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This one I took myself and edited it myself and the quote well I don't know if that's already been made so I just put unknown. Deeper into why I love this one: I made this one just because I thought it just kinda expresses me a lot. A lot of my friends kept asking me why are you sleeping? All I've been telling them is that I'm just tired. In all reality really I feel like all I do is keep making mistakes and it just seems like every move I make I brake something or someone. At times I'll even mess some things up it wouldn't be fun at all. I'll attempt to defend myself with some useless facts and the person I'm fighting with is either going to agree with it or just top that off. I feel like I'm just a huge mistake here. I don't belong. I don't have a purpose.
I always make mistakes too. it used to bother me a lot more than it does now. now I just remember that every does. see? even all three of us do ^^
Well I think you're a good person because I'm accident prone and break things all the time. I always make mistakes.