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Chapter 1: Testing the waters Alright so this is a fanfic about season 1 of Roommate, meaning its 2014 and Kris, Luhan, and Tao are still a part of EXO although I don’t know if they left at any time during the show while Chanyeol was still on it, and potentially season 2. In this fic, So Ra is not a part of the cast and the main character, Nari, is in the room with Bom and Ga Yeon. I may get some things wrong about the other roommates’ personalities and such because I don’t know them very well, like Shin Sung Woo. I’ve only seen him in Moorim School. Anyway, let’s get into it! I sighed as I pulled my hair to one side of my head then looked down at my phone, reading the article about my groups’ recent album having one of the lowest ratings yet. It’s been 2 years since we’ve debuted and we’ve done terrible. You could say that we’re a one hit wonder. Our debut song was a smash hit, but not really any of our other songs have done well since then. Only our hardcore fans appreciate our recent album. We’ve been receiving tons of comments left on our fan cafés and other social media networks to just disband and quit wasting people’s time and money. These comments have gotten much worse with the performances of our title track never making it very high on the music shows like Music Bank or The Show. Because of these comments, my members and I have started to work extra hard to prove that we’re really trying to make our careers come to fruition, but they’ve just all slowly lost hope in the group and then conversations bringing up the possibility have come more often. I’m not technically the leader of my group, Moonlit Flight, but with all of this I’ve been acting more and more like it. The actual leader, Choi Mimi, has kind of just stepped down from the role without saying anything. And with me living with my new roommates, I’ve been so much more stressed because I never have the time to stop by our dorm to try and figure something out due to having interviews, practice, and other types of work to do. I had a passion for composing and writing songs back when we debuted and actually composed and wrote our debut song, but haven’t been able to find the time to do it since then. About 2 months ago I had started to learn different techniques and such from different trainees in my company who had a great talent for it. However, with all this stress and a full schedule, I’ve been coming home to the Roommate house later than usual. A couple times Dong Wook and Se Ho would wait up for me like they do for Bom, but a lot of the time, I don’t get home until after 6 am so they don’t see the point in doing it anymore. Well, that and Dong Wook is busy filming his drama all the time. My days usually consisted of getting up for work at 8 am and working until 5 am and getting home around 6 and sleeping 2 hours to repeat the process. On my days off, I’m so exhausted from working that I sleep soundly for quite a while, causing Sung Woo to often wake me up for breakfast, or Chanyeol to come convince me to get up and go outside when he isn’t busy. It seems like they are the ones always lifting my damp spirits. Today, Soo Hyun, Chanyeol, Ga Yeon, and I decided to go grocery shopping considering the barren state of our kitchen. It’s been about a month that I’ve lived with them and I guess Chanyeol is the closest friend I have, purely due to us having similar schedules and even though EXO is doing extremely better than my group, he seems to understand what my group is going through. Although Bom is in the same boat as well. We both get home late from our busy schedules, but in this entire month, I think I’ve talked to her a total of 3 times. She’s just not an easy person for me to talk to. It might be the fact that she’s my sunbae or just the fact that I’m truly jealous of how well 2ne1 is doing. It might just be the fact that 2ne1 and BIGBANG are such big names in this industry that I could never be able to talk to either of those YG artists when I run across them at music programs and such. “You alright, unnie?” Ga Yeon asked from beside me. I nodded and smiled shyly up at her. I haven’t been able to get close to her either. I’ve just been so exhausted when I’m home that I can’t strike up a conversation with the MMA fighter. It seems that I’m the only one who doesn’t know much about her as I’ve caught her talking to all of them at least once. I would like to talk to her as we’re roommates, and she seems like such a nice girl, but I just haven’t found the time due to her being sound asleep and snoring when I get home. Honestly, it’d just be nice to talk to someone who could understand the pressure. I don’t really want to talk about it with Chanyeol due to his group being so much more popular. Plus, who knows what the viewers would think if I expressed how exhausted I am from trying so hard, but getting nowhere. A lot of people have expressed that they don’t understand how we managed to stay active for these last two years considering how unpopular we were. Alright that’s enough complaining about how “hard” my life is. “So what do we need to get again?” I asked Soo Hyun as she finally walked down from getting ready in her room. Grabbing the car keys, we waited for Chanyeol to make his way downstairs as she listed off what we needed and as the treasurer she was in charge of making sure we didn’t spend too much so she kept a keen eye on everything, making absolutely sure that we would need all that she listed off. Once Chanyeol finally made his way down, we walked out and I put on sunglasses to hide my tired eyes that wouldn’t disappear no matter how much makeup I put on them. Those makeup ladies that always make me look flawless are magical, I swear. Sitting in the driver’s seat I got situated as Chanyeol and Ga Yeon got in the back and Soo Hyun sat beside me. I turned on the radio as drove down the road and looked in the rearview mirror at Chanyeol as Growl started to play. He didn’t seem to notice so I glanced over at Soo Hyun and we mirrored each other’s smiles before she reached forward and turned up the music, causing Chanyeol to jump then blush. I just laughed and turned my eyes back on the road. I felt Ga Yeon lean forward so she could talk next to my ear. “Unnie, why haven’t your songs been playing at all? I’ve noticed that you guys never went on any music programs too.” She asked, innocently. My small smile disappeared almost immediately. “I guess my group isn’t as popular as we were when we debuted.” I answered, glancing back at her in the rearview mirror. “When did you debut?” Soo Hyun asked me. “2012.” I answered. “Oh! The same year that Chanyeol did!” She said, turning to look back at him. “Mmhmm.” I answered and the car slipped into silence other than Chanyeol’s voice blasting through the speakers. Once the song changed to On and On by VIXX, I turned the radio down as we arrived to the store. We all unbuckled and got out. Zoning out, I adjusted my glasses and trailed behind everyone else as a huge yawn escaped my lips. “Tired?” Chanyeol asked. I just nodded and looked at the growing cart of food that Ga Yeon was pushing as Soo Hyun filled it. “You’ve been working really hard lately. Like more than I’ve seen you do in the past.” He commented, nudging me gently. “Working hard gets the job done.” I said, looking at him. He smiled at me then nodded. “I guess that’s true.” “Chanyeol-ah! Nari-ah!” Soo Hyun called as we trailed behind them. “Come on, hurry up.” We sped up and noticed that she already had everything on her list so she was heading to the checkout stand. Once we got there, I noticed it was a girl in her late teens/early 20s. She made direct eye contact with Chanyeol and smiled. “Aren’t you Chanyeol from EXO?” She asked in an excited tone. He smiled and nodded. “Yep. And these are my roommates.” He pointed to us. “Ah right! Soo Hyun unnie, Ga Yeon, and…” She squinted her eyes at me. “Nari. From Moonlit Flight.” Soo Hyun said, putting her arm around my shoulder. “Oh right!” She said quickly before moving her eyes back to Chanyeol. I whispered to Soo Hyun that I was going to wait for them in the car and she nodded and gave me a quiet ‘Okay.’ My phone rang as soon as I walked out of the store, pulling it out, I noticed my CEO had texted me. “Come into my office later today. I need to talk to you about the possibility of going solo.”
@KpopBeat sure. I need to finish season 1 haha I have a couple more episodes to go
I'm curious to see how your story goes. I loved watching Roommate. Can you tag me please?
@lopleaf19 thank you haha and sure thing
I love the plot, I love how you describe the characters well with their moods and attitudes, please tag me for the next chapters to come
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