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I've set a new goal for myself:

I'm going to organize my makeup collection! I keep seeing people post their vanities and setups and I'm just getting jealous! ...or maybe it was this insane makeup collection that made me jealous...
I have a tiny room now, no real dresser, no where easy to keep it all. Right now I have these few containers pictured above that I keep in my closet and just pull out daily, but I need to reorganize!

Anybody have any tips to share?

I wanna get this done before March ends. Start April fresh & all that :)
acrylic ofganizers def
@TessStevens I second the acrylic organizers. I also like organizing them in jars.
I love acrylic organizers. Muji has some really great ones! Also, the ikea carts are really nice, I can put up a photo of my set up next week if you like :)
yup I never tried to organize my stuffs