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Have a bunch of these but don't want to put them up till I can see for myself it's beneficial. #1 women we all know the discomfort that comes with summer. Certain areas get irritated . Well I happened to prove coconut oil will relieve all irritation over night. Truly works! Try it on any irritated area or even a rash!
#2 Best natural hair treatment - makes hair silky soft - does not make your color fade -completely natural does not have any harming chemicals so you know it has to be good :) comment all feedback or comments !
coconut oil dries and hardens so if it's on your hair it will kind of not be so good. my mom told me when I was going to put it on my hair. she said to use avocado oil for my hair and coconut oil on my skin. it doesn't keep my hands moist for long though.
hey thank God u shared it actually it's summer in india