'll just smack around a bit, get banged up and some noble knight will save you. 'Right place, right time' bullshit." He flicked the half smoked cigarette into the waves below. "That isn't fair." "Nothing's fair in life or death love." He was standing next to you, throwing an arm around your shoulder. "Let's get you out of the cold. You catch the flu or some shit and he'll be around." You didn't protest, the thought of him making an appearance had you complying with ease. No matter how much you wanted all this to end, if you caught a disease of any kind then it was the beginning. No end came whenever he was around, it was just senseless torture. The only thing to ever stop him was another reaper and they had only come once before at the start of it. Sometimes TaeHyung would keep you for weeks, playing with you, toturing your soul before allowing you to 'escape'. Other times he let you continue with life but make it almost unbearable. Shadows would followed you, things followed you. It was like living every day on the edge of your seat. "Another jumper. Have fun holing yourself away and don't get sick." He waved, closing the door to your tiny cabin. Death by Suicide. "Bye YoonGi."
wait so bts are reapers and the one who will get her eventually is V?
@jjrockstar It's good, 2am here and I'm writing instead of sleeping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When it 12:00 am and Im reading instead of sleeping lol. Continue this please!!!
I like it!! Keep going!!!!!!!
This series is awesome!!!
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