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You tell your mother, "Bye Mom~ I'm going over to my friend's house!!!"
"Hey wait!" She yells back. She makes it by running down stairs. As she catches her breath she asks, "Which friend are you hanging out with?"
You know that you don't have friends. But she doesn't know that you don't have friends, Nor the fact that you were being bullied.
"Ummm....I'm going to....Jenna's house!"
You completely made that name up. That was one of your bullies name. That blonde hair blue eyed whore who ruin your life!
"Okay Darling, Have fun!"
You walk outside with your bag around your shoulders with your head held up high. You walk down the block pretending to walk towards 'Jenna's house'.
You wait there for a minute til Jungkook walks outside. He walk towards you and gives you a big hug with a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Cutie!"
"Hi Kookie..."
"What's wrong?" He asks as he takes your hand.
Your eyes felt sulked as you try to explain, "I-I-I lied to my mom...I told her I was going to Jenna's house..."
"Ah...Jenna is a pretty name..." He says with a cocked eyebrow.
"That is one of my bullies name...She's that blonde girl who that one day asked are you dating that Asian wannabe?"
By the looks of it, You could tell he was furious. He pulls you into his arms as he grunts and moans loudly, "Don't talk about that slutty dumbfuck..."
You felt your eyes getting heavier and heavier by the weight of tears. You try not to cry as you sniffle just a little. Thinking back through childhood, She was the devil in your mind.
Back in America, You were this fluffball of sunshine that made everyone happy. Until, You had too move to Seoul. You were nervous but excited to make new friends.
You walk into the new classroom with anxiety as everyone stared at you. You immediately bow down to everyone with respect.
"Students~This is our new foreign exchange student, (Y/N). Please take care of her."
All the students seemed to be nice since they smiled and waved. That day during lunch, You grabbed your tray as you eye everyone. You felt a sudden rush through your body. You walk towards a table with your head hanging down low.
Suddenly, You fell onto the cold, hard ground, Landing face first. You felt the hitting pressure of the tray hitting the floor. You look up to see a tall girl with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, plump Niel looking lips while wearing pastel pinks and blues. She looks down at you with evil eyes. "Watch where you going attention whore..."
You immediately stood up facing up to her actions, "Who you calling attention whore?"
She stands near you with her tall height. She towers over you as she says,
"I'm calling you a attention whore. You crave for attention."
"Bitch~ You don't even know me! How are you gonna accuse me of such thing?"
She just raise her fists as her face became red. She tries to throw a smackdown, But! Luckily, A boy came in between us. "Hey! Don't fight!!!! Now sit both of your slut ass' down!!! And Blondie! Fucking eat would you? Your just as skinny as SNSD's Im Yoona!!! And she is a lot sexier than your ugly ass!"
She runs away crying her pain away as you see him walking away looking guilty, Which he should be that was harsh.
You walk outside behind her with concern, Even though she was rude to me. You see her running into the girls bathroom. You grab her hand as you ask her, "Are you okay?"
"You fucking idiot!!!! I'm crying! My mascara is running! I was just called a ugly ass!!! By a boy!!! A nerd?!?! You dare too ask me if I'm okay...Just leave me alone you dingus..."
She walks off down the hall to who knows where?
You take off into a different restroom to clean off. You rinse your face in cold clean water as you inhale deeply. You look up to see yourself in the mirror, Imagining what it would be like to be pretty as Yoona...Skinny as the blonde girl...Brave like that boy..
A girl can dream...
You walk into his house with a smile on your face. He takes you upstairs straight into his room. He chuckles as he squels like a fangirl crying over their Oppas, Unnies, Dongsaengs etc. "I'm so excited!!!! I actually get to hold you instead of..."
He eyes his pillow for a oddful long second. He hides it right behind his back. You try to sneak it back. You finally caught his attention away from the pillow to pull it away from his strenghting hands. You look down at his pillow to see a picture of you...With red lipstick marks...
You laugh amongst yourself til he steals it back. With a cute aegyo like voice, He says,
"Don't touch this goddess...She's mine..."
He takes a random lipstick from his top drawer and puts it on.
He put it on very well by the way. He takes the pillow and kisses the crap out of the picture. He pulls away with dark pink smudged lips. You giggle as you take the lipstick. You apply the dry substance against your lips with sexy eyes looking into his soul.
He walks into your direction to pull you in closer. He has your legs wrapped around your waist as he sits on his bed. You pull on his shirt to smash his lips against yours. His hands slowly slide around your back with caution. His fingers mess with your hair as you play with his ear.
His lips slowly trail off to your neck. He starts to peck kiss and suck onto your neck, Much like a vampire.
You try your best not to react loudly as you push him away. He smiles as he shifts you off of him. He gets up and turns off the lights. You turn them back on saying,
"If we're going to bed. I need to change my clothes. I can't sleep with jeans on."
His face zones out as he responds with sudden thought, "Just so you know, I only sleep with my boxers on."
You blush hardly, " Where can I change?"
"Just change here. I'll close my eyes." He hints as he covers his face with a pillow.
"No No! I don't trust you...Sometimes boys are...Freaky..."
He smirks as he starts to undress you slowly. "Need help?"
You push him away with scarce, "No!!! I can undress myself. I have hands."
You grab a big blanket and cover it over his head. You turn off the lights and start to change quickly. But before you could even out on your night pants, You felt a slight touch on your thighs. You scream and panic as you slap the shit out of whatever was touching you. "It's just me babe~Jungkook." He whispers.
You sigh in relief as you continue to get dressed. You turn on the lights as you walk towards his bed. You tie your hair in a low side braid as he takes off his shirt. You clap in aw as you tell him, "Now pretend this is a Magic Mike movie and act sexy like Channing Tatum!"
He had a long face expression as he says, "Nope...I ain't about that stripper life..."
You laugh long and hard as you chuckles. He takes off his pants with warning flashing across his body. He had on pink cute little heart boxers.
"Don't judge me...I like pink.."
You eyed his boxers as he turns off the lights. He jumps into the bed next to you as he suggles into your neck. "I love you~Goodnight (Y/N)"
"Goodnight Jungkook~I love you too."
He wraps his arm and leg around yours as he kisses your forehead goodnight.
You woke up to the sound of loud snoring. You look up to see Jungkook sleeping soundingly as he nose scrunches as he snores. You playfull poke his nose as his body squirms to the other side. You hug him tightly with your leg capturing his.
He wakes up with notice, "You're spooning me? That's cute."
You snuggle your head into his back as he whispers, "What time is it?"
You look over at the clock to read,


"It's 6:30..." You groaned. He gets up as he fixes his hair. His eyes looked so naked as they open slowly. You get up and brush your hair as he looks through your bag.
"What are you doing?"
"Looking for an outfit for you to wear to school."
"Can I pick your outfit?" I ask him with a baby like voice.
He sighs. "Of course...Go Crazy(2pm!!!)."
"BABE!!!!!" He yells. You look at him with fear. "What's wrong?!?!"
He holds onto a black shirt with a denim jacket and a plaid skirt. "Want to wear this?"
You grab your clothes. "Sure."
You look at him with a creaking frown, "Can I use the restroom please?"
He points towards the hall where the door was open. You walk in and shut the door behind you. You lock the door slowly as your eyes trail off away. You start change out of your bed clothes into your school clothes. As you take off your shirt, You look at yourself in the mirror thiking to yourself. Why does my body look like this? Does Jungkook think my body is ugly? What if he sees me cuts and scars? Will he leave me? He knows all of my weaknesses. He can use them against me...
Your thoughts were interupted.
*Knock Knock* "Hey. My mom is asking if your okay?"
"I'm fine!" You say. But, You weren't. You felt dreaded, Sulked, Depressed, Lonely. You name it.
You put on the shirt but felt a sudden pain in your leg. You look down to see a razor on the floor near your foot. You blink your eyes hard. It wasn't there anymore! You thought you had became crazy.
You run out of the bathroom straigh into his room. He looks at you with wide eyes.
"What happened? Are you okay?" He gets up and holds your hand tightly as he looks into your eyes and doesn't look away. You break eye contact to look at the floor.
"Nothing...Just nothing..."
"Are you sure?" He grabs your face without blinking. "Yes. I'm fine." You move his hands as you get his outfit. You hand him his skinny jeans, Black plaid shirt plus a white tee. You fix his hair as you don't break a smile. He messes with your hair as he asks,
"Seriously I can tell something is bothering you. Now I'm gonna ask you again...Are you okay?"
As you hold back the tears, You felt your throat tie into a unbreakable knot.
"I'm alright Jungkook."
You get there in a span of 15 minutes. You walk besides Jungkook as he takes your hand everytime a guy looked at you. You look into his eyes as you tell him,
"I'm going to my locker. I'll meet you towards the library."
"Alright Cutie~Be careful." He kisses you blissfully before letting go of your hand.
You walk towards your locker until...You see Jenna (The blonde girl) standing there. She chewed on her gum awfully loud. "What'chu looking at ching chong?"
You ignore her as you go to your locker. You grabbed out a few books and put them into your backpack. She smack your locker tightly shut.
"Hey! Stop!" You yelled at her with anger in you.
"What are you gonna do about it? Call your glitterly boyfriend? Not gonna lie, He is kinda cute." She confesses. You just hold onto your fists as you grind your teeth together, Holding in the grudge towards her. You walk away and ignore the situation.
"Talk to you and your asian boy later!" She yells followed up by a evil laugh.
You tear up a bit as you walk even faster. You cover your face as you felt something hit you. You look up to see Jungkook. He hugs you tightly as he comforts you caringly.
"Hey Hey Hey...It's okay Kookie is here...What happened to my precious?"
He pulls you back to see tears falling down your cheeks as your eyes felt tired and puffy.
He holds you in closer and kisses your forehead. He wraps his arms around you as he says, "You finally couldn't take it anymore? Just let it all out...I don't want to see such beauty cry out her pain."
You sniffle to the sound of his care for you. He walks you into the hallway to make you stand near the boys' bathroom. He runs in and comes back out with a roll of toilet paper. He tears off a sheet and hands it to you. You wipe your tears as he opens your backpack and puts the roll in there. "For future hurtings..."
You start to tear up again until he hugs you from behind. He whispers into your ear,
"I'll protect you...No matter what...Because..I-I love you so much..."
You turn towards his direction with calm but red eyes. "I love you too Jungkook."
You sniffle a bit as you tell him, "Never leave my side...I need you.."
"I need you too Cutie~Your my other half...My side."
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