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This bunch looks familiar. Wait is that Natsu & Lucy?! :o Answer: Of course. However these aren't the characters we've gotten to know and love. This is the counterparts of Edolas. What's Edolas you may ask? Well I'll tell you. Edolas is a parallel universe to Magnolia however the magic here is very limited. So there is a couple episodes with these guys in it. Be honest once the guild returned to Magnolia did you ever think about the Edolas versions again?!! Well let's see who people like more. This is Edolas vs Magnolia. Let's get to it!! (PS don't take in to account their powers as Edolas can't do magic due to limited magic source)
Lucy Ashley vs Lucy Heartfilia One sweet girl vs a bad a** girl. Lucy Heartfilia we know is a sweet girl whos very caring towards others but who is Lucy Ashley?! Lucy Ashley or as I like to call her 'The Erza version of Lucy' is exactly that!
Natsu Dragion vs Natsu Dragneel Given the Natsu we love is alway out there looking for trouble it would be weird to see Natsu not do that right?! Well Natsu Dragion of Edolas is the opposite. He hides from it... literally!
Juvia vs Juvia Lockster Juvia Lockster's love for Gray is so strong that nothing could ever prevent it right?! Wrong! Juvia of Edolas doesn't love Gray. In fact she's actually repulsed by him. Juvia of Edolas a strong willed independent woman or Juvia Lockster who is filled with so much love for Gray?! Either way they're both awesome in their own way!
Gray Surge vs Gray Fullbuster GS is head over heels for Juvia of Edolas and would do ANYTHING to make her happy?! Wait... does this sound familiar?! Well it should cause Gray Surge is just like Juvia Lockster when it comes to love. Gray Surge is always cold and never strips; Where as Gray Fullbuster loves the cold and ALWAYS strips Lol.
Erza Knightwalker vs Erza Scarlet Now this is a fun one Where Erza Scarlet is a part of Fairy Tail and does everything within her power to protect her fellow guild mates a.k.a her family Erza Knightwalker detest the Fairy Tail and is a Fairy Hunter!! What that you may ask?! A Fairy Hunter is a group of the royal guard who do everything in their power to disband Fairy Tail. Erza also goes as far as killing them without mercy. You see magic use is a taboo in Edolas due to the magic source limitations. Erza hunts down anyone who uses magic and they aren't heard of again. So one Erza is super protective towards Fairy Tail and the Other is a ruthless merciless hunter of them. This is as far as their differences go as they both are amazing fighters!!
Wendy vs Wendy Marvell Other then appearance wise these two are very much alike. Aside from the fact that Wendy of Edolas is more mature and grown up and Wendy Marvell is still a young sweet girl.
Mystogen vs Jellal I know what you're thinking. But Boinx aren't they both from Magnolia?! Well technically yes but not really. You see Mystogen is Jellal's counterpart from Edolas. When Mystogen was younger he went through a portal which ended up being a portal to Magnolia. I don't think I need to explain either of these characters to you considering..
So wait?! What about these two?! Happy & Carla don't have counterparts. You see Exceeds are originally from Edolas, Happy and Carla included. When they were just eggs these two and a few hundred others were put through a portal to Magnolia by the Queen of Exceeds as she can see visions of the future and she wanted their race to live on
Magnolia Fairy Tail
Edolas Fairy Tail
Wether it be Edolas or Magnolia These two groups are amazing and wouldn't have been able to complete multiple tasks without one another. Wether it be save Edolas from extinction or getting the gang back to Magnolia with these two groups there is no way in telling what they can or can't do!! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed sharing it Comment below your opinions as all are welcomed ♡
Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker is my two favorites from Edolas
lisanna from edolas is dead. gajeel is a writer
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