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Title : Mean Hero - (Your POV) "You must know the answers because you're a nerd." Chanyeol says with a bored tone, crossing his arms. "Whatever. I know the answers, but I'm not going to help you." I snap, gathering my belongings and shoving him out of my way. He is so freaking annoying and rude. Why do I like him? Because he's handsome. That's it. His personality sucks. Ah. Such a jerk! "No! Come back here right now!" He shouts, causing me to walk even faster. Brat. He thinks that I'll stop just because of that. He's so spoiled, he's rich so he gets anything he wants. Not from me though. Definitely not. I keep jogging, wanting desperately to get away from him. Stupid Chanyeol. Why do I have to be classmates with a jerk? Why do I have a huge crush on him?! No. I hate him. I really do. "For someone with such short legs, you can really walk fast." I hear his deep voice as he catches up with me. I stop in my tracks and glare at him. "What?" He questions, glaring back. I don't reply, I just keep staring. "Do my homework." He demands, shoving it painfully onto my face. I cringe in pain as the book hits my nose. "No." I say simply. "You have to." He continues. "No I don't. Why would I have to?" I spit. He sighs and scowls. "Do it or else." He threatens. "Or else what?" I reply. "Or else I'll - " "Or else you'll what?!" I start to get impatient. "I'll get my fangirls to beat you up." He states firmly. That would be scary, considering how many there are. And how fiesty they are. "Listen here, I'll kiss you if you keep pestering me about your dang homework." I threaten back. Kiss? Did I really just say that?! He looks shocked for a second and I can see his cheeks turn a little bit darker, but then he quickly looks disgusted. "Fine. I'll leave you, you nerd. I don't want your gross lips touching me anyways." He huffs, walking away. I stand there in embarrassment. I went too far. Wow. Just wow. I'm not going to lie, I actually want to kiss him...wait....ew. - The next day, I'm greeted to a bunch of mud smeared on my desk. I look around to figure out that it was that bastard, Chanyeol. I go up to him and kick him in the shin, hard. He howls in pain and tries to catch me but I run away. He runs after me, hobbling because of his newly bruised leg. I look back to find him gone and I smile in triumph, I'm almost to the girls bathroom. I can make it! All of the sudden, mean looking girls step in front of me, causing me to stop abruptly and topple to the ground. They stare at me with evil smirks. "Can I help you?" I ask them as I get up and brush myself off. One of them shoves me back down to the floor, only to pull me back up by my hair. I try to get her away from me but it fails. I'm a weakling. "Are you crazy?!" I yell. Another girls slaps me. "You shouldn't have kicked our precious prince!" I roll my eyes. So that's what this is about? "Please move, I'm going to be late for class." I say coldly. The last girl punches me in the stomach, so hard that I fall backwards onto my butt. Anger fills my body. He set them up to this, didn't he?! I'm not going down without a fight! I stand up and rush over to slap one of them back but she beats me to it. I scoff. Don't let them know that it hurts. The three girls surround me and grab me by my hair again, slamming my poor head onto the wall. I yelp in pain as tears sting my eyes. I didn't even do anything to deserve this. They push me to the ground and I try to escape but no such luck. It's three against one, there's no hope. They keep kicking me and beating me, I curl up into a ball and cry. It's all Chanyeol's fault. It's all his fault. "Don't ever touch him again, you piece of scum." I hear a girl say before she kicks me on the back. "What are you doing?" I hear a deep voice growl. The girl stop what they're doing immediately. Did a teacher come to rescue me? I lift my head up slightly to see Chanyeol, his whole body tense and a very angry look on his face. I've never seen him this angry. It's scary. "O-oppa..we were...just..teaching her.." One of the girls whimper. My body throbs in pain and more tears slip out. I lay my head back down because I'm starting to get dizzy. "Don't you ever touch her again. Do you hear me?!" Chanyeol's deep voice booms throughout the hallway. The girls cower and run away, Chanyeol kneels by me and helps me sit up. I push his hands off of me and scoot away. "You're the one who made them do that so why are you trying to help me." I cry, trying to stand up but failing. "W-what? I didn't tell them to do that!" He defends. I look into his eyes and I know he's telling the truth. "Listen, I'm sorry that they're crazy fangirls and they did this but I honestly would never tell them to hurt you..." He confesses. "You just threatened me yesterday saying that you would.." I comment, my pain still very existent. "I wasn't being serious.." He says. "Okay..." I whisper, really wanting to lay down and sleep the pain away. "Let's get you to the nurse.." Chanyeol murmurs, grabbing me gently and helping me up. He supports me with his arms as we walk to the nurse. When we arrive, the nurse isn't there. Chanyeol helps me sit down on the bed and he brushes some dust off of my shoulders. "Let's just wait for the nurse." He states. "Okay. What are we going to do while we wait?" I ask quietly. He digs in his backpack and pulls out papers. "Remember yesterday when you said that you'll kiss me if I keep bothering you to do my homework?" He asks. My cheeks flare and I cough awkwardly but I nod anyways. "Yeah but I didn't mea - " "How about you do my homework?" He asks with a smile. My eyes widen in shock and my heart starts racing. "A-are you asking kiss you?" I ask shyly. He just smirks and throws the papers down, biting on his bottom lip. "Uhh..." I don't know what to do. Chanyeol gets closer to me and I inwardly scream. Is this really happening?! He leans in closer and I can feel his breath tickling my nose. He softly strokes my tear stained cheek before closing the gap between us, kissing me softly. It's short but sweet and my heart seriously can't take it. "I've never had the confidence to do that.." He confesses quietly, the warmth of the kiss still lingering on my lips. I can't help but smile. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks with a small smile. I nod happily and he hugs me tightly. How can a mean guy become my hero? I may never know... 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That was really cute
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I literally love you for tagging me XD
Three girls or not somebody would have got there ass beat, but I'm happy everything worked out for her in the end.
OMO this was super cute. I loved it ❤
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