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The Powerful Gildarts Clive! Amazing Fairy Tail Wizard, A Strong Ally, Great Friend, Quite the Ladies Man xD, and Cana Alberona's Father❤ Gildarts is one of the best characters in Fairy Tail!

@ZacharyStewart Thank you!

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@AimeBolanos I really like three four and five on the bottom
2 years ago·Reply
@ZacharyStewart Lol that is my favorite scene from when Natsu was younger lol always trying to beat up Gildarts😆
2 years ago·Reply
Squidward: Quick imagine him in his underwear. *imagines* OH NO, HE'S HOT!
2 years ago·Reply
if only he would stick around the guild more.... nobody would be able to fuck with fairy tail at all.
2 years ago·Reply
@PASCUASIO Seriously! I hope he comes out of nowhere in the current arc! Like a badass he really is lol
2 years ago·Reply