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Sitting back in this bench, where we first met Flipping the wings of butterflies of memories I recall her in my eyes with her being the beautiful self And tears warming me up as my heart remember the distance As here I'm with the pen in my hand Waiting to complete this poem for her to send History is our witness as these are letters from the sky Words poured on paper without any lies My heart constantly asking me, hey are you feeling okay? And with a withered smile, I just lay Wrapping the heart around me like a blanket To feel warmth I hold the tears close but getting none albeit With this void around me in the crowd I feel lonely and empty lying on this road With all the cars rushing around, with leaves falling from wind And touching my cheeks for me to whine As soon as the leaf is held within my palms It is rendered by the autumn inside my calm And suddenly it rains, dripping over my words on the letters And the letters from the sky fall, fathom not to reach her These heavy papers mashes up and the car rushes over them As I'm still on the bench, with love in my eyes under this mayhem
reminds me of my when I was overseas I can relate to this and relive that thought for a brief moment then I realized what happened afterwards