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My Drug Called Love

"Yuroko... Yuroko...." He called for me in a whisper, the sound of his voice as if it was velvet, slowly fading away. I ran, trying to find where his voice was coming from. I then saw a figure of a person, as if he had waited for me to find him. He turned to face me. It was as if I saw the face of an angel. He had beautiful brown eyes, creamy, untainted skin. His lips were pink and taunted me, teasing me to come a sample a taste of those lips. Just when I had him in my grasp, he disappeared. "No....no...." I awoke suddenly with beads of sweat collecting on my forehead. "It was a dream... only a dream." I opened my curtains to see it was morning. The sound of the birds chirping and the sound wind made me reminisce on the dream. I never knew the boys name, but when I saw him I felt a strong pull. Even in my dream state, I felt as if he was a part of me... a need and desire. But he couldn't possibly exist.
"Crap! I'm going to be late!" I looked at the clock as it read 8:30. I'm supposed to be there by 9. I ran out of my apartment and started to run. Its extra bright outside today, and it's a little draining. I am indeed,a vampire. I've learned that people see us as a myth, and that we are afraid of crosses and garlic, and that one bite turns someone into a vampire. That we are the inhabitants of Hell. We do indeed exist, but we are not what people sought us out to be. We are not afraid of the garlic or crosses; some vampires even believe the God exists. As for us "burning to ashes in the sunlight", that's not true. We can withstand the sunlight, but it drains a lot of us. I love to be out in day, plus it makes it harder for us to get caught. Not all vampires are inhumane. Some are, yes. But not me. I care for the human race very deeply. I ensure their safety by joining the hunters, hunting down any rogue vampires who have lost their minds. Level E. I run through the streets of Seoul, wevaing my way through the people. As I wait at a cross walk, I see a truck driver and hear what he thinks. 'I'm just gonna pass through. I need to get to the docks.' As the cross walk became busy with people walking over I was one of the last few people. The truck came at me with a steady speed and I just so happened to have looked up when the driver was about to hit a boy. I ran with all that humans could use to run and pushed the boy out of the way. I held him close to my body as we rolled out of the way. Everyone turned and ran towards us, checking our injuries and making sure we were alright. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. I took the most injuries, but only scratches and bruises. The boy helped me up and only then did I realize.... he was the same boy from my dream. "Oh my God. I could have died if it wasn't for you. Thank you miss- " "Yuroko. My name is Yuroko. And you don't have to call me miss." "Thank you then, Yuroko. My name is Jong In. Kim Jong In."
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i like this good story and it flows well trave me for the next parts
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nice poem/paragraphs. my eyes hurt from not using my glasses tho
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