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I know....
I do...
I can't stop fangirling... when I see so many Bias!!!
Really I love their music!!!
Okok... sorry I didn't tell the truth..
But... they all come in package..
Music... and Body... and their looks..
is not my fault...
They keep doing body rolls...
They are doing this to me.
I am so pure and innocent... (Why do I feel like @KwonOfAKind right now)
Really I am!!!!Please believe me... I am nothing like ↝ pervert @KwonOfAKind
You do trust me right???
Thanks!!! Jackson!!!!
hahahahaha. .. No one camt even escape #kwonnieJT
@BBxGD I only accept me and Kwonnie as stalker couple... but not on the pervert part...(that is all Kwonnie on her own)
@lovetop!!! I see you're not going to play fairly (-____-) TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME JTOP!! (^___^)
@KwonOfAKind Yes... I m sure... where is Daesung....I think he need to be here again...
I am just like TOP "So pure...and innocent" #KwonIsNOTAPerv2K16 . . Besides I didn't have a single dirty thought through this card (^__^) TOPs powerful weapon in his hand?? He means his mic of course he's a powerful rapper (^__^) yes...that's his powerful weapon of course
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