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HXH ( HunterXHunter) is an insanely amazing anime. It needs a community of its own it's that good. I'm sure many of you agree, right NAKAMA?? Gon is dumb, brave and insanely powerful, not lazy like his dad Gin tho haha. And KILLUA is such a badass assassin turned best friend. It's like a continuation of awesomeness and friendship bonds forming beautifully. Def worth a binge, or a watch since its 62 episodes for the original. Then they went a step beyond and created HXH 2011 which is 148 episodes and goes even beyond. All I have to say is ranked #5 and rated 9.15!! That's on IMAL or MAL ( Internet movie anime list, My Anime List) and has over 300,000 members as well. Such a great watch. So check it if you havent!! I suggest watching the original then the 2011 after. But if you choose 1 just do HXH 2011 since it's basically the story retold with a lot more added and a badass lengthy set of battle seems towards the ends!! Hope they will make more but still satisfying!! It's a 10 in my book and def will be a tattoo for me!!
@emmajolie They both are like the cutest NAKAMA ever and start to truly love their bond they share with each other!! And yes!!!! Def agree it's the day I always put aside from friends and stuff bc it's specifically anime binge day only haha!! And yeah wish they had done a 6th season but don't forget to watch the 11 episode part about HXH greed island and HXH frees island finale as well as HXH OVA which is about the whole ordeal with kurapika!! All those are dang good too NAKAMA if ya haven't. They technically leave off after the original 62 episodes but greed island might be in 2011 I can't remember but the OVA isn't tho so it doesn't really matter when u watch it bc it's almost 100% about kurapika. Not trying to spoil it but it's a great watch for his sake!!
@LuffyNewman lol ya I'm watching 2011. I absolutely love it!!!!!! I just can't get over how cute gon and Killua are!! I absolutely cannot believe they only did 5 seasons on this ver.!!!! I'm so sad I'm almost done! But yes I do agree 100% that Sundays are the best binge watch days ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️👌
@EmmaJolie awesome. You watching the old version or 2011 NAKAMA?? Both good but 2011 has a lot more episodes. I'm guessing if on season 3 your watching 2011?? Let me know how you like it so far. Must be good if your gonna do a Sunday binge!! Sunday's are always my binge days bc I never have work or class!! Just the letdown at night that Monday's the best day. Haha but who cares it's an anime binge day!!
I'm already started on this I'm on season 3 ep 3 I think. But I do plan on binge watching it today
@AshChrimson I wanna buy all the manga, there are 20 I believe or maybe 30 I can't remember but it'll cost a pretty penny u less I find enough used ones. Don't really wanna spend $300+ unless it's over time. Is the manga just like the 2011 HXH or more the original or both basically?
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