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⚠Overload of fangirlling and positivity ⚠ You can feel the energy from them as group and the brightens your moods just watching them....
The mother known as the pink princess....
The one and only destroyer . Also the father of the group.
Tae Tae, V....the alien (commonly known nickname- he doesn't like that nickname)
The popular one of the group...he has perfect abs, a awesome voice, and a interesting personality...
He like to sleep during his free time and he can compose songs....
The life of the party..... He loves to dance and rap.
Last but not lease.. .Our fully grown fetus. He will forever be known as the golden maknae- the baby of the group....
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I thought Suga was the father bc he has to keep fixing everything rap mon breaksπŸ˜‚
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Ikr...I was thinking the same thing but the Shipping of rap monster and jin made me go against it. @FalseLove
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I can see them all in a drama or a sitcom lol
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