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It took all day and into the early morning hours to figure out there was no way to fit in another concert at the area that over booked. Tired both mentally and physically, he heads back to the penthouse. He finds you asleep on the couch, but looking at his watch sees there are only a few hours left before you wake. He grabs the throw blanket to cover you; indulges himself in putting your hair behind your ear and leaves the room.
Sitting at the table; drinking his fifth cup of coffee, he waits for you to finish getting ready for the day. He’s surprised at your question, then upset with himself when his question back comes out harsher then intended. He should have just done what he wanted and joined you on the couch. A two hour nap might have made him in a more pleasant mood. Sighing, he leaves the room but comes back to see you leave with a “Have a good day”. Lame, he tells himself, and insufficient but the best he can muster at this time.
He has a lunch appointment, but is able to grab a few good hours of sleep. As he’s headed to the shower, a text from you comes in:
You: I hope you have a better day. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
That text has put the first smile on his face in the past 24 hours. As he arrives at the restaurant, the place is packed. Fans have found out where he will be and are making all kinds of racket on the sidewalk. He is ordering you roses; a bouquet of red (for his growing feelings) and white (for the innocence he feels is your relationship). His door is opened just as he’s reciting what he wants on the card:
Junsu: It should say, "Yes regrets; you, no one".
Florist: Can you repeat that sir, I can’t hear you very well.
Junsu: Yes regrets; you, no one.
Florist: ye one?
Junsu: Ani
Florist: Oh, okay. Ani ye one.
Junsu: When will they be delivered?
Florist: Within the hour sir.
He quickly shoots off a text to you so you don’t get freaked out by a flower delivery.
Junsu: The flowers are from me.
His lunch meeting goes longer than normal and fans are still waiting outside. He takes the time to meet and greet a few; he soon makes his regrets and heads to the theater for his final night as Dracula.
He’s checked his phone repeatedly with still no text from you about the flowers.
Junsu: Did you get the flowers?
You: These are really from you?
Junsu: Yes. I ordered them myself.
Why wouldn’t he mean it?
Junsu: Every word.
You: They're beautiful, thank you.
He's so happy you like them.
Junsu: I was worried you did not receive. You understood my card?
You: Perfectly.
Junsu: That’s good. I leave early morning.
In the spare time he has left, he orders another surprise for you. He has it delivered to the theater so he can give it to you before he leaves.
He arrives home from the theater to find the penthouse empty. He tries calling you, but your phone goes straight to voicemail. He sends a few texts but gets no response.
Do-yun calls over from security, “Boss, Joon-woo called. Said she’s working late and he’ll stay with her.”
That explains the house being empty but why aren’t you picking up your phone or answering your texts? He sends a few more including:
Junsu: I would like to see you before I leave, will you be home soon?
He doesn’t understand your silence; he thought you said you understood what he was trying to tell you. Did you really not? He is out of time. He leaves the plane ticket he ordered for you on the counter and heads to the airport.
I'm just gonna go cry myself to sleep now 😭😭😭
Wow, certainly stays true to the title lol
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This is so good I can't wait until the next part