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Who said all rap songs need to be about sex and getting money? There are so many underappreciated hip hop songs that stray away from mainstream expectations.


I think this song accurately explains all the struggles a trainee has to overcome. Being separated from family, wanting to become big, doubts, etc. Gives me chills everytime.

2. #GUN _ 94

So this isn't like an official company produced song, but it was written by #GUN when he was in a show called 'No Mercy'. I really love the lyrics and all of his heartbreak poured into one song.


I can always rely on Epik High to make meaningful songs. Tablo does an amazing job with illustrating all the problems in society in this one. Old but gold.

4. Bang Yongguk (방용국) _ AM 4:44

Yongguk is one of those mysterious artists where they don't speak a whole lot, but you always know they're thinking something big. He highlights the hate and isolation he experienced (throughout his life and during his lawsuit with TS). This song remains as one of my favorites.

5. ZELO _ No-Title

Posted on his Sound Cloud account, Zelo composed this song with raw lyrics, berating the greed and corruption in this world that destroys peoples' dreams. SERIOUSLY I CAN'T GET OVER THE FACT THAT HE WAS LIKE 19 WHEN HE WROTE THIS SONG.

6. Rap Monster _ LIFE

I recommend every song in Rap Mon's mixtape, but this one is one of my favorites. The lyrics can be kind of suffocating and hard to understand, but it's only because they're crafted so intricately.

7. Giriboy _ TAKE CARE OF YOU

×× Turn on subs! ×× This song is more 'heartbroken romance' rather than one that scorns our twisted society. It's really good: talking about the desire to save someone from their misery, despite being in a bad state yourself.

8. [SMTM4] Mino _ FEAR ft. Taeyang

YG is seriously so lucky to have a whole group of amazing artists who hold the ability to write strong lyrics. I'll always come to this song when I need an extra boost of confidence and determination.
I feel bad leaving you guys with a heavy feeling, so...

Here's a picture of all the exo members with bowl cuts.

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I laughed at the exo pictures!! xD xD
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