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So today I did my First 5k run called Color Vibe 5k and I am so happy and proud of myself. Kpop was with me along my nice journey. Starting with making my son's shirt and my shirt. Last Friday I went to my friend Ashley's house to decorate our shirts after work with hwr friend Wendy. So I was telling her about going to see Got7 in July and how I was so excited because I missed out on Big Bang last year. Then I was also telling her about Jay Park and BTS, like I was totally fangirling. lol. Well anyways she was telling me about a reggae and electronic dance music festival she was going to and naming some bands if her own. I actually like some of the music and she put it on. Then she was lime come put in the artists you like on pandora while we make these shirts. So I made a Bigbang station I her pandora. Let's just say Wendy and Ashley fell in love. That's all we listened to until we finished our shirts.
I awoke at 6 am on this Saturday morning with my son and on our drive we listened to my Tablo station on Pandora. Getting pumped and excited for our day. we stopped ate breakfast and then soon met up with our teammates Ashley and Wendy Sporting our shirts with our team Name EYE RUN FOR COLOR. We opened up some color packets (colored cornstarch) and started to get our Color Vibe on. we then did some Zumba to warm up.
Took a group photo before the start of the race. We started at 9 am. I walk 3 miles regularly but I have never jogged it our run it. Today I was looking to beat my personal ti.e of 3 miles in 60 minutes. I am not a runner but my son and Ashley are. so she took off running with him wendy and I started jogging but then I soon went to a walk. I was by myself so I put on my head phones and brought up my kpop workout list which includes EXO, BTS, GOT7, BIGBANG, WINNER, INFINITE AND VIXX. I kept to a fast paced walk with bursts of sprints depending on who was playing (mostly bts songs and exo songs we're the sprint songs). I met up with wendy again at mile 2.
We ran the last 1/2 mile. at the finish line my son and Ashley waited and took a photo for me. As I crossed the finish line Fantastic baby was playing and I felt fantastic because I did not give up once. I didn't stop or quit with my shins hurting, being itchy from the cornstarch sweat running into my eyes and burning, cramps in my side. I did not give up and I completed my first 5k in 46 minutes. I believe if I didn't listen to my kpop music I would have given up and quit. I had a blast. I beat my personal time. Now I have a new goal when working out. Plus I look really rad.
That's amazing!! I'm so proud of you:) the color is great and your son is adorable.
Lol that's looks Soooo fun and congrats on your first run and on being able to go see Got7
he is my mini me. @IMNII
Omg that's amazing!! Congrats, girly!! Yaaaaas! 😆🙌 I wanna do one now hahaha. Your son is totally adorbs btw! He looks so much like you!! 😁
Awesome!!! I've been wanting to do one of these for a LONG time!
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