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by now you have probably heard about the worldwide trending of #WeNeedYouHoseok which is jhope of bts real name. once again we are repeating the incident that occured in late 2014 and early 2015 with koreans calling jhope ugly and saying he should leave the group cuz hes "bringing the rest of the group down becuz of his ugliness" how dare they?! jhope is one of the most beautiful caring people i have ever seen! how can anyone say jhope is ugly?! i dont understand it. he may not be my bias and i may not think hes the absolute best looking in the group but he is nowhere near being any degree of ugly! everyone please continue to tweet using the hashtag #WeNeedYouHoseok as much as you can! lets show jhope just how much real armys love him!!!!!! on another note please let me know if you want to be added to my taglist! my taglist: @Lexxcisco have a great day everyone!!! hope you enjoyed and will continue to support jhope and show him your love for him!
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@DonnaSearles yes i agree. i love him so much. hes not my bias but i still love him just as much as the rest of them
he isn't my bias either but I love him also my bias is jimin actually but they r all bias wreckers even our hope so haters need to leave our hope alone
@DonnaSearles yes exact same for me!!!
J-Hope wasn't my bias when I first discovered Bts a long time ago, Jungkook was because he's only 5 months older then me and amazing, but it didn't take long for J-Hope to completely wreck that and take over not only as my bias of Bts, but also as my second ultimate bias. He's freaking hot as hell, his personality is to die for, he's so adorable and great overall, I don't understand how people can be so rude to someone so great! Bts would never be the same with out him and I don't think any of the other members would be either, it seems some people don't realize that their "opinions" could become potential life ruining words and I don't think anyone should get away with such things... I hope they don't speak to their family and friends with those mouths. *pouts* /sigh, thank you everyone who tweets to help! I'm sure J-Hope realizes that even though there are haters out there, that he's still very loved by many 馃挋
@Tamaki1618 yes i agree! i dont see how someone can do that! i dont care if he was ugly or not (which hes not) i wouldnt want him to leave and i wouldnt care what he looks like. i care about everyone of them becuz of their talent and talent only!!! i cant stand people who like to bring down other people. i hope jhope wont get a plastic surgery becuz of all this i mean this is the second time this has happened to him. so i hope he does realize that the people who love him far outnumber the ones who dont and that the haters are not true army and dont count. but then again i thought jimin knew that too but he seems to listens to the haters and not the ones who love him 馃槩