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My pov Ashley and I work for the better part of the morning on some JYP trainees. As we where about to take our lunch break Ashley and I where joking around in English when A delivery guy came in with more white tulips. I thought maybe Jr sent some more but I was pleasantly surprised to see they where for Ashley. She had the biggest smile on her face and then she read the card.
To my the purest angel around I hope your first day of work is awesome and blessed. Hwaiting! Your hope and love ~Hoseok
"Awe that's so sweet of him. You should invite him over in the next few weeks Ash!" On my lunch break I went home and made a cake and brought it back with me. Mark and Bam Bam came in to say hi on their way to the studio. I brought the cake out and Mark's fave lit up. "Noona did you bake this? Omg is what I think it is. If so I am going to be so happy later!" I laugh in amusement. "Yes it is my specialty cake that you love from California. It's for all of you so share it. Bam Bam make sure he shares it. If he doesn't you are both dead!" They leave chuckling. The rest of the day past in a blur. Soon I was out the door and heading home to get ready for my date. My phone dinged with a notification. "2 hours until I can see your angelic face and hear your sweet voice. The cake was amazing. ;)" "I can not contain my excitement of seeing your face my prince. I am glad to know they shared. I wasn't too sure if they would. ♡" "Jackson and JB threatened them with physical harm if they did not share." "I gave them a death threat. Lol. I made it thinking of you. xoxo" "Awe. One day I will cook for you. C: ♡" "Sounds like a future date. So what. are we going to do tonight?" "Haha nice try. I told you it is a surprise. Dress casual and warm. see you in 2 hours Angel."
I smile and keep walking. I see the girls waiting for me. They bombard me with where I am going on my date and I say I don't know it's a surprise. Aaliyah drags me to our room and gets the outfit out while I go take a shower. When I get out of the shower I look at my outfit again and decided that yep it is the perfect. I pair my grey jersey dress with black leggings and brown knee high boots. I straighten the top long part of my pixie hair and do a simple eyeliner and mascara eye look. I come out and show the girls my outfit. I ask Luna to borrow some body spray and she smiles adoringly. Emm brings a necklace over to help accessorize. The others each brought me some rings and jewelry so I could have a little piece of them on my date to calm my nerves. I hear the chime for the doorbell. Ashley answers it and ushers Jinyoung in. I step out into the room and my breath catches at how handsome he looks. He catches me staring and I blush. He holds his hand out to me. I grab it and say bye to the ladies and we leave for our date. JR PoV I arrive on time for our date. Someone new answers the door and then I realised she is Ashley Veronica's new roommate and the other masseuse at the company. She smiles at me and ushers me in. "Veronica should be out soon. Take a seat." I was about to sit down when my angel walked out and all air escaped me. She looked absolutely stunning. I catch her staring at me and then a blush settles upon her cheeks. I held my hand out to her. "Shall we my Angel?" She nods her head and bites her bottom lip. We head out to the car i borrowed from my manager. I open her door and help her in. She smiles up at me. I smile back down. As we drive to our destination I hold her hand and bring it to my lips to place a light kiss upon it. I hear her singing softly along to the music. "You have a pretty voice. You could be a singer." "No I am not that good. But thank you for the compliment" Her reply doesn't sit well with me. Her words are filled with insecurity and hurt. But then she starts car dancing and I forgot it about her response. She amazes me. We arrive at the destination. Her face lights up with excitement when she sees the planetarium. I park the car and get out, go around to her side and open her door. She places her hand in mine once again. Everytime we hold hands I feel complete with her by my side. It is a feeling I never want to leave. She looks at me looking at my hands and a blush creeps up my neck. "So cute," she says and leans up and presses a feather light kiss to my lips making me even redder. I start walking forward. We had inside and view the stars. In the dark I turn my head to watch her as she looks at the ceiling in amazement. After about two hours we leave and I tell her we have one more stop.
We get back in the car and drive for awhile until we hit the beach. I pull out two blankets and a picnic basket. She smiles wide. "Moonlight picnic and sunrise on the beach," I smile at her. She wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. She released me from the hug and mentions she needs to let the girls know she won't be heading home tonight so they don't worry. We find the perfect spot. I set the blanket down. I put the basket down between us. We eat the food I packed and talked about our dreams and hopes for the future. I held back from stating my number one dream which is to start a family with her. I saw her shivering. I sat behind her with legs outside of hers and wrapped my arms and blankets around her resting my head on top of hers. I sang softly in her ear. Soon the sun will cone up and our date will end. As the sun rose in the sky she tilted her head to look up at me. She looks gorgeous in the morning sunlight softly glowing upon her pale complexion. I lean my head down and capture her lips in a kiss. My Pov The sun rose. I looked up at Jr. The light from the sky surrounding us in a soft halo. I look into his eyes trying to read his eyes and his emotions. This has been the most perfect date for me. I fell our stare becoming more intense. Slowly I see his head dip down and his lios meet mine in a soft firm kiss. Gentle at first the pressure of our lips but soon the emotion I feel for this man transfers to my lips and I let out a small sigh. He takes the chance to slowly enter his tongue in my mouth to deepen the kiss. I feel his arms tighten around me as our tongues dance slowly. We end the kiss and both feel dazed. We get up and start the drive home. As he drops me off he kisses me again at the door. My heart is falling fast for this boy. He brings me so much happiness. Little do I know this happiness I am feeling will be clouded soon.
Sooo cute 😍😍😍. No don't ruin her happiness. Make the dark clouds disappear 😂
so romantic. but why? ? what's gonna happen? ?
Anonym perfect. .but ominous ending...I'm scared
@ammagrande you got it
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