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I wash my face to wake up. i know im not dreaming, but did i almost go juicy with Jiyong and Seungri. *Wake up Wake up * I slap myself and try to snap out of it. Then i saw my ohone and it was almost time for the quest to come in. As i turn around i didnt noticed that GD was behind me. He smiles at me as i gave him a shy smile. I can feel my cheeks getting warm. *relax Oh Ja-ni* Then GD's smile became sneaky. Out of nowhere, GD quickly pull down his boxers, all i can see is the most beautiful naked body as how god brought him into this world. *GASP* I quickly turned around and just close my eyes. GD giggles. "J.J whats the matter?" "Can you just please, umm cover umm yourself." GD then hugs me. My eyes popped open as i can feel his dick touch my ass. *No no no... no fucking way* I quickly snapped out of his arms and quickly left the bathroom. All i can hear is GD laughing and then the bathroom door close. I walked insode my room and close the door behind me and locked it. I slammed my body to the bed. My mind is blank. i cant think or say anything. I can still feel it. My body starts to get hot as i blush. I turn on my fan and put my face in front of it. Then three knocks appreared on my door, which made me jump. "yes?" "J.J, Start getting ready. Im goimg to change. Everyone will be arriving in 30 minutes. Is Jiyong awake?" *You have no idea how awake he is* "Yes he is" "Ok." I breath in and then out. I grab my towel and went inside my bathroom. I took of my clothes off and let my body feel free. As i let the warm water hit my body, my mimd started to speak to me. *Oh Ja-ni, you must be careful. Need to put your feelings away and stay away. You will be discovered* *Yes, i need to stay away. But how? They are like a spell. I always feel like i need to be beside them* Then i dry myself up and change. At least the house will be full. I am safe... for now. *ohh boy*
DIING DONGG!! I ran to the door and open it. Taeyang and TOP cam inside first. "Heyy.. your still alive" TOP said. "Not funny oppa" "Oppa?" Taeyang laughs. "Yes, i love it when they call me oppa" Taeyang laughs and then GD helps Seungri down the stairs. Then Taeyang helps out. We all went outsode where everything is set up. As i went to the kitchen TOP is already startimg to open the wine bottles. "You know it's only 3pm" "That's just the beginning" TOP shows me a bag of soju's. "Ohh boy" TOP laughs as he leaves the kitchen with the bottle of wine. Then the doorbell rang again. I open the door and the rest of my crew is here including Daesung. "Hey boys, guys made it!" "Ya the M5K got lost, so i had to rescue them" Daesung laughs. Then we all went to the backyard. The boys started laughing and making jokes. Then i started to grill the meat. Music was blasting and air smelled good of grilled meat. "Do you need help Oh Ja-ni?" Daesung and Alex appeared. "yes, in the kitchen, inside the fridge, theres some food and on the stove there's kimchi. Can you please bring then out and set it up, by the table?" "Ya you got it, heyyy boys, lets go grab the food inside" Taeyang, TOP, and my crew went inside to grab the food. One by one, food was on the table. "Ok boys, grab your plates and grab your meat. Let's Eat!!" Everyone cheered, and started to line up. I each give them a good amount of meat, and then they grab some food from the table. They all started eating, including me. I can hear each and one of them savoring the food. "Ya... this is soo good" Gook said. "Yes it is. J.J how did you learn to cook this good?" Daesumg said as he takes a bite of his meat. "My mother, and also since i was livimg on my own, i got to learn more so i can survive" As theu finished eating, TOP brinfs out the wines and soju. Then GD brings out the beers and other liquor. The boys started to drink and the musoc became louder. As the night became darker, the boys was mostly drunk. The M5K left home early, cuz some are not allowed to drink because there parents. It was just me and Big Bang. TOP then started to dance and Taeyang went along. TOP just always temds to kill us with his weird dances. GD was laughing and Seungri was dying. Then Daesung join along. TOP and Daesung started to act all wild. As they was dancing, they was going closer to the pool. Out of nowhere Taeyang and GD runs to push them to the pool. "you guys!!!!!" I screamed laughing. TOP and Daesung saw Taeyang and GD running towards them, as they got closer theu move aside. Taeyang and GD ended up inside the pool. Everyone started laughing. "Yaaa!!!" GD pointed the fingers at me. I laugh and then i saw him coming towards me. I quickly got up and ran away from him. Then Taeyang came after me. I didnt knew how much liquor i drank, but i was enjoyimg myself amd i felt free. Then Taeyang grabs me and picks me up. He throws me to the pool. As i pop my head out, Taeyang, Daesung, GD and TOP jumps inside the pool. Then Seungri slowly gets in. "Sucks to be handicap huh, Seungri" Daesung jokes around. "It is, cuz you all treat me like a king" Everyone else became silent, then they all splashed at him. Seungri just laughs. "When was the last time, we had this much fun together" Daesung said. "Been a while, with our crazy schedules" TOP added. "We should play a game" Seungri spoke. Everyone looks at him. I saw Taeyang shakes his head as he laughs. "Truth or dare" Everyone groaned, but then we decided to play. Seungri then brings a tennis ball. "We will pass around the ball, who ever holds their ball when i stop the music, i will give you a tuth or dare." As we began to spin it around, each member had their dares and truth. It was hilarious dares and truths. Then i got the ball as the music stop. "Yesssss finalllyyy" All the boys said it. Seungri starts to think. "J.J ... out of all of us, if u was a girl. Who would you date?" You've got to be kidding me. Daesung, Taeyang and TOP laughs, cuz they know im a girl. I try to get away from my talking drunk, but its not helping. So i stayed in silence and think carefully. "Hmm... tbh . i dont know." "Thats not an answer, come on J.J" GD pouts. I look around. Only Seungri and GD are looking at me, the others are looking how Seungri and GD wants answers. "Sorry, i pass." I put my head down. I cant choose. I cant between Seungri and GD. Then we all get out of the pool.
The boys left and I went to my room. Im starting to get dizzy of too much liquor. Then i heard my door open. GD comes inside. i smile and let him enter. "Here, so you wont wake up with a headache. And this too" GD gives me two pills and junk food with soju. *ohh man* We sat down on the floor and we started making jokes as we eat and drink. We laughed and I can see how fun GD is when he is drunk. He is too cute. "J.J, why you didnt answer your truth." "Its hard to decide when you all great men" "can you tell me?" GD got close to my face, and i felt choked. "umm, im actually between you and Seungri" "ohh, is that so. well let me help you." "wh..." Jiyong's lips touches my lips, and he starts to slow kiss me. I couldnt resist it. I want him bad, when he kisses me i feel hypnotized. Then i follow along with the kiss. Then our tongues clink together. I can feel the heat of his breath. Then his hands starts to tough my legs and then he grabs my hips. He lifts me up and puts me down on the bed. I cant stop this, i want more. I want to see what he got. Without a warning, he grabs my chest, and he stops. *shit* How did i forget. Jiyong stands and looks at me, his eyes wide open. I quickly cover myself, and felt embarrassed. "J.J..... you.. you..your a girl?"
GD His lips was so sweet and delicious. I want him, i want him all. I cant hold back, fuck it. I grab him and lift him and put him on tje bed. His soft moans are just turning me on more. My hands slips inside, and then....*whats this* My eyes pops open and i quickly removed my hands from him and stop the kiss and stand up quickly. He .. he has breast. Wait... no way. No fucking way. He is a She. "J.J.... you... you..your a girl?" J.J covers up and blushed. Then J.J shakes saying yes. I backed away and my mind went blank. Then J.J turns around and gave me her back. I walked out of her room amd wemt downstairs to the kitchen. I still cant believe this. She has been pretending to be a guy this whole time. I grab a glass of water and try to think. Shit!!! She is in a boy band. Well i be damnned. She even got to this far. "How can J.J be a girl" "WHAT!!!??" i turned around and saw Seungri behind me. Did i say that loud? Damnn it. Then Seungri goes up stairs. He is mad. "Open up J.J!" "Seungri, wait. Try to chill!" Seungri then pushes me and he slam the door and opened it. J.J jumped and saw Seungri. Seungri then grabs her by the wrist and pull her out of the bed. "Are you a girl!??" J.J stayed silent. Then Seungri shakes her. "Speak UP!!" "Seungri, stop!! Your hurting her." "I dont care, she took us as fools. Worse thing my feelings too." "But still, you cant treat a woman this way" Seungri let's her go. J.J falls to the floor and I saw her holding her wrist. "Seungri lets go!" "Pack your shit up, and leave. NOW J.J!!" As Seungri and I left her room, i saw her wipe a tear. Right there, my heart broke.
The boys left my room, and i couldnt hold in. I felt like everything is broken. The group, music and them. I lift myself up and grab my stuff. My heart felt heavy. I grab my phone, but i dont know who to call. My eyes got watery, i cant believe that i was this exposed. Then i dial TOP. "Hello" "Oppa..." my voice cracks "Oh Ja-ni!? Whats wrong!?" "Can you please pick me up? pleasee!!" "Ok ok, ill be there in 10 minutes" I disconnected the call and quickly packed my stuff. Then i hurry downstairs and open the door. "J.J?" i froze as i hear Jiyong's voice, but i didnt turn around. I stood there. I can hear him coming towards me. "Dont come closer, Jiyong. Im sorry for hiding, but i got my reasons." Then I open the door and left. I started walking up the hill, till i saw TOP. He comes towards me and like a big brother he has always been as i can remember, he hugs me and I just let my tears fall.
Seungri and GD knows? What will happen to J.J? How things will go from here? PREVIEW BACK HOME AUDITION FIRST DAY COMPETITION FINAL DAY METTING BIG BANG M5K THE WEIRD FEELING UNEXPECTED PHOTO(SHOT) BREAKFAST THE BOAT DISCOVERED TIME PUSHED CONFESSION (PREVIEW) CONFESSION SMALL ENTRANCE The squad @Helixx @lovetop @KwonOfAKind @JiyongLeo @catchyacrayon @BBxGD xoxox @Jiyongixoxo @SabrinaSakura @amberg171997 @BrittanyBell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakesAli @AmberRelynn @lilbr0wneyes @btsgotshinee @dayashley11 @JuanitaBooRiv @Maddie27 @MadAndrea @MzDawson31508 @AkashBhojraj @ClaudiaCastro @CarenBoyKins @felicityautum @BekiKunstman @OliviaEdwards @DeniseiaGardner @SamariaAllen @NickySerban @SaraHanna @jessicaacosta90 @unnieARMkey @amullins2007 @karinamiranda81 @JohannaTlatench @MissT615 @KarenGuerra93 @Kira9404 @KaylaStokes @JayDay @JennyKool @xroyalreisx @lovelyashley91 @laylabehnia @KpopQueenaBee @summerblack2 @SugaMint @tiffany1922 @ParkHwaYoung @TaliaMay14 @Kieuseru @anarose @Shellyfuentes70 @krystalrikpop @JessicaVang @RebeccaLondon @resavalencia @KDSnKJH @ErenYaeger1 @RedChord @MaritessSison @lopleaf19 @SarahIvester @CreeTheOtaku @destiny1419 @DominiqueThomas @kpopandkimchi @ToppDogg @Lizzeh @StefaniTre @Stefany17 @Badtz @AbbyRamey @TaehyungV @twistedpuppy @nekoheart @Maddie27 @SugaOnTop @amobigbang @marisamusic @CallMeMsDragon @TeaeraHarrell @DekaraMiller @ladygdragon @JackieG1617 @thatkdramalover @AristaJ @glo86 @B1A4BTS5ever @GDsGF @palaguachie21 @saraortiz2002 @ZitaMahoney @Adetoro @SarahVanDorn @ItatiSanchez @loftonc16 @DominiqueThomas @megancurrent9 @KarolinaTrevino @camrynchemy @DeniseiaGardner @Defy24601 @MyalsNotSexy @nightshade18 @NasihaOcasio @brirodriguez412 @Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo @thePinkPrincess @Kpossible4250 @LenaBlackRose @SamariaAllen @amberg171997 @BrandyJones @QueenLele @glo86 @BekiKunstman @VIPforever123 @JasmineWilliams @CarenBoyKins @3SecondsOfHope @woahdersierra @SaraHanna @SaiT @Ercurrent @thePinkPrincess @drummergirl691 @MorleeCorielus @NickySerban @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpopmom@JadeOwens @obiterdictum @kpopbunny9 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MsLoyalHeart @JinsPrincess86 @maatiCasanova @amullins2007 @BTS282236 @Craze4Haylu @jjrockstar @maddiedo @obiterdictum @ravenblackwell @MikaLewis @aliahwhbmida @MomoChamie @narutobandgeek @justcallmekyki @cthulu @ZwankimaWalker @hmelodie @Lilith24 @SydneyLstrange @MelissaGarza @bettytolliver @SandaraGrimaldo @mellyortiz @Lizzeh @ChavaBerry @SindyHernandez @NicoleJolly @SusiBosshammer @AdiaJasinski @alecram27 @JessicaEvaristo @LaurenDimalanta @YunBao @reyestiny93 @LizaNightshade @screamoparadise @CrystalGuerra @KoreanDramaMaMa @ShellyVargas @harukachihan @bubblekookie @falme2 @Jinnyrod3 @zzzdonk @KristinaCaron
I figured GD would find out before Seungri but to be honest I didn't think it was gonna be like that. I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm so excited.
no no no why is Seungri being so mean. I figured he would be happy. He just needs to cool off and chill. GD now is your chance to get in there . can't wait to find out what is gonna happen now that everyone knows. How is she gonna be able to be in a boy band now
Omo! Omo! Omo!!! I'm so freakin out right now!!!!! The cat's outta the bag now!!!! Imma need Seungri to get off that high horse of his and stop drinking the hateraide!!! He weny off the deep end quick!!!! I hope this doesn't ruin everything for Ji-Ni
ahhhhh... this is too short💔!!!! and I always know Ji is the sweeter one...🐉🐉
Wow GDxBB dear still can produce a really good story . Thanks and take care !
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