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And so I decided on the top 2 chosen for an imagine since they were short! :)

Jun Imagine (It had no title)

Honestly, you were freezing but when your boyfriend Jun asked you if you were cold you had to refuse. It was your first time at his place and you didn’t want to seem too comfortable too early. The two of you were lying in bed, just talking until you were to fall asleep. Your feet felt like blocks of ice and your hands were almost as bad, but you had to hide it because you’d just said you weren’t cold. Eventually the conversation halted and you both tried to sleep. However due to your slight insomnia added to the freezing problem sleep wasn’t exactly an option. So you kept shifting positions, trying to get warm and comfy but it just wasn’t happening.
All of a sudden Jun sighed and grabbed your hand stopping you mid turn. He let go immediately, “Jagiya! Your hand is freezing! Why didn’t you tell me you were cold?!” Sheepish now, “Ah well I didn’t want to sound too needy.” “That’s stupid Jagi, you should’ve just said so. Is that why you can’t sleep?” You felt bad now that you’d lied but it was already done. “Yeah but you know I have slight insomnia as well.” He nodded and excused himself momentarily only to come back with a pair of socks. “If your hands are that cold then your feet must be ice, here.” You put them on and then snuggled into your boyfriends waiting open arms. “Jun-ah you’re so warm!” In no time at all you stopped feeling the cold.
“Y/N-ah, how about I tell you about back in China to help you fall asleep?” “Jagi I’d love that! You tell such good stories.” You beamed your reply at him and he smirked back at you. “Alright so this one time while I was shooting a television show…” Jun told you so much about China and his family. You barely even noticed when you started drifting off to sleep. Jun’s airy whispers to himself were the last remnants of consciousness that entered your mind. “You’ll see Jagi, when we go there all my friends and family will love you. Maybe we’ll have two weddings, one in *your country* and one in China so everyone can come.” His rambling brought you immense joy and you finally entered sleep with a smile on your face.


You’d just finished your grocery shopping and were on your way up to your apartment. You had bought a lot more than usual and were struggling to carry all the bags up the stairs. The bag handles were digging into your arms and you were getting frustrated. Halfway up to your apartment you tripped and all the bags dropped on the floor.
Giving up you sat on the floor in self pity. You;d no idea how long you’d been sitting there when all of a sudden a boy squatted down in front of you. He peered at you with large, concerned eyes. “Are you alright miss?” he asked. Shocked by his good looks you stuttered back, “Uh, um yeah. I just tripped and the bags fell.” “That’s a lot of bags for a girl to carry. Would you like some help carrying them? My name is Joshua, nice to meet you.” His voice was so calming and you felt your frustration slip away. “That would be amazing, thank you so much. My name is Y/N, nice to meet you too.”
He gave you a breathtaking smile and held his hand out to help you up. Placing your hand in his you noticed how soft and big his hands were. Once you were safely on your feet Joshua picked up most of the bags and you started climbing the stairs. As you climbed you chatted and were pleasantly surprised by how much you got along. When you reached your apartment you invited him in for tea as a thank you. Ever the gentleman he accepted and insisted on helping you put the groceries away.
Over tea the two of you chatted away and lost track of time. Joshua realised the time and had to leave as he had dance practice. Before he left though, he nervously asked for your number so that you could keep in contact. Grinning you gave it to him straightaway which gave him confidence to ask, “I hope its not too forward but, we should go out for coffee sometime. I really enjoyed talking with you and I wanna see you again, would that be okay?” Your smile grew and you were ecstatic that such an amazing boy had asked you out. “I would love that Joshua, lets sort out a time and place after your practice?”
“Really? Great! I’ll message you as soon as I finish. I have to go Y/N but i’ll see you for coffee!” You happily said goodbye and watched him leave, rushing down the stairs so he wouldn’t be late. You closed the door and smiled to yourself, anticipating the many dates to come.

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I loved both of them. That was so cute 😭
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