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Chapter 15~ Telekinesis


16 years later.... Beep...beep...beep...beep was the first thing I heard. I groaned and turned around to turn off my alarm. I moved my hand around my night stand but could not find the annoying alarm. I opened one of my eyes to peek because the sun was shining to bright in my room. I shut my eye again and squeezed them tight before rubbing my eyes. Once I was able to open my eyes fully they widen even more like a deer that's about to be hit by a car. I looked around my room and couldn't believe that everything in my room was floating in the air. "Luhan are you up?" my Dad asked as he walked in looking down at his tie trying to tie it, but once he looked up, he is eyes widen even more. "Not again" he groaned under his breath. He thought I couldn't hear him but he was wrong "Again? What do you mean again?" I asked him. He sighed and started to push items down back in their original stop. "When you were young, you would have these suddenly moments of being able to move things without know but I'm guessing here that your telekinesis has fully developed and ready to be used. It's not so bad if you wear that necklace." he pointed to the necklace around my neck. I brought my hands up to it and let my fingers glide over it. "But it's not the right time to tell you yet just wait a few more years." he said as I gave him a confused face. What was he talking about it not being the right time to tell me. To tell me what exactly though. "Dad what do you mean it's not the right time?" I asked "Right time for what?" I was really confused. I had this existing power that I never knew that I had until this morning and now it's not the right time to tell me what's going on. And to top it all off I have to wait another few years for him to tell me. "No I can't tell you because then you'll get this crazy idea of finding your brothers and all of this and that." he said without realizing it. "Brothers!" I gasped. He looked at me with wide eyes. "Dammit, I said to much now" he said cursing at himself. "Luhan can we please talk about this later. I have important meeting to go to. I promise I'll tell you everything. Even if I wanted to wait for another few more years. I frowned and nod. I was really hoping that he would tell me now but I guess I could wait. He ruffled my hair and left my room. I didn't have school today so I decided to lousy around the house. It wasn't until about little after noon when I started to get antsy and need to find something to do. All of our personal house take carers were doing their own job. I sighed as I got up to get my soccer cleats on. I went to the backyard and start to kick the ball into the net. It wasn't until five after when my Dad came out to the backyard. "Luhan let's talk" he said while sitting down on the deck and patted the spot next to him. I looked at him and saw that his tie was now loose around his neck and his sleeves were rolled up. He looked like he could pass out any minute but I knew that what we had to talk about was important to both of us. The silence was broken when he started to speak. "16 years ago, I was in a car accident. I was stressed out and exhausted and accidentally fell asleep behind the wheel of the car. Luckily the other car and I only crashed into each others hoods. I remember getting out of the car and having a ringing in my ear and the pounding in my head. I glanced at the window of the car I crashed into had a gorgeous lady and it looked like she was talking to someone. But when I shut my eyes and opened them when the pain finally went away, the lady was gone. She disappeared to where ever and left you in the back seat in a car seat. You were crying when I discovered you but stopped when I picked you up and calmed you down. When I went to put you back in the car seat I found this letters." he said and took out the envelope and handed it to me to read. I took it and opened it. Dear parents of Luhan, I am no longer capable of taking care of my son. I will hope for the best that you will take care of Luhan and cherish him with all your heart. He has an older brother and a younger brother that are both his twins. If by chance Luhan would like to meet his siblings in the future the necklace will help him and protect him from all evil. Thank you and take care. "This one if for you personally." my dad said and hand it to me. I looked down at it and started to open it. Dear Luhan, By the time you are reading this, you are now grown up into a strong handsome man. As a man now there are many things to tell you. You are not from the planet earth, you are actually from a planet called Exo. Exo is millions glaxies away from planet earth but we do have teleportion from and to our planet and earth. Many so years when you and your twins brothers were born there was a prophecy that twelve young prince and one young princess will save Exo planet from the forces of evil and in which case is planet Xerus. Their leader Xerxus has by now succeed in taking over. You as a prince and second child need to find your brothers and sister and fight to gain our planet back. Your older brother Xiumin is in Berlin and your younger brother Kris is in Canada. Go find them. The necklace will help you and keep you safe. I love you my Luhan and I never wanted to give you up but I had to. Keep safe and train to use your power. From your mom, the queen. I folded the letter back and looked up at the sky. All my life I been living a lie. "Luhan, promise me that you will wait until your eighteen to find your brothers?" my Dad asked and I nod.

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