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Ordered this a while ago and finally got it, so excited for this matches my wall scroll perfectly. My anime/manga dream room is getting closer and closer to being sweet. Still a long ways to go. One Piece for the win!! King of pirates 4ever!! Anime is life!! Literally!!
@koifries of course NAKAMA!! Here's to our One Piece filled future NAKAMA's!! @DevilsSon
@koifries I found it cheapest on that's where I find the most anime stuff and order a lot of my anime stuff. Takes like 1 month to recieve since its foreign but so far I've loved all my anime apparel and shirts I've got from there they have so so much!! Tons of OP stuff. That's where I got my OP silicone bracelet that I couldn't find on Amazon or really anywhere else. Check it out NAKAMA I'm sure it'll be to your liking for sure and I ordered about 15 anime hoodies from there but sizes are different a large/xl from them is like a small for US size. But it has figurines, soothes, cosplay stuff pillow cases and they will do custom work sometimes too. I had them print uchiha on back of my sharingan hoodie I got from them and my all time favorite hoodie of Luffy in his infamous pose holdin his straw hat with hit vest open and scar showing and stuff is usually cheaper than anywhere else and it's not crappy material you can get full reads of what material they use and sizing charts and such. Prob my top anime apparel site of all time!!
@DevilsSon Amazon
@DevilsSon but I mean if you send me a pic some sellers might make the hoodie or shirt you want it just cost a little extra like my uchiha on the back AOT me $2 extra bc the ink/whatever they use but some a strict and are lie sorry these are already made so X'amd do adjustments. But the god does and shirts come in like 10-20 different color choices too so your not just stuck with the simple first pic design. I have 4 fairy tail hoodies with the fairy on it. LT charcoal, red, black and gold!!
thats awesome i already have alot of ideas running through my head right now thanks
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