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I can wait..... Who am I kidding I need the next season to come out already 😭 I need my daily dosage of Nalu
i have hope that they will make another season I wanna see when everyone comes together
when is the next season coming out????
Fairy Tail's not over because the first season has 175 episodes and this season has 102 so no it can't be happening and the manga didn't end there. soo probably not the animeHe just won't do Fairy Tail for about a month and that's done he'll continue it like always and by he I mean Hiro Mashima-Senpai
What do I do with my life now? *said from a corner*
I seriously want to cry, Fairy Tail is on break and so is Rwby and Haikyu! all within a short time frame what am I going to do with my life.
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