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1.Choose your own drama genre 2.Then pick a kpop ship to be in your drama with you!! ( Sorry guys if I don't have your favorite kpop ship T T )
Historical Drama!!
Action or Detective Drama!!
High School Drama!!
Ghost Dramas!!
Medical Dramas!!
Musical Dramas!!
Fantasy Dramas!! ( For examples mermaids, gumiho, vampires , and etc)
Romantic Comedy!!
Family Dramas!!
I had to put them in 4's sorry Now you can pick a kpop ship Who would be your lover and rival 1st Batch!!
2nd Batch!!
3rd Batch!! Now you may explain your short story in the comment^^ You may have more too!!
@aliendestina yass me too!
@KpopIsLife16 thank you!!!!! I just keep forgetting what it's called and I'm like I wanna be ready!!!
Yes I do! I can't wait for it too! It's call Hwarang
just asking but do you know what the drama that taehyung is in is called?
@KpopIsLife16 I'm so excited I could cry of joy