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When asked who's the best team in the East, many people reel off "Cavs, Hawks, Raptors." The truth is, the Charlotte Bobcats have been the best team in the East in the 2nd half of the season. While many would consider this a fluke, this team has been adding pieces progressively over the past two years. They look ready to turn the corner.
The Hornets have gone 18-5 over an eight-week stretch during which only the Golden State Warriors and Spurs have posted better records in the league. The starting lineup may not possess a superstar, but it is solid from top to bottom. Forward Nic Batum is a lockdown defender and complete offensive player. He can shoot the ball, pass and attack the rim at a solid level. Kemba Walker is the best point guard in the NBA that no one is talking about. He is amazing in pick and roll situations and is a strong defender. The team has moved to a more uptempo offense, which suits his game a lot better than the offensive scheme in the past. The difference in this team from the Hornets teams in the past is the depth the rotation has. Marvin Williams has emerged as a very good basketball player in this system. Young forward Cody Zeller shows promise as well. Jeremy Lin has also played great basketball for this team as well. I like this team a lot. Many think they are gonna fizzle out, but I think they will only get stronger as the playoffs draw closer. @karencorchado @BrookieyElba @ChriSingularis @sanazsanaz @WilliamBrown @DannyMoses @TravisBeck @MarcusJiles @BrandonMcNeil @MalikLawary @KyleBerke @manbungo2000 @Straightshooter @PhilAnthony @Kirooken @MatthewBoughton @DreJones @MikeWolf @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @VeronicaArtino @andwas @TomasVasquez @oct6eg10 @Darlin972 @starli @kyleatekwana @BossDominata @strawhatblakley @VadimUsach @Silver925 @ShoMoPayton @in4mtoxic006 @PaulFotiadis @sanRico @misterE @alohadaine @Bobs @CheyenneHorton

Do you think the hornets can make a run in the Eastern Conference this year?

Charlotte Hornets*
Yes I got finally a post about my team and the skills they have. 馃挏馃挏馃挏 thank you for this post. You made my day
I would've never though the Hornets would do this well this season! Making MJ proud!
@alohadaine no problem, more Hornets cards on the way soon.. I was actually going to do one on Kemba or Batum 2mrw!
@davidgom slipped up with the team mascot name, forgot for a sec they switched over lol
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