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Because they need more of my love, here's a screenshot game featuring the adorable ASTRO!

All accidental!!~! Don't hold it against them lol

1. He was walking past and tripped you, so you faceplanted...

2. He sneezed on you HARD while you both were in line for something.

3. How many of your snacks did he eat? ALL OF 'EM.

4. Someone told him a dumb joke and he spit water alllll over you.

5. You were walking by when this guy wasn't paying attention and spilled his hot coffee on you.

6. He, your classmate, decided to cheat and look at your test. He got caught & the teacher failed BOTH of you.

7. He stole your phone!

8. He bumped into you at a buffet and made you drop all of your food.

9. He hit you with his bike...

10. He kinda fell in love with you on the street. But you didn't know that.

Enjoy!~♡ Tag me in your results if you make a card, k?

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Thank you for this! I just did my own and made a card...the outcome was really dorky and cute!
this is so cute! 😊
this is quite interesting 😂 I shall make a card c: