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Soooo I was supposed to be sleeping but once I got the notification of Got7 Preview on AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, I woke the hell up so fast Lol
Eyeball Beau Jackson. Still good-looking LOL *whispers* This was probably Eric Nam's doing *giggles quietly*
ASC Joy Overload Mark..Look at that smile
Middle-Age charm Junior LOL
Flying Over The Beats Yugyeom xD
I'm So Sexy BamBam ;)
BamBam Sniper JB LOL
Soulful Swag Youngjae. Heyyyyy he got swaaag swag swag
YES!!!! THEY ARE FLYING THEIR AND SO AM I! (To the living room to watch on tv of course) I'M SUPER EXCITED TO SEE THEM ON ASC AGAIN!
GOSH DANGIT THEY ALL LOOK 'FLY'! See what I did there??? yeah hmm? mkay that was it wasn't it was cool LOL
I'M NOT GONNA MISS THIS EPISODE AFTER SCHOOL CLUB! THE BAE *whispers Jackson* IS THERE! AHSJDKGLGLGLFFJDKDDGGGGMFLDL I think everyone can tell I'm super excited right now ;-;

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@SarahVanDorn Same here!!!! ;-; @EmilyGardner Ikr
omg Im not gonna miss it either
I was so waiting for this!!!!
oh goodness I'm gonna spammed in the chat again