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So, last night I had a dream about VIXX for the first time. Mostly Ken, but the others had brief appearances, too. I was somewhere at a riverside, I think, with lots of other Starlights. We were all super excited when VIXX showed up and everyone was taking pictures with the members. At some point, Ken came up to me, being his cute, funny and adorable self, and I wanted to take a picture with him. I pulled out my phone while he patiently waited next to me, but somehow I couldn't get the camera feature to work properly. 😱😱😱 I tried what felt like a hundred times but it kept failing and I was starting to get really embarrassed because he was still patient and I knew that more people wanted to take pictures with him. So, at some point I said he should go on and take pictures with other Starlight while I'm trying to figure out how to get my blasted phone camera to get to work properly. Eventually, he came back and I think I managed to work the camera properly but I'm not sure because then it was like someone made a jump cut forward to VIXX leaving and Leo was walking past me, and then the dream was over. Have you guys dreamed about VIXX or any other group you like yet, and was your experience as embarrassing as mine was? 😅
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@RochelleRose 😢😢😢
@JenGambale I promise it was totally innocent! lol but yes they are! (alarm clocks )
I have had a couple. It wasn’t really embarrassing though. I usually have SHINee in my dreams, if any k-pop celebrity at all. Lol One that I had not too long ago was a pretty long dream but, to put it simply, I was at this school for children with powers or something like that. (I think it had something to do with the fact that I'd just started Moorim School and was slowly getting into it but, anyway.) I apparently was friends with SHINee's Jonghyun or our dorm rooms were close to one another, something like that. We wore uniforms and everything though. I remember him leaning against his doorpost and asking me how his new contacts looked. For some reason, he was trying to look like a vampire or something? I told him he didn't need the contacts and to take the white powdery makeup or something off. I think he had either different color eyes or his eyes just looked already like they weren't ordinary human eyes, if that makes sense? ^^; But we walked around the school together and there were people practicing martial arts and using their abilities and things like that. I think I was supposed to be an andriod with a human conscious or like a cyborg or something... My dreams are pretty out there. Lol I even had one before where GD and TOP were there. There was zombie virus or something going around and I met them in some underground club in Japan, I think. We teamed up to fight zombies. xD
@AmbieB Wow, those dreams sound super cool! :D That kind of stuff would be great fanfiction material. x3
Dreamed about EXID and TWICE and MAMAMOO too