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I'm sure tons of other people have already made this exact card but who cares!!! The baes, Block B, were on SNL Korea and it was in a word - EPIC. *cue hysterical screaming here* I've loved SNL since I was little and probably shouldn't have been watching since I'm sure i didn't get most of the jokes but I DIGRESS - I'd recently found out about SNL Korea and I have to say it is pretty darn solid. Sketch comedy plus one of my all time favorite groups equals gold!!
Now this skit is about fanfiction, which is a little something I'm sure everyone here is familiar with *wink wink*. Kpop Fanfiction - a winning idea! A super sexy, tall, adorable male lead who happens to possess a rich baritone that makes all the girls quiver? Check! A clumsy bumbling female lead who wears glasses? Check! Torrid love affairs? Check! Stray forlorn tears dropping one's cheek? Check! Will it make you gasp out loud? Check! My new favorite thing on the internet? Double hell yes Check!
I hope you're prepared... Things are about to get hot and heavy...
There's part 1 and for part 2...
Well??? Is your mind blown from the sheer awesomeness? I know my is! I had to watch this like three times already. ...I have problems but that's besides the point!
So beautiful. So lovely. So groove. I just can't. What do you guys think?? Loved it? Hated it? All I know is this is a beautiful time to be alive.
First off thank you for the subs sec why you gotta use him of all gif (TTATT) HE WAS MY FAVORITE IN THAT ONE DRAMA!!!!
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I LOVED IT!!!!!! they know about our minds
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it was the best
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