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Que tal mis amigos!

This is a card to share some poems of fellow Kpop fans. Before I shared some fan paintings and drawings. Art is so cool and the a way to express many feelings. As a poet myself I know of the power that can tranfer from the mind, through the pen, and onto paper.

None of these images or poems belong to KpopINT

Writer Jessamine @amobigbang

Let's get into these poems.

Kpop What?

From the start they all said it was a waste of time They said I was frying brain cells in the plasma of another world They said the nonsense I spoke would translate to nothing They said my wild, crazy choreography would lead nowhere They said my foreign singing would never be heard Just because it was different it was useless My new obsession was never understood, never fathomable to manifest into anything remotely comparable to my academic counterparts Test scores, essays, homework were normal, safe, reliable They said stick with what you know, yet I drove into the unknown void It engulfed me wherever I went pushing me to think off my continent, work harder, be better But they said it was a waste of time It provided a home more loving and supportive than ‘friendships’ they said I should want But they said it was nothing special It got me a spot on my college application making me ‘unique’ and ‘diverse’ something desirable But they said it wasn’t normal This glorious world of life, song, passion took me further than anything they had to offer me But they said not to waste my breath This street of unfamiliar self esteem and beauty gave me back confidence that had been devoured by high school tyrants and valedictorians But they said not to give it a second glance This magnificent place of utter joy and amity took me out of the depths of caged thoughts of conventional academia and showed me what true happiness is And they said it was useless
Here is the link to the poem Credit to paige.mathias.56

Wait for Me

Wait for me. I'll be there; Head held strong and arms opened wide, Ready to take the world on. My voice to reach many people, My dance moves to get people jumping, My acting to induce laughter, My heart to inspire. Wait for me On that big stage. Save my place In the middle of that big line. To bow to thousands of fans, That laugh and smile for your happiness, And cry and wallow for your pain. Those thousands of fans just like me. So wait for me To train and learn many languages. To work on my singing, My acting, My dancing, My love. Wait for me To grow. Here is the link to the poem Credit to classicremembrance

Kpop Fandom

I am stubborn and unique I wonder how South Korea is like I hear music I want to eat ice cream I am funny and random I pretend that I am at a concert I feel the vibration of people's cheering I touch my idols hand I worry of nothing I cry for the happiness that I feel I am stubborn and unique I understand that rice makes people smarter I say keep calm and eat your kimchi I dream of going to South Korea I try my best to learn Korean I hope i accomplish my dreams I am stubborn and unique
Here is the link to poem Credit to karinaapeaa
FYI The first three poems came from This is a great webiste where you can post all kinds of poems. If you are going to college and you love to write poetry they offer scholarship contests. All you have to do is mak an account and submit some poetry. You can click the link abouve for more information.

Kpop is Calling

Everywhere I turn No matter how hard I try Kpop is what I find Kpop is calling me Back to the hole Of 5 AM V broadcasts Waking up early to stream award shows Crying People who are better looking then me And listening to words I don’t understand Everywhere I turn No matter how hard I try Kpop is what I find Here is the link to this poem Credit to Neato

I live in SHINee World

I live in SHINee World, The ultimate pretty boy fantasy, Where the streets are lined With skinny jeans And people that only know how to dance. They dance down Taemin Way, Sing karaoke on Jonghyun Boulevard, Have a good laugh on Onew Avenue, And play charismatic games at Minho’s Bonfire, Before turning in their Key for the night. It’s never dark in SHINee World, It’s never quiet here either, And so I live to sing and dance, Just like everyone else. I live in brightness. I live in happiness. I live in SHINee World. Link to poem Credit to beriilove