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This is just something I'm wondering about. So, I was reading fan fictions on Wattpad. I was reading a real good vkook one, skipping over the smut parts. The next page, the author posted their age. What the hell is 12 and 13 year old kids doing writing smut? Like, this isn't the first one where I was surprised by the age. Normally, people would be surprised by the grammar of young authors (cause these kids have great vocabulary in their stories). But, I'm totally mind blown that like middle school aged kids writing some of the most sexual things and know all these kinks and shit. Am I the only one who is shocked by this? Is this totally normal now?
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I was incredibly shocked by some of what I read also. I figured the grammatical errors made them a little young, but not 12 and 13. Then there are the inaccuracies that I really want to point out....and tell the that it doesn't work like that....but I haven't. Sometimes I just really, really wanna say that I don't know where you got your information, but it doesn't work like that.
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@JaxomB but some of them get it real accurate that it's scary. the errors isn't too much only for kids. I got friends in like their 20's and relatives in their 30's who make many grammatical errors. there are just some things that are easily mixed up for some. what worries me the most is this one kid writing about blood play and other kinks, some are potentially dangerous. like, they writing bout stuff that they shouldn't even know how to pronounce.
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@CrystalBlunt Wow. I haven't seen that....just graphic sex scenes. A few of those make me laugh because what they describe is physically impossible. Other ones are way too accurate for their
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@JaxomB ya, I know. scary right?
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lol this was normal in the early 2000s too. I don't think this is really new. With the internet people's access to stuff has certainly changed, but I think young people have always been curious about that stuff? It's hard since a lot of fic pre-90s is difficult to find and people were afraid to put their names and ages down, but I don't think much has changed honestly
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