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You look at all bills piled on the table. Gripping your head you took deep breaths tying to relieve your stress. You felt so alone and scared everything was crowding you. It was as if the air had left the room leaving a numb feeling. You had this constant stress for a while. You try to pay but something always came up. You and Yongguk tried your best with the bills.
Though you are the calm of his storm. If there was a problem his members would come to you like a child to their mother. Mom was the name they gave you because you cared for each of them. You always had a favorite which was the younger and weaker. Leaning against the table you twirled your gold ring around your middle finger. It was a promise ring that Yongguk had given to you. It was a promise that he would return to you no matter what.
Smiling you remembered many good memories.
"Yongguk!" You called out at as you slowly made your way down stairs. Your body trembling with each step you took as small coughs racked your body. Appearing into the living room you spotted him sitting on the seated recliner. Taking small steps towards him he finally looked up from the book he was reading.
"Jagi? What are you doing your sick!" He stated placing the book on the side table.
"I am lonely." You replied climb onto the chair and snuggled into his side. He gently place a blanket over both of you and pulled you towards his chest. Softly he stroked your hair with one hand as the other was interlocked with yours.
"I love you, Yongguk." You buried your face into the blanket embarrassed. As he chuckled into your hair placing kisses as well.
"Go to sleep, jagi." He brought you closer if possible. Smiling you feel asleep because you knew he loved you even if he didn't say it.
"Beautiful! Wake up!" Someone yelled bouncing on the bed making you groan. As they ripped the sheet right off of you making you curl up for warmth. When suddenly they threw themselves onto you.
"Babe wake up" Yongguk husky voice said by your ear. His large warm hands assaulted you waist tickling you repeatedly.
Laughing you rolled onto your back with him laying his full weight on your small body. Then he place both of his hands by your head and did a push-up. With him towering over you he leaned down again this time he captured you lips in a kiss. He pulled away with a grinning face continuing to jump off the king size bed.
"Come on, Princess! Its your birthday!" He yelled excitedly he seemed more excited than you which made you chuckle. Forcing yourself up you pulled on clothing and brushed your teeth. Making your way downstairs you were greeted with five hugs. You laughed with joy missing your friends.
"Hey! Off now she is mine!" Yongguk declared his arms wrapped around you as his chin rested on the top of your head.
"Ahhh" You laughed running trying to hide. Spotting a tree you hastily hide behind it letting oxygen into you poor lungs as you tried to contain yourself.
Glancing around the large object you scanned for Yongguk who seemed to magically disappeared. When suddenly you were lifted into the air a scream fell silently from your lips closing your eyes you waiting as the motion stopped. Slowly you peek open your eyes only to staring into another pair. His face was close to yours as your noses brush a full blown smile on his face as you reach up to feel his dimples. Giggling you blush and looked away from him as he nuzzled into your neck his warm breath flow against your collarbone. As he place light kisses you giggled from the sensation as well his nose was ice cold from playing outside in the snow.
"Got you." He stated as he continued to hold you.
You carefully stepped on top of the ladder balancing your weight as you reach on top of the tree. Biting your lip you contain your fear of falling placing the star on top you felt satisfied. Slowly but surely you went down the ladder before you could do anything you accidentally skipped a step. You felt yourself falling before you hit the floor you were cradle which surprised you greatly.
"Yongguk" You breath out your heart pounding into your chest. He looked worry as he carried you to the couch and sat down still holding you.
"You should be more careful. Couldn't you have waited till I got home. What if you hit your head and went unconscious who would save you before you bled out!" He yelled visibly shaken you had never seen him this upset it was very rare.
"Shhh. I am fine its okay I am not going anywhere. I'm sorry that I worried you." You buried your face into his neck trying to calm him. You stroke his hair as in an instant he relaxed.
"Don't leave" He whispered.
Sighing you released yourself from the memories trying to focus on the main situation. You were worried Yongguk hasn't returned home since last night. Loud rapid knocks sounded off the front door. Curiously you went and open the door. Surprise to see two police officers, fear gripped you 'did something happen to Yongguk?'
"Hello ma'am." Stated the tall officer as he went and pulled out a photo of Yongguk.
"Have you heard of the group B.A.P?" Stated the other one while the first one continued. "They are a famous mafia group and this is their leader." Handing you the picture as you felt your heart at your throat.
"We wanted to warn you. We heard that they were seen around here." You still observed the photo holding back your emotions.
"Please call if you see anything suspicious." You nodded your head as they left letting you keep the picture.
Slamming the door shut you slid down the wall and wept. Everything around you was crumbling you felt so sick. Staying in that position you stared at the wall not even hearing the door open.
"Jagi!" Yongguk called out fearful upon seeing the state you were in. With his help you stood up, but avoided his touch. "Babe?" He reach out again but you step out of his reach. You notice all the boys were there.
"I hate you." You whispered before repeating "I HATE YOU!"
"Get out NOW!" You exclaimed pushing against him "Leave!" Though he didn't budge which made you more upset.
"Babe." He tried to calm you down but you continue hitting his chest. Finally he held them against his chest as you bow your head down. Tears dropped to the floor as you cried, he wanted to hug you but didn't dare move any closer.
"How long?" You asked with a strong steady voice. As the room filled with an intense atmosphere everyone seemed on edge yet curious.
"How long were you not going to tell me!" You yelled looked up into his eyes wanting an answer. It suddenly hit him as his face paled. A look of regret and angry shone upon his face. His grip on your hands tighten his face down casted as he shook with rage.
"Who told you!" He growled out as he stepped away. He could not contain his anger so Himchan stepped forward. "Yongguk." He called out as a warning. Noticing his uncontrolled stated he made everyone leave except for you.
You pulled out the photo of Yongguk, his head was turn away though his face can be seen clearly enough to tell who it is. The picture was blurry but clear to tell he was at a bank. Calming yourself you walked up to him you and held out the photo. Ceasing any movement he shakily took the picture. You flinch when his finger grazed yours.
"Where did you get this?" Himchan asked examining the photo.
"The police came over and ask if I know the gang B.A.P. They said that the gang was seen around here." You said softly while looking down feeling drained and frightened.
Crumbling the picture Yongguk let it drop to the floor and stood in front of you. Not knowing what to do you wrapped your arms around his waist and buried your face in his shirt. Then you cried all over again, he held you as his tears dropped onto your hair.
"Please don't hate me. Please!" He begged holding onto you like a lifeline.
"Himchan. Go get the boys and bring them back. Me and Yongguk will be upstairs." You answer your voice muffled by Yongguk shirt as you allowed him to touch you. Though you feared he was dangerous.
He lifted you up bridal style and made his way to the bedroom upstairs. Passing through the door he close it with his foot, gently placing you on the bed. Silence filled the room as you looked everywhere, but him. When he sat on the bed to get closer you froze and stared up at him scared which pained him greatly.
"Don't. Please don't be scared of me." He stated crawling closer as you stopped any movement and let him do what he wanted. His head rested on your stomach as you softly stroke his hair. His arms were wrapped around your waist in a death grip.
"Why didn't you tell me?" You ask quietly shivering as his bare hands touch your waist.
"I am selfish. I just wanted you to be safe from any danger." He breath against your shirt as it was dampen from his tears.
"Is are relationship real? Did it mean anything to you?" You question fearing that it was all a facade. For it seemed like he did not care any because of how he was gone so much.Before you can reply he said something that you don't hear often from him.
"I love you jagi!" He sobbed out finally breaking down. "I love you so much I am sorry that I don't say it enough."
"Jagi" You breathe out lifting his head and encourage him to become eye level with you. You gently wiped away his tears and kissed each eye softly. Then his forehead followed be his cheeks. You stopped at his lips letting them lightly touch.
"Tell me again." You asked looking for any doubt.
"I love you." He stated with a strong steady voice. As he pressed a hard kiss against your lips his arms tightening their hold.
"Where is noona?" Asked Zelo who shifted uncertain. "Is she not going to see Yongguk no more?" He continued to question.
"No, she loves him too much to leave him. But she is hurting knowing how much danger he could be in." Himchan answered glancing upstairs.
"I want cheesecake" Daehyun spoke as everyone groaned. "What? I am hungry!"
"Why me?" Himchan mumbled with a sigh.
Out of the entire story..... Daehyuns one line left the biggest impression on me 😂😂😂
lol the ending just like made the feels go from sad happy to wtf
I love how I press anything that has Yongguk's name on it!!😂
Oh my gosh I love this!!!!!! Yongguk is ma lovey. If there is anything else please tag me in it!!!
Me too!!!!!!! @TaliaMay14
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