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No one likes waking up Monday morning because it means rolling out of bed to start another week. Your mind already starts to shutter at the thought of another assignment, another day at work, another lecture, and another chance at hating your life. Mondays are long, annoying, but a must to get to next weekend.


Personally, I think Tuesdays are 99% worse than Mondays. They literally represent nothing. They're still in the beginning half of the week, you're already in the midst of whatever you started yesterday. And the work around you begins to pile up slowly and unfortunately. Talk about an unfortunate day.


HUMP DAY!!! You're halfway to the weekend which means you can relax a little knowing you're almost there. This is usually a day where you're more inclined to go get something out for lunch or socialize with your friends. Wednesdays aren't that bad usually and everyone seems to be in a more chipper mood. Also, many Wednesdays mean that you're almost caught up on your homework so yay!


TOMORROW is Friday which means you're so close to the weekend, you can see it! You're already day dreaming in class thinking of all the fun you're going to have this weekend. You have a list of things you have to accomplish today to prepare for tomorrow night's festivities but it's going to be okay. One. More. Day.


Sunshine and rainbows and happiness and fun and parties and friends and socializing and alcohol and junk food and no worries and no commitments and love and poor decisions and excitement and sports activities and tomorrow is Saturday which is even better and it's FRIDAY!!!


Saturday is just an extension of Friday to enjoy life just a little bit more. You know tomorrow is Sunday so you can rest and recover then. Hopefully you turn in that reading assignment before midnight tonight but odds are you'll forget. This means that all you have to do now is focus and finish everything up before having a good time and taking a complete break from the long week of classes. You deserve it.


I'm so sorry, tomorrow is Monday.
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Sunday is such a bittersweet day of the week.