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Has anybody else noticed that Adam's semblance is just like Ruby's. I mean in the RWBY Black Trailer he is getting ready to use his semblance and once he does rose petals appear, I mean coincidence or what. He even wears a red rose on the back of his jacket, I don't know about you guys but I think there may be a connection or maybe they just have a similar semblance. What do you guys think?
Guy none of you notice they have the same last name? thats more than coincidence to me
I definitely would like to know more myself especially with me trying to become a voice actor and looking for Rooster Teeth help in doing so. it may spoil some things for the show for me but I would much rather be apart of such a amazing project with people I look up to and respect and who have inspired me to chase that career
@TroyOwen Very True.
to be honest I think it could be a coincidence. we don't know very much on the true power of the maidens or the true power of the warriors with the Silver Eyes. until things get explained a bit more everything is just up for Theory and debate.
@TroyOwen That could be true but what is your theory on the rose petals do you think there could be a connection?
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