I think that title pretty much sums up how I feel about this movie. Now before anyone says, "Screw you P. Sage. You're just a stupid Marvel fan boy." To that I say, damn right I am. I am also a huge fan of Superman. HUGE. So I am not happy with the character assassination of Superman, and his greatest villain, Lex Luthor. Now before I take off my fan boy hat, no DC fan out there has the right to say a single thing about any Marvel movie. What was it Snyder said last summer when Ant-Man came out? Something about that movie just being another flavor of the month. That flavor of the month was more coherent than BvS: Oh Crap Avengers 3 Is Coming Out Soon We Better Hurry This Up. I won't get into any spoilers just in case anyone here hasn't seen the movie. I will still say to go see it. It is a Zach Snyder movie. So you know it's going to look good. It's going to have a lot of style. It just lacks any sort of substance. The story is all over the place. You can feel the pretentiousness of the movie wanting to be more than what it is. Lex Luthor is a joke. It is not totally clear why he does what he does. It's implied, but it's just so half assed. The trailers make you think that Superman is answering for what happened in MoS. Slight spoiler, he's not. It's something that happens at the beginning of the movie, and what happens isn't even clear. Oh, and Lois Lane, they wasted Amy Adams on the character. In fact this movie wastes the performances of a lot of good actors. Another thing that is made perfectly clear, these people have no clue with how to handle Superman. And zero fucks given. Hey, why should they? They're doing more Batman movies. Going back to their golden boy. So why waste the time right? I actually feel bad for Henry Cavil, well not much because he's making way more money than I am. But, I know he's a good actor. They just gave him nothing. It's also perfectly clear who the loved son is. Bruce Wayne. He's probably the best part of the movie. So is Wonder Woman and she was barely in it. Seriously, they should have done a movie with Batman and Wonder Woman. It could have been about him Searching for the White Portuguese, and she could have been a foil in his plans. Oh, and if you saw the trailers, they pretty much played their hand. Had I come here and wrote this yesterday, this little review probably wouldn't have been as bad. As time passes through, my anger and disappointment of this movie grows. So much so, to be honest, I'm most likely not even going to get the Blu ray when it comes out. I left this movie not feeling anything. No excitement. Nothing. Sharknado gave me more satisfaction. I didn't want to do this, but this is up there with Transformers.
@ThePervySage I remember before the movie came out months ago ign said that Ben affleck was doing such a great job as batman that they decided to put more scenes revolving around him in it and that's why there wasn't a lot of superman.
@shannonl5 It doesn't help that Henry Cavil isn't a great actor, but to top it off Zack Snyder just doesn't like Superman. He is given nothing to do. Not like Batman who is given plenty. Honestly, I think we're seeing Superman being knocked down to the B list in the movies.
@MalcolmAllen Then that's really sad. But I wouldn't be surprised because the rumor over the past few months is that the WB were worried about the movie. Ben Affleck was one of the best things about it. He probably made it better than what it would have been.
That is really unfortunate :( I've liked Cavil in other movies and from interviews I get the impression that *he* really likes Superman.... I just don't feel like he's the right fit for a Snyder movie?
I get the impression that Henry Cavil really likes Superman too, so it's sad he doesn't get more freedom with the character (like Ryan Reynolds eventually got with Deadpool)