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So I got home to see this beautiful master piece arrived !

I will say one thing and that is that this album looks 1000 times more beautiful then it already does in the picture!
I wish for JB but Jacksons photocard is still cool. Also got Mark and Bambam boarding pass!
This right here is the photobook and its amazing The pictures are on point!
it came with a departure card and I'm speechless at its beauty!
Front and back picture of the CD and I love the look of it! Also had the songs that come on the CD written on it!
I saved the best for last. My GOT7 posters!! They are so beautiful!! I swear these pictures seriously cant show the beauty of all the products. The album is definitely worth buying!
@SusiBosshammer lol I hope so too I'm thinking of getting the serenity version also so hopefully I get jackson in it lol!
@ivyheart13 I hope my other album has JB lol
@ivyheart13 Right Jackson isnt even my bias.
@SusiBosshammer that's just messed up!
@ivyheart13 what???? Omg here I was hopinh i get JB but got jackson photocard and got Mark and bambam boarding pass....
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