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He walked towards me. There was this look in his eyes that had my stomach doing flips. I started backing up. Within a few steps I was against the wall. He smirked. Then he had his hands on the wall on both sides of me trapping me. I couldn't look at him. "(Y/n)" his voice was low and I looked up and locked eyes with him. He closed the distance between us and pressed his lips to mine. It started off just a few pecks but then his tongue traced my bottom lip asking for entrance. I didn't allow and so he moved his hand to my side slowly working his way around my body and when his hand landed on my breast and he squeezed it I gasped and he snuck his tongue in. I couldn't hold my ground anymore I could feel him up against me and I couldn't fight how turned on I was. He left my mouth and started sucking on my neck causing a moan to come out of my mouth. I then pushed him off me and spun around and pinned him to the wall making me have control of the situation. "(Y/n)" I snapped out of it once I heard his voice. I shook my head. Shit I just imagined that? My face had to be getting red it felt hot. I was embarrassed now. "Are you ok?" He asked when I didn't answer him. "Yea...." "Ok...well I wanted to check on you." He said walking a little closer to me. I hit the wall and he continued to walk closer to me. I put my hands up to stop him from coming too close. "I'm fine." "Now you're going to be weird around me?" "No" "Yea you're already acting weird." "No I'm not...." "Why does it matter If I know I'm your bias?" "I didnt want you acting different around me. I was thinking that if it wasn't you, you would have been mean to me or feel hurt. So keeping it a secret was best." "So you lied just now?" "No, no you are #1 I swear!" "Then don't think useless things. I'm not gonna change how I act ok." "Ok." He took a step forward I flinched. "What's wrong?" He asked now full of concern. "Could you maybe step back a few steps?" He looked confused and stepped back a bit then I moved from the wall and in a instance he was hugging me. "Stop acting weird. This isn't how you've been since we met. If you want me to forget I'll forget that you said it ok?" "No don't" I said grabbing him to hug him back. "Ok don't know what relief I got knowing I was your bias." "Why?" "I don't know I just really wanted it to be me, and normally I don't care if I'm someone's bias or not.....but for some reason I really cared this time." We finally stopped hugging. "But be warned Jimin is a bias wrecker." I smiled at him. "Oh is he?" He started stepping back towards the door. "What are you doing?" "Oh just putting some space between us." "Why?" He unlocked the door and opened it. "Because of this" He shot out the door and was running down towards the guys. "JIMIN YOU'RE HER BIAS WRECKER!!!!" "Yoongi!" I said chasing after him. He just started laughing. "I knew it. I had to be somewhere on your list....Yoongi you better watch out I could take your spot." Jimin started laughing. "Good luck boy" Suga said still laughing "Well this sucks." V said "What?" I asked "I'm not even on your list." "Oh come on in reality you all are. I mean Jimin might be my wrecker today but Jungkook might be it tomorrow that's how amazing you guys are. It's just Yoongi hasn't been shaken by anyone yet that's why he's still there." "Alright guys let's go we have some time left and (y/n) and Yoongi need to change clothes." Rap Monster said changing the subject. After breakfast we went to my place. I had to grab some stuff and then come back for the rest later. After a quick change and fix of my hair and makeup we were on our way to the dorm. I was shocked by the dorm it was better than I had thought it would be. I followed Yoongi to my room. He walked in and walked to the closet while I set my suitcase down. Since I hadn't unpacked I just took what I had from earlier. I sat on his bed and bounced on it. "This is a nice bed." "Yeah it's the best." He said picking out a shirt. I got off the bed and then flopped on it landing on my back. Oh I could fall asleep it's that comfortable. I swear I just closed my eyes for a second. "(Y/n) I'm done changing." "Five more minutes." I mumbled. "Oh man....I want to sleep to but I can't so you need to get up....why am I being your personal manager?" I turned towards his voice. "You're so mean." I sat up and fixed myself. Once I opened my eyes I realized why he hadn't reaponded. Our lips were almost touching. I held my breath. Then slowly I started to lean back. I needed to get away from Suga before I did something or said something I shouldn't. I quickly got off the bed and walked towards the door. "Ok let's go" before he could say anything I was running towards J-hope. He hadn't heard me coming and I jumped on his back. "Ya! What do you think you're doing (y/n)" He said turning his head towards me. "I want a jhorse ride" I smiled "Well they aren't free." "I'll give you....a...kiss on the cheek?" "Hmmm...tempting but I want something else." "What's that?" I was curious I figured a kiss would be wanted. "Can you go with me somewhere?" "Sure. When?" "After we go to the photoshoot." "Ok! Deal!" The rest of the time I was in the dorm I was on J-hope's back. He would randomly make horse noises and start skipping. I would bust up laughing. Finally after several minutes we had to head to the shoot. J-hope set me down and walked out the door while I waited for Suga to head out. After everyone else was gone and he still didn't come I got worried and wandered around the dorm. "Yoongi? Oppa!!" I figured calling him oppa would get him out of hiding but it didn't work. I walked into his room and there he was on the bed. Why was he laying down now? "Yoongi...we gotta go." As I got closer I could hear his steady breathing. His eyes were closed. I laughed and sat next to him. I shook him a little. "Mmmm" "Come on Yoongi." "No. (Y/n) go on without me." "No can do...remember I'm your personal manager not everyone elses. Get your but up or I'm going to...." What could I do to get him to move. "What are you going to do?" He opened one eye to look at me. "I'll tickle you." He just laughed and closed his eye. I didn't hesitate and started tickling him. He was doing a good job of holding in his laughs but I was going to get him up. I gave up after the a little bit. He just stayed laying there. How could I get him to get up? "(Y/n). Yoongi are you guys coming or what we are going to be late." Jimins voice rang through the dorm. I smiled I knew what I could do. "Jimin!" I screamed jumping off the bed and going to the door. He was fast and was there already. "Hey what's going on?" I pointed behind me. "I was just thinking I hadn't spent much time with you alone..." I smiled and hoped to god he was catching what I was throwing. "Oh yea....well then let's go...I'll even let you touch my abs. But if you do that I know I'll be your bias." He put his arm around me and we started to walk away from Suga's room. "Hmm I'd be honored to touch your abs but..." Before I could finish Suga had pulled Jimins arm off of me and pulled me towards the door. I turned back to Jimin laughing and saw he was laughing too.
Alright I forgot to mention....When she is thinking she says the guys stage name but when she actually speaks she says their actual name...well as she gets closer...but incase anyone was wondering lol. Sooo anyways did you like it? did I fool you guys??? Sorry it's way to early for that kind of thing to really happen.
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I totally believed the beginning and it shocked me but then it was just an imagination and I was just πŸ˜‘
Yoongi don't be jealous she likes you.
Yesss me and this character completely agree Yoogi as bias and Jimin as bias wrecker ☺️. And then everyone needs to stay in their lane πŸ˜‚
I'm completely in love with this story!!!!! Thanks for tagging me and keep the chapters coming please!!!! β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ
Wth?! It was all in her head! boooo! lol you sneaky thing you😜hehe! So cute when Yoongi went running out of the bathroom yelling that Jimin was her bias wreaker! I was on da floor haha!πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚
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