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As our girl @Helixx asked us to safe his Jams.
Don't worry!!!....we will do it for you.
We will make sure no one get it.
He will be safe with us.
We will cover him for you!!
Nothing will happen to him.
We won't let anyone get close.
Jimins Jams is safe...!!!!!
The worst part about this is scrolling through the card to get to the comments every time someone adds to the conversation! HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH ALREADY?!?!? @lovetop @jessicaacosta90 @ElleHolley @LemonLassie
😂😂😂😂😂 That's what happens for spamming me with Jackson pics @Helixx (even tho I asked for it teehee) Good Job @lovetop but I am also dead after seeing this 😱 *crawls back into grave*
"I came out to have a good time and honestly, I'm feeling so attacked right now." @LemonLassie @lovetop @ElleHolley
*whispers to @lovetop* let's just keep rumbling words so @helixx can keep looking at them 😈😈😈😈
@lovetop I already have one dugged up 😢 It's big enough for all of us. I had to make it big since @ElleHolley loves killing me 😥
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